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Chapter 236: Gu Yanhao & Mu Gu

“Ah~ahhh… wooo~~” Song Wuyou’s cry was heart-wrenching.  Wuyou’s sudden tears baffled Gu Yanhao. Did his words move her that deeply?

This woman, if he moved her to tears, wasn’t she supposed to cry in his embrace? Why… was she crying hugging the blanket on the bed? Does the bed feel more comfortable than his body?

Mu Gu’s lips pursed into a thin line, almost disappearing. Slivers of distress can be seen in his eyes as he watched Song Wuyou sob so sadly. Recalling the way she looked while waiting in front of the operation room, a piercing pain from long ago surfaced in Mu Gu’s heart.

Song Wuyou’s sad crying was mixed with her vented feelings towards her pain, frustration, and the helplessness of her past and present lives. She had been trying very hard to conceal, to bury this layer of pain, but the burden felt too heavy this time. All hell broke loose.

“Stupid woman, don’t cry.” Gu Yanhao’s hand gently patted her back.

When he raised his gaze and caught the way Mu Gu was looking at Song Wuyou, his hand stopped abruptly. His long obsidian black eyes turned several shades darker.

Mu Gu’s look rang a dangerous alarm in him. To her, Mu Gu—

Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou took a nap in the hospital room. By the time they woke up it was already late morning the next day around 11 a.m.  Mu Gu sent a message saying food will be delivered to the room later at noon.,however, Ah De arrived before the food came. With a solemn expression he  faced Gu Yanhao.

Seeing the expression on Ah De’s face, Gu Yanhao more or less guessed the result. He glanced at Song Wuyou, who peeling an apple beside the bed, and back to Ah De: “Speak.”

“The perpetrators have confessed. It was Mrs. Song who hired them at a high price to assassinate the Young Madam.” Ah De reported.

Song Wuyou’s actions stopped.  She raised her head in surprise as she looked at Ah De as if seeking confirmation: “Mrs. Song?”

Yang Yuhui actually hated her this this extent?

Gu Yanhao’s eyes narrowed dangerously, half veiling his sharp and cold gaze.

Ah De nodded to Song Wuyou without hesitation, “Affirmative. The killers are professionals.”

A frown wrinkled Song Wuyou’s brow and she looked over at Gu Yanhao.  Gu Yanhao returned her gaze, ordering Ah De, “Send people to watch Yang Yuhui. Don’t let her leave the country!”

Ah De: “I’ve already sent people to watch her 24/7. The hired party has been detained by us, thus Yang Yuhui can’t get in touch with them. Those who believed themselves untouchable have all died in Young Master’s hands. Yang Yuhui assumed all of them had perished; she even has the nerve to play mahjong with her friends.”

The coldness in Gu Yanhao’s eyes dropped a few degrees lower, “Let her enjoy a few more days of good life.”


After eating the lunch Mu Gu brought over, Gu Yanhao insisted on being discharged.  Taking the opportunity when Song Wuyou was out of the room, Mu Gu said to Gu Yanhao, “Ah Hao, your injury is quite serious. Don’t move around too much, it will tear the wound.”

But Gu Yanhao stubbornly persisted. He gave Mu Gu a cold stare as he stated: “I must be discharged this very day..”

“Anxious to take care of Yang Yuhui?” Mu Gu asked.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes glinted, “You noticed?”

Mu Gu nodded honestly.

Gu Yanhao asked another question, “Did you plan to deal with Yang Yuhui in the dark?”

Mu Gu merely pressed his lips together, not answering.

Gu Yanhao was relentless, “Why did you kill Song Jiumei behind my back?”

Mu Gu stiffened a little at this; Ah Hao found out? Very quickly Mu Gu composed himself. A cold smile hung on his lips, exuding a sinister aura. The him like this resembled a vampire, a totally different person from the usual sunny nonchalant Mu Gu.

“She deserved to die!” Those few short words passed through Mu Gu’s lips with a cold and murderous intent.

Gu Yanhao’s sharp gaze was fixed on Mu Gu, “Why would she deserve to die in your mind? She has never done anything to harm you, nor has she done anything to harm Mu Xin. She only did things that harmed Song Wuyou. Was that enough to make you feel she deserved to die?”

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