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Chapter 237: You Feed Me

“You disagree that she deserved to die?” Mu Gu looked at Gu Yanhao.

The look in Gu Yanhao’s eyes was extremely gloomy. “Of course she deserved to die.  If it weren’t for Wuyou, I would have put a bullet through her head on the spot.”


“Wuyou is my wife. Song Jiumei harmed my wife, it’s a given that I will deal with her. What about you? Why do you hate Song Jiumei so much? Feeding her a flesh-rotting drug, and even going through the trouble of providing those pictures that convinced the entire world that Song Jiumei died because of syphilis?”

“………..” Mu Gu didn’t know how to answer Gu Yanhao, therefore he chose to remain silent.

“All the things you’ve done were to avenge Wuyou. You heard Song Jiumei scream that she would still think of ways to destroy Wuyou after thirty years, so you decided to end her life so that she will not have the chance to hurt Wuyou anymore.”

“…………” This was exactly it.

“This time, for the sake of Wuyou’s safety,  you’re prepared to ‘deal’ with Yang Yuhui as well?”  Every word Gu Yanhao spoke pierced Mu Gu’s core.

Mu Gu’s gaze met Gu Yanhao’s, which was  sans of any temperature: “Yang Yuhui deserves to die.”

Gu Yanhao raised an eyebrow, “Yes, they deserve to die, but shouldn’t I be the one to deal with them?”

Mu Gu kept silent.

“ Mu Gu, Wuyou is my wife. I will be the one protecting her.”

Gu Yanhao’s declaration was like a sharp thorn in Mu Gu’s heart. That’s right, Wuyou is his wife—

A beat later, Mu Gu flashed a charming smile, veiling the emotions flickering in his eyes like the starry night sky, “Ah Hao, you won’t misunderstand that I like your wife?”

Gu Yanhao’s expression sank. He retorted simply, “Isn’t it so?”

Mu Gu chuckled and put on a foul attitude, “What do you take me as? We’re good brothers. Haven’t you heard the saying ‘thou shall not covet thy brother’s wife’?”

“Then explain to me why you killed Song Jiumei behind my back.”

“Song Jiumei was the best candidate to test out the effects of the flesh-rotting drug.” Mu Gu smiled, with a foul street gangster attitude.

“What about Yang Yuhui then?”

Mu Gu was bewildered, “Yang Yuhui? I haven’t done anything to her.”

“But you’ve already investigated and discovered that it was her that hired professional killers to assassinate Wuyou, haven’t you?”

Mu Gu sighed heavily, “I did it for you. My best friend was ambushed and shot in the streets, I rose to the occasion as your friend to find out who the mastermind was behind the attack. Isn’t this very reasonable? Who knew they didn’t want your life, but your wife’s life. Ah Hao, don’t forget, your wife is also my friend. ”

Gu Yanhao scoffed at Mu Gu’s dribble, his mouth showing evident sarcasm at Mu Gu’s lame excuse.

Mu Gu raised his palms and shrugged his shoulders, “You can misunderstand this and think that I like Wuyou, but you cannot misunderstand and assume that Wuyou likes me.”

The sarcastic curve of his lips was even more evident: “Wuyou aint’ blind.”

Didn’t she make a comparison between him and Mu Gu last time in front of the reporters?

“She made me look like a bad guy, but the fact is that my looks outshine yours.”

“You can roll on back your ranch.” Gu Yanhao didn’t have a shred of mercy to spare for Mu Gu.

Mu Gu raised an eyebrow asking, “You really want me to get out?”


“You promised Wuyou to stay for two days? It has only been a day.”

“Shut your mouth!”

No one dared to tell Old Grandfather Gu about the matter of Gu Yanhao’s injury.

Getting his way, Gu Yanhao was discharged from the hospital and returned to the villa, leaning back in a relaxed manner on the sofa.

Because he had been injured while protecting her, Song Wuyou decided to take care of him personally out of gratitude.  

He said he wanted to eat millet gruel, Sis Song made it.

Half lying on the living room sofa, he looked at Song Wuyou with a pitiful expression, “My wound hurts if I raise my arm, you feed me.”

Song Wuyou brought the bowl and stood in front of him. Lowering her head, she shot him a look of contempt.


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