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Chapter 238: It’s Really Painful

Gu Yanhao’s face twisted, “Aiyo, so painful.”

“Okay, stop acting.” Song Wuyou sat down beside him on the sofa.

Gu Yanhao naturally placed a hand on her thigh.

Song Wuyou was startled by his action. Shifting her legs away, she shot him a fierce glare, “Don’t play the rogue.”

Gu Yanhao looked helpless, “I also wanted to, but they wouldn’t let me.”

Song Wuyou harrumphed at his words. Scooping up some gruel with the spoon, she brought it to his mouth, “Eat.”

Gu Yanhao gave her a grievous look at her brusque manner, opened his mouth and swallowed the gruel down.

Feeling slightly guilty from Gu Yanhao’s gaze, she looked back at him, “Why are you looking at me like this?”

He flashed an elegant smile, “I suddenly feel blessed.”

“Of course you’re blessed, there’s both money and power,” and that handsome face on top of everything.

“Song Wuyou, thank you.”

Song Wuyou looked at him with a confused expression, “Thank me for what?”

“Thank you for pestering me in the past, so that I was able to marry you.”

Song Wuyou was dumbfounded.

Her husband looked seriously at her, “Only then did I have the chance to notice how great you are.”

Song Wuyou’s head lowered, a complex emotion flickering past her eyes. When she looked up again, they had returned to their usual coldness and clarity.

“That little girl was shot in the heart, she’s dead.” She said lightly.

She didn’t tell him about that when he was still in the hospital so that he could recuperate in peace, but now seeing he has the energy to flirt, it seems like this much injury really wasn’t too much for him.

Pity she herself was asking to be abused, wanting to take care of him——

Gu Yanhao’s playful mood receded after hearing the news, “These killers are really damned. Even going to hell is too good for them.”

Actually shooting in the street, harming so many innocent lives.

Thinking the little girl who died because of her, Song Wuyou’s heart grew heavy. She looked at Gu Yanhao, “How are you planning to deal with Yang Yuhui?”

Gu Yanhao threw the question back at her, “How do you want her to be dealt with?”

“…….. Didn’t they say compensate life with life?” Are modern laws different?

“You want her sentenced to prison?”

Song Wuyou spoke with great sadness. “That little girl was so pretty, when she grew up she would have definitely been a beautiful girl.”

Gu Yanhao stared deeply into her eyes, “Yang Yuhui’s ending will definitely satisfy you.”

A helpless smile flashed passed Song Wuyou’s face, adding to the sadness in her eyes, “This stepmother of mine truly hates me to the bone.”

If she was still the original host, she would have died die under this stepmother’s hands a long time ago.

Her words struck Gu Yanhao’s heart.  Forcing a smile, he purposely grabbed her thigh saying, “In the future, whoever’s mean to you, I will repay them ten times as much.”

Song Wuyou shifted away slightly, pushing his wolf claws away and rolling her eyes at him, “Speak properly, why are you grabbing me?”

“Aiyo, pain…” Pushed away by Song Wuyou, Gu Yanhao ‘swayed and fell’ to the side, his thick brows furrowed deeply as if he was in great pain.

Song Wuyou gave him a cold eye, “Keep on pretending.”

The furrows in Gu Yanhao’s forehead deepened, “Ah, really so painful.”

“Eat it yourself.” Song Wuyou placed the bowl on the coffee table and was about to get up to leave.

“Don’t want!” Gu Yan sat up straight in an instant, his hand swiftly shot up to grab her wrist.

“Shhhiiii…..” He moved too quickly, tearing the wound on his chest and making Gu Yanhao inhale sharply in pain.

He raised his head, the frown on his face appearing more real as he looked pitifully at Song Wuyou, “Feed me, my wound is really hurting.”

“You can use so much strength to grab me, you… ah, it’s bleeding!” Song Wuyou was alarmed after noticing the bloodstain on Gu Yanhao’s navy blue shirt.


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