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Chapter 24: Don’t Appear In My Line of Sight

The cold noble bearing radiating from his body lodged great pressure on others like a majestic Emperor does.

Song Wuyou stared at his overly perfect face.

Precisely at this point, her thoughts were in trance, confusing Gu Yanhao to be that heartless man.

Moments before, Song Wuyou had been thinking of her past, and now seeing Gu Yanhao, it only stirred up her already raging emotions into turmoil, negative feelings skyrocketed.

Sorrow and hatred were swirling strongly in her eyes!

To get to his study room, Gu Yanhao first needed to pass by her room on the way. He was perplexed himself of his own sudden action, stopping right in front of her room to take a look at her.

Coming face to face with Song Wuyou, he caught the complex emotions surging in her eyes, and he was stupefied. An eyebrow naturally rose in doubt.

His eyes locked with hers across the room, only to see Song Wuyou’s eyes becoming colder.

At this point, Song Wuyou had nearly snapped the pen in her hand into two.

This heartless man, why did he not believed her?

How could he betray the vow he had made to her?

Did he forget who had fought alongside him in all those years?

Thinking of this, Song Wuyou gritted her teeth with deep hatred. Gu Yanhao who had been watching different emotions flashing over her face, unconsciously frowned.

This woman hated him this much?

To actually used this kind of gaze to look at him!

“Heartless man!” Song Wuyou spat words with a vengeance.

“Just because I refuse to give you Gu Group’s share?” Gu Yanhao truly found it hilarious.

Husband and wife divorcing due to the lack of feelings between the two parties was a common thing, how did he become a villainous heartless man?

Hearing his cold sharp voice, it abruptly jolted back Song Wuyou to the present.

Errr… just now, did she made a mistake being too immersed in her own thoughts…..?

“That’s right!” Song Wuyou repressed the tumult of emotions she felt inside, and angrily admitted Gu Yanhao’s assumption.

Gu Yanhao’s line of sight fell on the scattered papers around her vanity table. After all, he has quite the height and his eyesight was also very sharp, in fact, it was could be considered as perfect. In an instant, he could recognize the doodles on these papers were clothes sketches.

He snorted, with words mixed with mockery, he taunted, “You also know how to design clothes?”

Hearing this, Song Wuyou immediately flipped over the paper sketches on top of the vanity table to prevent him on seeing more of them.

“I won’t let you see!” both of Song Wuyou’s hands were protectively guarding the sketches by pressing on it as if saying ‘if you insist on looking, I will fight to the end with you’.

Gu Yanhao had a cocky expression on his face, “You think I wanted to peek?”

Song Wuyou remained unconvinced, “Whether you want to look or not, it’s another matter altogether. I’m wary of you plagiarizing my designs.”

“Haha….” Gu Yanhao let out scornful chuckles listening to Song Wuyou’s reason, “Relying on something that came out of that pig brain inside of your human head, do you think I would be interested to copy? Song Wuyou, you have become increasingly ignorant.”

Pig-brained human head [1]?

Song Wuyou gnashed her teeth in anger; she would absolutely throw it right at his face, that her designs were not worse than Song Jiuyue’s!

She would make sure that he appreciate this pig-brained human head of hers!

“Yes ah,” Song Wuyou suddenly flashed him a brilliant smile, “I’m becoming even more ignorant nowadays, so what are you doing coming into an ignorant person’s room this late at night? Could it be Young Master Gu has such a heavy taste, to actually like a woman with pig brain in their heads like me?”

“Are you driving me out of the room?” Gu Yanhao lifted his feet and walked into the room.

Song Wuyou squinted; this man, what did he want barging into her room?

Didn’t he just said that he had to interest to see her design sketches?

Song Wuyou guarded the sketches tightly under her palm while keeping a wary stare at Gu Yanhao, “Not only I want you out of my room, I’d preferred if you don’t appear in my line of sight.”

This way, there was no need for her to see his face and be reminded of that heartless man.

Without him in her mind, she would be in a good mood all the time. A good mood would the first step for her to move forward towards a better life.

Gu Yanhao stopped in front of her, like a high and mighty God he looked condescendingly at her, his mouth curving up at the corner, “Song Wuyou, congratulations, your tactics have improved.”

Song Wuyou curled her lips: “Thanks!”

Gu Yanhao’s hand reached out, clamping her chin between his fingers, “Now, you hate me so much?” If not, why had she looked at him with that kind of gaze earlier?



[1] Pig-brained human head means stupid as a pig…

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