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Chapter 240: I Want To Display My Perfect Body Before You

“Song Wuyou.” Didn’t she say he was boring? Well then, he’ll show her how boring he could be!

He could call her all he wants. Song Wuyou attended to the task at hand, ignoring him.

His chest was at his eye level, the buttons undone and the shirt spread apart to the sides. The white gauze wrapped around his body was dyed with a patch of red as evidently quite a lot of blood flowed.

“You tore the stitches.” Song Wuyou’s brows locked tightly. This man, how could have no sense of proportion knowing that has such an injury on his body?

Gu Yanhao lowered his head and gave a nonchalant glance the wound on his chest.

“Do you know how to deal with it?” Gu Yanhao asked, looking at her.

He remembered once when she twisted her ankle, fell and skinned her knees, dirt and sand were imbued in her flesh. At that time, a lot of blood was flowing out. Even with the first aid kit in the villa, she didn’t know what to do.

“Nonsense.” Song Wuyou shot him another no-nonsense look, then turned around and opened the first aid kit, taking out a sterilized small scissors.

At the point when she turned around, Gu Yanhao’s teasing expression became grim.  She has really changed, changed into a totally different person from the past.

Taking the scissors, Song Wuyou snipped off the bandage on Gu Yanhao’s body.  Her action was light and agile, without a trace of hesitation.

“…………” Gu Yanhao was stunned, “Shouldn’t you unwrap it layer by layer?”

Song Wuyou snorted, “With so many layers wrapped around you, how long would I have to take to unwrap them layer by layer?” Cutting it off in one go is simple and time-efficient.

After dealing with the bandages, Song Wuyou carefully removed the gauze soaked with blood from his chest. Thankfully when they bandaged him, they spread quite a lot of medicinal powder so that the skin wouldn’t stick to the gauze when removed, making things easier.

With the thick gauze off, a glaring deep bullet hole entered her sight.

Song Wuyou was shocked, “Why isn’t the wound sutured?”

“Suturing will leave an ugly scar behind. Leaving it like this, the flesh will grow and it won’t look as ugly.” Gu Yanhao explained.

“Such a big hole, how long will it take for the flesh to close?!” This sight was too triggering.  Song Wuyou’s cold gaze swept over his face in contempt, “A big man like you still cares about a scar or two? Who would know under the clothes? Some women have a difficult childbirth, and the C-section scar is worse than this.”

Women who loved to be beautiful by nature didn’t mind, but a big man like him despises scars?

Gu Yanhao flashed a bewitching smile, “It’s obvious once the clothes are off.”

“Were you going to run around everywhere naked?”

“I won’t, those who do are animals.”

“Then why didn’t you have it stitched up?” The wound heals faster if stitched.

“I’ve already said the scar will look very ugly.”

“…………” Speechless.

“I need to undress in front of you.”

“……….” Even more speechless.

A low laugh sounded from his throat, “I want to display my perfect body before you.”

Heat rushed up Song Wuyou’s face. Trying to conceal it, she glared at him, “Stop talking, I need to stop your bleeding.”

“Okay,” Gu Yanhao obediently shut his mouth.

Song Wuyou picked up a cotton ball with a long medical tweezer, gently dabbing at the wound to clean the remaining medicinal powders away. She needed to be very careful as not to hurt him, not to mention the wound was bleeding because of his vigorous action earlier, making cleaning more difficult.

But the focused Song Wuyou was extremely careful and attentive, gentle yet quick as if she was used to doing this kind of thing…

Gu Yanhao lowered his head, watching her inquiringly…


Looking at his ghastly wound, she merely frowned a little. There was no flinching, nausea, or fear. Her hands didn’t even shake one bit, even calmer than surgeons in operating rooms, and equally skillful.

“Song Wuyou, do you often help people clean and dress their wounds?” He asked softly.

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