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Chapter 241: Blurted Out

“En, if the physician is too busy, or on the war field unable to make it back to barracks, I’d dressed the wounded soldiers myself. Dongfang Xuan, he…” Song Wuyou blurted the words out without knowing.  By the time she reacted, she stiffened with shock, all actions stopping abruptly as she stared dumbly at the pair of medical tweezers in her hand.

Just now… what did she say?

A the same time, what she said caused a flicker of shock in Gu Yanhao’s obsidian eyes. A great wave of inexplicable emotion crashed at his heart. His body shook as if the waves were actually crashing against his body as he stared at her in shock. The muscles on his face were tensed, stretched taut.


She mentioned Dongfang Xuan again. She once again mentioned the times she was at war—

The expression on her face now clearly told him that she blurted out the words unintentionally. Was she as shocked as he was, not knowing how to face him next?

Gu Yanhao sucked in a deep breath, doing his best to suppress the crazy surging emotions inside him. The storm in his dark eyes gradually returned to calmness a while later.

“Online friend?” He inquired as if nothing happened, a curious eyebrow raised, his tone light and teasing.

Song Wuyou was stunned for a second, inhaling a deep breath herself. She didn’t raise her head up to look at him immediately. Should she confess to him that she isn’t his wife Song Wuyou? If she confessed, would he kick her out this instant?

“Yes.” In the end, she chose to continue concealing the matter, nodding her head lightly.

“………” Even though he chose the route first, Gu Yanhao’s eyes still turned gloomy watching her.

Not hearing further questions about what online friends, Song Wuyou secretly breathed in relief. She continued to attend to his wound.

The atmosphere was no longer as harmonious as it was before. The entire time, Gu Yanhao pursed his lips, watching her in silence.

Song Wuyou chose not to look at him, perhaps due to guilt—

Half an hour later, the wound was cleaned and bandaged. After picking up the first aid kit, Song Wuyou stole a quick glance at him saying, “The millet gruel is cold now, I’ll get you a hot one.”

Gu Yanhao gave her a charming smile, “Okay.”

Picking up the bowl on the coffee table, she headed toward the kitchen in hurried steps.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes followed her silhouette, the smile on his face slowly disappearing, replaced by a dark mood.

Very soon, Song Wuyou returned with a fresh bowl of hot millet gruel.

At the sight of her, Gu Yanhao looked like a sunny ruffian, “You feed me, my wound hurts even more after you changed the bandage.” He even pouted at the end, acting lovely.

“Gu Yanhao, enough.” Song Wuyou truly felt disdain, “Such a big man, yet still acting like a three year old, pretending to be cute.”

Not only did Gu Yanhao pretend to be cute, he even acted spoiled, “It really hurts badly.”

“Puff…!” Song Wuyou couldn’t stand it any longer and burst out laughing. Taking the seat next to him, she followed his wish: “Little brother, be good, come open your mouth and eat your gruel, such a good boy.”

Gu Yanhao’s eye twitched at her ‘little brother?’ He opened his mouth, swallowing the entire spoon, making Song Wuyou unable to pull it out.

Song Wuyou looked at him dumbfounded, “You want to eat the spoon too?”

Gu Yanhao smiled at her in reply, cunning as a fox.

Song Wuyou looked at him warily. Damn, why is he looking at her this way? A shy color tinged her cheeks.

“Little brother,” Gu Yanhao mumbled incoherently with the spoon in his mouth.

Song Wuyou’s hearing was very sensitive. Incoherent though it might be, but she heard it clearly. She glared at him while releasing her grip on the spoon, “Weren’t you acting cute? Little brother suits you.”



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