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Chapter 242: Gu Yanhao Acting Cute

“No.” Gu Yanhao removed the spoon from his mouth, “Little brother is not suitable for me, it’s appropriate for…”

Gu Yanhao lowered his eyes, looking at his male member with a wicked curve on his lips, “…it.”

Song Wuyou’s gaze followed the direction he indicated, falling right ‘there’ – and her cheeks burned red with embarrassment.

This is absolutely a shameless man!

Song Wuyou looked up, clear cold eyes glaring at him, “Then do you want to eat with your mouth or with ‘it’?”

Gu Yanhao grinned with mischief, “Eat you? If I’m eating you of course I’m going to use ‘it.’”

Hearing that, Song Wuyou flushed with anger and shyness.

“Gu Yanhao, you feed yourself.” She crudely pushed the bowl of porridge into Gu Yanhao’s hand.

“You feed me.” Gu Yanhao acted cute.

“Feed your head!” Song Wuyou turned around and went upstairs.

Men really cannot be shameless. Once they start being shameless, principles and integrity will litter the floor and faces will be so thick they wouldn’t be able to grow beards.

As expected, after the shameless act in the living room, it only worsened in the bedroom, causing Song Wuyou to sweat profusely— Gu Yanhao actually wanted Song Wuyou to bath him!


Song Wuyou would rather go hungry for a whole week than bathe him!

She resisted vehemently.

Gu Yanhao held his pajamas, standing in front of the bathroom and staring at her a little grievously, “I didn’t bathe yesterday. I won’t be able to bathe today, either?”

“The wound’s in your chest, not your hands. You can bathe yourself, why must I bathe you?!”

Imagining the scene, Song Wuyou’s breathing and face became unnatural.

“If I bathe myself, I might accidentally wet the wound on my chest and it will get infected. As for my back, won’t I disturb my wound if I raise my arm? As for the lower part… even bending hurts.”

“Then you wait a few days!” By that time, the wound would have closed and it won’t hurt as much.

“I have high standards for cleanliness, I’ve endured last not bathing last night.” Gu Yanhao complained.

“I won’t help you.” Song Wuyou made a move to leave the bathroom.

“Song Wuyou!” Gu Yanhao suddenly raised his voice, sounding stern.

Song Wuyou turned around in a snap, glaring fire at him.

Gu Yanhao glared at her, “If you don’t help me, I’ll… I’ll order Xu Jing to help me!”

“……” Song Wuyou stiffened.

“I will strip down full monty in front of Xu Jing. She will be able to see my whole body without a shred of thread!” Gu Yanhao coldly threatened

“……….” A touch of inexplicable light flashed in Song Wuyou’s eyes.

Gu Yanhao snorted, “If a spark lights in the process, I’ll take her as mistress.”

Take her as mistress?

As if a needle pricked at Song Wuyou’s heart, she looked at Gu Yanhao’s with dismay. The picture of Dongfang Xuan standing with the Empress emerged in her mind.

After the grand palace construction was completed, Dongfang Xuan didn’t merely have one concubine. His official wife was of the course the Empress, whereas she was only a consort, but there were also many, many other consorts in the imperial harem.

Instantly, Gu Yanhao noticed her sadness, and that her mind wasn’t in the present.

He softened a little, still looking deeply at her, “I really feel horrible not washing for one day, and my wound really hurts.”

Song Wuyou looked at him with red-rimmed eyes, “Can you be more low and shameless?”

“I am your husband, you are my wife. I was wounded while protecting you. Isn’t it reasonable that you take care of me?” Gu Yanhao argued in a self-righteous manner.

That’s right, at this point, he was still her husband. And he was indeed injured because of her.

Song Wuyou marched inside, grabbing his pajama as she walked past him into the bathroom, snapping: “Get in!”

As a soft wind carrying her scent floated past his nose, Gu Yanhao revealed a smile like a cat that caught a fish. His mood was on cloud nine: “Coming, Wife!”

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