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Chapter 243: Scrub Yourself!

His single word ‘wife’ caused Song Wuyou’s steps to falter, nearly slipping on the bathroom floor. She gritted her teeth as she fought to balance herself, cursing in her heart: Stinky man!  Flinging his pajamas onto the racks, she adjusted the cold water to warm.

“Warm water shower?” Gu Yanhao asked.

He doesn’t like warm water? Without a word, she turned the tap back to cold water once more.

Gu Yanhao looked at Song Wuyou with an ambiguous gaze saying, “It’s better I shower with cold water. I’m afraid that warm water won’t be able to reduce the heat in my body.”

“You…” She really wanted to curse at him. Catching sight of the wound on his chest, a schadenfreude smile raised the corner of her lips, “Warm water, I’ll help you; cold water, you wash yourself. Choose one of the two.”

“Song Wuyou, aren’t you afraid that if the chaotic energy in my body suddenly explodes,  it will eat you up ‘til nothing is left?” Gu Yanhao teased.

Her lips curved deeper into a complacent smile, “The chaotic energy in your body will turn the little hole in your chest into a big hole, and the moment it explodes you’ll probably barely have half a life left.”

“That’s why I am holding in this terrifying power. Wait till my wound is healed, I’ll deal with you then.” Gu Yanhao lifted his arm and gave a ‘brute force’ knock on her forehead, “Warm water. Quickly undress me.”

Song Wuyou caressed the painful spot he knocked, muttering with contempt, “You have the strength to hit me but cannot undress yourself?”

“Cannot!” Fine, I’ll undress you. It’s not as if I haven’t seen your body before! Despite what Song Wuyou said to herself, her face was redder than a monkey’s ass by the time she had finished undressing him.

She felt so… uncomfortable!

At par with her flushing face, the smile on Gu Yanhao’s face was equally bewitching.

She’s….so beautiful!

Song Wuyou tried to avert her eyes from glancing downward, otherwise, in a moment of carelessness, her eyes would sweep over that place. Grabbing the shower head, she moved behind him, wetting the areas outside the bandage. Outside the bandage area…isn’t that his hips and below?

Song Wuyou felt extremely shy, then her thoughts shifted rapidly: it’s just a butt, right? What was she afraid of? What was she being shy for?

Therefore, with one hand holding a washing cloth and another holding the shower head, her hands moved in a rhythm, scrubbing… scrubbing…

Gu Yanhao stood still with his legs slightly apart, like the character eight (八). His thin sexy lips were slightly curved in a raffish smile, “Discard the towel, it’s more pleasurable when you’re using your hands.”

“If you don’t keep your mouth shut I won’t even use the towel. I’ll merely wet you with water and then stuff you in the pajamas,” Song Wuyou warned.

“No.” The smile on his face didn’t diminish, “Using a towel is fine too. I didn’t shower yesterday, so you must wash me up nicely.” With that said, he turned around.

Song Wuyou who’d squatted down to scrub his thigh merely felt her vision blurred, and the scene before her eyes changed.  Just now it was still two slender chiseled legs, why did it change to…. Although it was still two slender legs, that hairy dark patch… what’s the situation?  She stared at the view in front of her for a few seconds before dumbly looking up at Gu Yanhao.

At first Gu Yanhao was still fine, but after that few seconds of being stared at by Song Wuyou, he gradually hardened, standing proudly at attention before Song Wuyou.

The clear look in his eyes darkened profoundly with the reaction of his  ‘little guy’.

“With merely a look you awaken him; you’re really capable.” Gu Yanhao commented in his low sultry voice, sounding a little hoarse.

Song Wuyou glared at him with a red face, “Don’t play the rogue.”

“This is a normal reaction. If it doesn’t wake up, that’s not normal.”


“Song Wuyou, wash it clean.” Gu Yanhao’s hand reached out, holding her small hand clutching the towel.  Her hands felt small, soft as if boneless, and extremely comfortable while held in his palm.

“Scrub yourself!”

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