ENH C244

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Chapter 244: Scrub Scrub Scrub

“Scrub yourself!” Song Wuyou’s eyes spit fire as she glared at Gu Yanhao.

“It wants your touch.” Gu Yanhao led her hands downward.

“You——!” Song Wuyou pulled her hand back forcefully, but she was still weak against his strength.

This man was actually pinning her hand and scrub, scrub, scrubbing…

Her shyness evolved into anger, “Gu Yanhao, aren’t you the least bit scared that I will break it?”

He was just exhaling in pleasure, obsidian eyes like deep abysses, “You’ll feel reluctant.”

Song Wuyou sneered coldly, “Who said so? I’ll break it.” Song Wuyou’s hand exerted pressure, squeezing like she was really going to snap it in half.

“Siiiiiii——!” Gu Yanhao inhaled sharply on a wave of pleasure. Intermittent pain and pleasure made his handsome face seem a little distorted, yet he was adamant about keeping Song Wuyou’s hand there, not letting go.  His eyes were red-rimmed and deep, tinged with dissatisfaction.

Song Wuyou actually wanted to twist it. She barely touched it and he was already breathing heavily, scaring her.  Staring at his intoxicated yet unfulfilled face, her heart raced.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes seemed a little hazy, half-closed as he coaxed her, “Don’t twist. Rub, hold it and rub.”

“Dream on!” Song Wuyou struggled to pull her hand away once again.

Gu Yanhao wouldn’t let go, staring her down with a pitiful expression: “Uncomfortable.”

“Deal with it yourself!”

“Song Wuyou, you’re torturing me!”

“How did I torture you? You actually want…?”

“Want your head!”

“Rub, the faster you rub the faster I’ll finish!” The man’s voice was hoarse to the point of being unrecognisable.

“……..” Song Wuyou fiercely glared at him. She really didn’t want to rub,  however, if she kept struggling, pulling back and forth, it would be detrimental to his wound.  On the other hand, if she gave in to him and rubbed, Song Wuyou would feel… vulgar. But then again, in a little corner of her heart there’s was a voice saying: What’s vulgar about a wife helping with a husband’s sexual needs?

“I feel really bad.” Gu Yanhao lowered his head, lightly touching his forehead to hers while pleading in a hoarse voice, “Wuyou, help me.”

“Just this once!” Song Wuyou’s heartbeat sped up crazily.

“En, just this once.” Gu Yanhao smiled.

Just this once. In the future, he’d use her body and not her hand.

Mrs. Song dressed up with style, carrying the branded handbag Song Jiuyue gifted to her as she exited the villa. She had made an appointment with the neighboring villas madams to play mahjong together.  Just as she exited the villa, her mobile phone inside her branded bag rang. Pausing her steps, she fished the phone out and noted the strange numbers on the screen. She wanted to ignore the call at first, but after seemingly realising something, Mrs. Song connected the call.

The moment the call was connected, a cold male voice sounded from the other end: “Miss Yang, why hasn’t the remaining balance been transferred into my account yet?”

Mrs. Song was shocked! Her heart rose to her throat, “You’re not dead?”

“Hehe, you want me to die so badly?”

Mrs. Song glanced around furtively as she questioned, “Where are you?”

“Don’t bother yourself with knowing where I am. I only want to know when the remaining balance will be transferred into my account?”

Noticing there was no one around her, Mrs. Song’s face turned grim, “I heard Song Wuyou is not dead!”

The other side snickered, “Are you trying to negate on the payment?”

Mrs. Song: “I’m not trying to negate or anything I want you to try again. Kill Song Wuyou!”

The other side: “It’s fine to make another attempt, but pay up. My principle is very simple: regardless of the success of failure of the job, the hirer must clear their payment.”

Mrs. Song: “Kill Song Wuyou, and I’ll definitely give you the money!”

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