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Chapter 245: Bring Song Wuyou’s Head Over To See Me!

The other side: “It was you who insisted that act take place in public, hurting many innocent people. A little girl even died.”

Mrs. Song laughed satirically, “People in your line of work, will you turn soft-hearted or become frustrated because of one little girl’s death?”

The other side: “You hired me to kill, so indirectly you’re the killer. Don’t you feel any remorse?”

Mrs. Song spat with disdain, “What do I have to be remorseful for? Isn’t it just someone else’ daughter?”  One of her daughters died, too!

“Yang Yuhui, you’re really a venomous woman.” Suddenly, Song Wuyou’s cold voice sounded in Mrs. Song’s ear.

Mrs. Song’s back went cold and stiff, her eyes searching frantically around her but there was no one in sight.

“Wey, I’m going to play mahjong now. If you want your balance, bring Song Wuyou’s head to me!” Mrs. Song composed herself, barking loudly to the person on the other end of the line.

“Aren’t you scared that your head will fall before that?” This time, the voice was colder than before. And it wasn’t a man’s voice, but Song Wuyou’s.

This time Mrs. Song was really frightened, quickly turning around. Her eyes widened, looking at the figure walking out from behind a thick tree.

She knew?

Song Wuyou slowly approached Mrs. Song, the look in her eyes like icicles.

Seeing this side of Song Wuyou, Mrs. Song’s heart trembled as if she was facing a demoness from hell coming to collect her head.

“Song Wuyou?”

Song Wuyou stopped five meters from Mrs. Song, staring her down coldly, “Are you very disappointed that I’m still alive?”

With the matter out in the open,  Mrs. Song did feel afraid. However, due to face, she refused to show any fear in front of Song Wuyou.  “Yes, extremely disappointed!” Mrs. Song glared viciously at Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou’s demeanor grew colder, “Even if you dislike me, even if it’s that I’m not your real daughter, you didn’t need to hate me to the extent of hiring assassins to kill me, no? Yang Yuhui, regardless of everything, I called you Mom when I was little. Did you need to be so cruel?”

“I spat on you! You think a bastard like you could be my daughter? That’s right, I hate you! When I came to know about your existence, I already hated you to the bones! Everytime I look at you it reminds me of Song Nan’s infidelity so much that I want to strangle you to death with my own hands! But you’re so stubborn, refusing to die even after two car accidents! It’s fine if you don’t die, but why did you kill my Jiumei? I hired assassins to kill you not because I loathe you, but to avenge Jiumei!” Mrs. Song’s face was so warped with coldness and anger that it was almost unrecognizable.

“I didn’t kill Song Jiumei!” Song Wuyou clarified. “She died from an STD.”

“Pheii! Jiumei is not that kind of woman!”

“Yang Yuhui, you hired a killer to kill me but failed. Instead you caused the death of a little girl, and many more innocents were injured.”

“So what?”

“You killed someone.”

“So what if I killed someone?”

Song Wuyou sneered, “There is consequence, a life for a life.”

“Even if I die, I’ll pull you down with me!” Mrs. Song suddenly pounced on Song Wuyou, at the same time taking a small knife from her handbag.

Song Wuyou moved with agility, dodging at the same time that Mrs. Song came at her. At this moment several policemen jumped out of nowhere, pinning Mrs. Song down.

Mrs. Song was shocked, but she soon tried to struggle out of the policemen’s hold, “Release me! Release me!”

“Yang Yuhui, we have enough evidence to prove that you’ve committed murder. Please come with us to the police station,” one of the policemen stated.

“What evidence? I did not kill anyone, it’s that useless killer, not me!”

“No use denying anymore, any struggle will only be in vain.”

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  1. eksentrysyti says:

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