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Chapter 247: His Body IS Perfection

When Song Jiuyue received news that Mrs. Song’s plan to hire killers to off Song Wuyou ended up in failure, and furthermore that she will be detained under police custody until the hearing date is determined, Song JiuYue felt like the sky crumbled down on her, her mind blanked and dazed.

Her mobile slipped from her fingers, knocking into the glass of water on her desk. Water splashed out of the glass, ruining the design sketches she had been working on for the last half a month⸺

Mama hired killers to kill Song Wuyou? In the end, she caused the death of an innocent little girl, and injured four other people? To Song Jiuyue this was everything bad.  This was the most devastating news she could ever imagine.

Oh Mama, why so reckless? There’s a heavy price to pay for trying to kill someone in such high profile manner.

A long time passed before Song Jiuyue regained her senses and rushed to the President’s office in hopes of pleading with Gu Yanhao to help her mother, to perhaps speak some good words to the judge to lighten her mother’s punishment, but when she reached the President’s office, Secretary Zhang informed her the President hadn’t been in for the last two days.  An ominous feeling surfaced in Song Jiuyue’s heart. She left Gu Group in a rush and drove straight to Gu Yanhao’s villa.

The moment she jumped out of her car, she rang the doorbell and banged her hands on the door like she had gone crazy.  Sis Song was picking flowers in the garden when she heard the urgent ringing of the doorbell and the incessant banging sounds. She jogged to see who was at the door. Seeing who it was, she called out in confusion, “Miss Song?”

A lot of people are able to recognize Song Jiuyue in M City.

“I’m looking for Young Master Gu! No, not right – I want to see Wuyou!”

Sister Song said, “Please wait for a moment.” With that said, Sis Song turned around and went inside.

What is this? Why aren’t they opening the door for her?  “Wei!” Song Jiuyue banged on the door again, shouting at Sis Song’s back: “Open the door for me!”

In the living room, Song Wuyou was changing Gu Yanhao’s dressing. He was half naked, showing his perfect torso. Unfortunately there was a horrifying wound on his chest, but even so the little flaw did nothing to diminish his perfection. Instead, it added a hint of wild sharpness to his person.

There was a bewitching smile hanging on the corner of his lips as he watched Song Wuyou. Every time she helped him change the wound dressing, he would look at her with this kind of glance, this kind of smile⸺

“Young Master Gu, Miss Song is here saying she’s looking for Madame.” Sis Song reported to Gu Yanhao as she walked into the living room.

Gu Yanhao acted as if he didn’t hear what Sis Song said. The expression on his face remained unchanged as he savoured the sight of his wife, the smile on his face deepening.

Song Wuyou frowned as she took in what Sis Song said. Song Jiuyue? She raised her head at Sis Song, “Let her in.”

Sis Song nodded and went out.

“You know very well that Song Jiuyue came to plead for her mother. Why would you still want to let her in?” Gu Yanhao drawled in a lazy voice.

“Let her see your wound.” Song Wuyou’s answer was matter-of-fact. “Like this, she will realise how vicious her mother is.”

“Stupid woman, this will only make her obsess with my body even more.” There’s no denying it: his body is just too perfect; -slender when dressed, solid when undressed. It’s just way too damned sexy.

Song Wuyou shot him a glance, her lips curving up, “Can see but cannot touch, just like a famished man staring a mountain of delicious food that he can’t eat. You don’t understand that kind of torture.”

Gu Yanhao raised his head to look at her. A hand reached out to caress her face as he enquired: “You have experienced it?”

“I have not, but I can imagine.” Song Wuyou pushed his hand away, “Don’t hinder me from bandaging.”

“Bandage it later.”

Song Wuyou was made confused, “Why?”

A wicked smile flashed across his face as his hand wrapped around her slim waist and pulled her in one quick motion. Song Wuyou fell into his embrace.

Song Wuyou’s reaction was quick, putting one hand on his stomach to balance herself so that she managed to avoid falling right into his wound last minute. Glaring fiercely at him she snapped, “Are you crazy? What if I hit the wound?”

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