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Chapter 249: This Result, She’s Satisfied

Song Jiuyue went straight to the point, her glistening eyes pleading silently with Gu Yanhao, “Young Master Gu, my mother has been arrested, and she will be sentenced. Looking at my painstaking efforts these past few years that have brought high profits to the Gu Group, can you spare her?”

Gu Yanhao slowly cocked an eyebrow up, extremely patient as he waited for Song Jiuyue to finish what she was saying. When Song Jiuyue was done, Gu Yanhao pointed at the bandage on his chest, his piercing sharp eyes directed at Song Jiuyue as he asked, “Wouldn’t that make me suffer this wound in vain?”

Song Jiuyue had only noticed his wound at this moment, and unease rapidly spread over her, “You… you’re hurt?”

Gu Yanhao had a cold ‘that’s a stupid question’ expression on his face as he looked at Song Jiuyue, “I’ve always maintained a principle of not interfering with the law, so how could I spare Yang Yuhui?”

‘As long as you’re willing to help, you definitely have a way!” Song Jiuyue was adamant. As long as he’s willing to look into the matter, mother can be saved. His power is more than what everyone sees on the surface.

“Help? Help you and bring harm to my wife?” Gu Yanhao’s mouth curved up in a mocking smile.

“……….” Song Jiuyue stiffened. At a loss, she turned her eyes toward Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou sat beside Gu Yanhao in an elegant poised manner, facing Song Jiuyue with a faint smile on her face.

Seeing the faint smile on her face, Song Jiuyue had a bad feeling in her heart.

“Wuyou, spare Mama, okay? She cannot be sentenced to death ah.”

“How am I to spare her? It wasn’t me that locked up your mother. Moreover, I and Song Nan have severed any father-daughter relationship between us. The Song Family and I are of no relation whatsoever,” Song Wuyou clarified in a matter-of-fact manner, as if she was a third party.

“You severed all relations with Pa?” Song Jiuyue was dumbfounded.

“Each and every one of you wants to harm me. Having a family with people like you lot makes me feel embarrassed. Isn’t it better to end it?”

‘Wuyou,” Song Jiuyue fell to her knees with a plomp, her eyes red-rimmed and her voice choked as she begged Song Wuyou, “Take it as Dajie begging you. As long as you say the word to Young Master Gu, our Mama won’t be punished. Dajie is begging you here. Jiumei’s already dead, I cannot withstand another blow of a close family member leaving.”

“She brought it upon herself, the consequences were inevitable.” Song Wuyou said to the kneeling Song Jiuyue. She only had coldness for this so-called Dajie, not an ounce of warmth.

Song Wuyou’s words sparked anger in Song Jiuyue’s heart. She’s Song Family’s eldest daughter, and Song Nan brought her up as the apple of his eye, the pearl in his hands. Since she was little she was adored and loved everywhere she went, showered with praise and compliments, and her knees had never touched the ground before anyone, but now, in front of Gu Yanhao, she knelt on her knees to beg Song Wuyou, yet this slut actually disregarded her pleas, without a hint of yielding?! Hate raged inside her, but she cannot let slip the slightest hint of her true feelings, otherwise she’d have knelt in vain.

Two lines of crystal teardrops slid down her cheeks, looking pitiful as she steeled herself to stare directly into Song Wuyou’s eyes, “You insist on being so heartless? Wuyou, regardless of what she did, she’s still your Mama.”

A satirical smile appeared on Song Wuyou’s delicate face, “What’s the use of a mother that hires killers to kill her children? As the sayings go, even a cruel tiger doesn’t devour err own cubs.  If I help her, doesn’t that mean I’m releasing the tiger back to the mountain[1]? Dajie, you’re not me. You cannot understand the feeling of being wary at all times, in the streets, anywhere I go. Even in my sleep I feel anxious.”

“Enough!” Gu Yanhao looked at Song Jiuyue with a deadpan expression, “Song Jiuyue, leaving the office of your own accord during working hours to handle your personal affairs?! Write a self-review and send to Human Resources when you’re back into the office, and then deduct half a month’s salary.”

Song Jiuyue paled at his words. She turned to Gu Yanhao in dismay: “Young Master Gu…”

Telling her to write a self-review hurts even more than directly firing her.  Song Wuyou glanced at Gu Yanhao from the corner of her eye. Doesn’t he know that with Song Jiuyue’s personality, telling her to submit a self-review is a bigger blow than firing her or deducting her salary?

This man, really… doesn’t know how to treat the fairer gender tenderly. However, considering this result, she’s satisfied.



[1] Letting go of an enemy that will bring endless future troubles.


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  1. eksentrysyti says:

    Heh, someone can get out of murder and conspiracy to murder charges just by talking to one of the victims’ wife? How the hell does that work? Even if GYH and SWY gave a shit about Yang Yuhui, what about the little girl that was killed? Stupid AF.

    • Som says:

      It is pretty stupid. Or else it’s some heretofore unseen element of corruption in the story world’s police force. Is the author implying money solves all problems? Rich people don’t deserve punishment unless and until they commit crimes against unforgiving but more rich and powerful people?

  2. fan63 says:

    Jiuyue is the crystallized version of all the hatred bred in the Song family. Her veneer has been polished to a high gloss. It has dazzled everyone.Now she thinks that she can help her mother wiggle out of a death sentence just because she kneels. She asks a victim that was the target and her injured husband to speak for a mother that killed an innocent child and injured others. WOW! That takes real guts. And real hatred.

  3. Novelana says:

    Gu Yanhao – ‘you can go now bitch. I have matters to finish with my wife’ *eyes dimmed*

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