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Chapter 25: Fully Knew Well that I’m Annoying Yet Still Married Me

“Yes ah,” Song Wuyou willingly admitted it, “I hate you very much.”

“How much?” Gu Yanhao’s eyes were sharp like an eagle’s, there was a certain edge on his tone.

Though Song Wuyou had a faint smile on her face, her eyes were indifferent, “Hate is the flipped side of love, how deep the love was, how deep hate goes.”

How deep the love was, how deep hate goes? What an excellent metaphor.

“You shouldn’t have fallen for me in the first place.” Gu Yanhao commented in his trademark cold voice.

Song Wuyou nonchalantly replied in a laid-back tone, “Who’s willing to be bald if they have no scabies?[1] Who’d be willing to love someone they never ought to?”

Gu Yanhao stared deeply into her eyes. Within them, he could not find even a flicker of pretense.

His brows creased without him realizing it. Did her entire person changed after surviving that car crash?

“Did you hit Song Jiumei today?” the man’s thin lips moved as a question came out.

Song Wuyou had not had time to watch the news. Thus, she knew nothing about her reputation being damaged from bad to worse because she struck Song Jiumei today.

She thought Song Jiuyue made ‘a small complain’[2] to Gu Yanhao about her raising her hand on Song Jiumei.

Song Wuyou scoffed, “She deserved it.”

“Aren’t you afraid of Song Nan stopping your allowance?”

Song Wuyou shrugged her shoulders as if she couldn’t care less, “Stop then just stop.”

The woman’s hand then grasped the wrist of the man’s hand that was holding her chin captive.

Gu Yanhao’s eyebrows abruptly rose. His gaze trailed down towards the dainty porcelain white hand.

He watched as Song Wuyou calmly tugged his hand away, giving him an enchanting smile before saying, “Gu Yanhao, till the day we are officially divorced, I’m still your wife. You allowed your wife to go back to her parents’ house every month like a beggar for a few thousand yuan, don’t you feel like a failure as a man?”

Gu Yanhao’s face darkened, “The failure is you.”

Damn her, why did he suddenly find her smile beautiful, alluring?

“You’d already knew that I’m a failure early on, why did you marry me?” Song Wuyou deliberately punched him on the chest in a playful manner, such a tantalizing action, “You’re so strong and powerful, you could have easily refused to marry me, but you did not. Tell me, did you have a good impression about me?”

Hearing these words, Gu Yanhao’s unfathomable eyes darkened, making it hard for others to guess the thoughts in his mind.

In Song Wuyou’s opinion, his eyes were like two dark hypnotizing vortexes that could sucked people into its depth, drowning themselves in the process.

“You’re so annoying, who would have good impressions of you?” the man snappily rebuffed her.

“You knew fully well I’m annoying yet still married me. Then after marrying me you want to divorce me. You’re so ludicrous.” Song Wuyou’s voice held obvious contempt.

“Back to the main point. If Song Nan stopped your allowance, then you won’t have any money. So, I kindly advise you; sign the papers quickly.” After she signs them, as agreed, he would give her five-hundred million.

Song Wuyou sneered, “Running in circles, and we’re back to the signing the divorce papers. Gu Yanhao, I’m in a very lousy mood right now. Have to trouble you not to mention about divorce at this moment.”

“Sooner or later, you need to sign either way.” If she was to sign them now, he would provide a lucrative compensation. If it was later, then he might not be feeling so generous…..

“The more you force me, the more adamant I am not to sign.”

“One week, that’s all you have to consider it.” Gu Yanhao sneered. Without prior indications, his hand snatched one of the papers under Song Wuyou’s hand on the vanity table.

All in all, Song Wuyou had sketched many versions, and the one Gu Yanhao snatched was the first draft she drew.

The lines were rough, and the designs were a blur, something a kindergarten would draw.

“You……” Song Wuyou wanted to snatch the draft back but Gu Yanhao lifted up his hand high up above and her it was out of her reach.

Forget it; she would have let him see it at one point.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes swept across the paper surface, and in the next moment, he mercilessly crumpled it into a lump of ball, effortlessly threw it into the wastebasket placed near the door.


[1] In the era of Imperial Dynasties, man and woman have long and silky beautiful black hair as one of the symbols of nobility, and good bearings. Unless they have some hair diseases such as scabies, they would not choose the extreme route of shaving off their hair bald. So, it basically means, they are powerless in the matter, in turns, they would rather choose another option if they could help it.

[2] ‘a small complaint’ means backstab.

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