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Chapter 250: A Pushover Will Only Be Bullied

“Get the hell out!!” Gu Yanhao’s handsome face showed intolerable annoyance. Falling into Song Jiuyue’s eyes, this expression was no better than someone slicing her heart with a sharp knife. Inexplicable pain drowned her heart.  She slowly got up with a slightly quivering body, while unwillingness shone from her eyes, and dismay was a weight in her heart. She slowly departed, walking out with feet as heavy as her heart.

Looking at Song Jiuyue’s slightly shaking back, a tiny frown appeared on Song Wuyou’s forehead but her eyes remained clear, making it hard to predict what she was thinking about.

Gu Yanhao looked at her, Wuyou’s slightly swollen lips were like a death trap to him. His Adam’s apple moved as his throaty voice asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Song Wuyou shook her head and retrieved her gaze. Casting a glance at Gu Yanhao, she simply replied, “Nothing.”

Gu Yanhao cocked his eyebrow up slightly, “Soft-hearted?”

Song Wuyou couldn’t resist laughing at his question, “Will I be soft-hearted?”

Gu Yanhao: “It’s good that you’re not. A pushover will only be bullied.”

Song Wuyou: “I won’t become a pushover.”

Living this life again, if she’s still a pushover, she’d feel ashamed of herself even if others didn’t.

Gu Yanhao hooked an arm around her shoulders, reeling her in towards his side.

Song Wuyou glared at him, “What’re you doing?”

Gu Yanhao flashed her a wicked smile, “Continuing where we left off.”

Song Wuyou: “……………”


After leaving Gu Yanhao’s villa, she did not return to Gu Group immediately. Driving her car, she went round and round the streets with no set destination. Every time it crossed her mind that Mrs. Song would be sentenced to death, panic and despair seized her heart. Only Gu Yanhao was capable of helping her, but Gu Yanhao is ignoring her totally. In his eyes, in his heart, only Song Wuyou exists.

She suddenly thought of Old Grandfather Gu! Should she try asking Old Grandfather Gu to help? Obviously, this was impractical. Old Grandfather Gu would never agree to help if he knew the whole story.

Who else? Who else is there that has enough power to ensure her Mama’s safety? Song Jiuyue drove around, searching her mind for a solution, but no one comes to mind. In the end, feeling tired, she drove home.

The moment she walked in, the living room reeked of alcohol. Song Nan sat at the coffee table, drowning himself in liquor with no sign of the maid anywhere.  She walked in and adopted a puzzled expression when she spotted the housekeeper coming out with luggage in tow. She questioned, “Sis Ming, what’re you doing?”

Sis Ming had worked for the Song Family for many years. After suddenly being let go, she was very reluctant to leave. She looked at Song Jiuyue seriously, “I’m going. Miss, you must take good care of yourself.”

Song Nan was sitting on the floor. Song Jiuyue walked to his side and asked, “Pa, did you let them go?”

Song Nan was half sober. A pair of red eyes lined with blood vessels watched Song Jiuyue, “Jiuyue, Pa doesn’t have money anymore, no money to retain them.”

Song Jiuyue paled, the feeling of unease returning, “Is it… Did something happened to Song Group….?”

“If I cannot raise a billion to rectify the situation, Song Group will be declared bankrupt,” Song Nan lamented with bitterness and pain, slugging another big gulp of liquor.

Song Jiuyue watched as her father drank, not stopping him.

“Song Group, the blood and sweat of several generations will be ruined in my hands.” The more Song Nan talked, the more his voice turned hoarse with heart-wrenching pain.


“One billion ah, the Song Group’s finances are dire, debts everywhere… From where am I going to get one billion to turn things around?”

“………” Affected, Song Jiuyue’s eyes became red-rimmed, as if someone was stabbing her heart. The Song Family’s situation is so difficult now but Gu Yanhao still wanted to deduct half a month of her salary.

Song Nan raised his eyes, “Did you ask for help from Ah Hao and Wuyou?”

Song Jiuyue nodded, sounding like she was trying not to cry, “I pleaded and begged, even kneeling on my knees, no use.”

Bang! Song Nan’s foul mood flared, his arm sweeping the liquor bottle off the table. Glass shattered, jagged pieces slid all over the floor.

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  1. eksentrysyti says:

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    Aka stop playing the victim!!
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    This family was very smart in the beginning. They played The Gu men like they were fiddles. After Wu you transmigration all things changed for them. When Yan hao started noticing his wife and focused on their relationship the other Song sisters started losing ground.If they had left Wuyou alone they “might” still have some support for the Song family. But really none of the Song’s feel that they did wrong.

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