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Chapter 252: A Fairy Descended

She found an obscured spot and lingered, gazing towards the entrance from time to time.  About five minutes later the venue suddenly became lively, and just as abruptly it quickly became quiet again. Song Jiuyue’s eyes lit up as she watched the group of people walking into the venue.

The Cheng couple and their three sons have arrived.

Mrs. Jier was dressed in a sophisticated and elegant qipao, while Cheng Jianping was clad in the head to toe white of his naval uniform, adding an air of authority and sharpness to his demeanor.

Their eldest son, Chen Junhua, was dashing in a black western suit that emphasized his masculine body. His sharp, deep eyes exuded a cold pressure that made people wary of getting close.

Their second son, Cheng Junguo, whose enviable tall posture was shrouded in a dark gray shirt with a black vest, paired with dark brown slacks, gave Song Jiuyue a lot to work on. Cheng Junguo’s features very much resembled Mrs. Jier, prominent handsome features, a pair of deep but piercing pair of phoenix eyes. A slight tilt of his lips could hooked away one’s soul. The impression he gave others was quiet and elegant like still water.

The youngest of the family, Cheng Junshan, appeared similar to his father Chen Jianping, clad as he was in a white tuxedo. Here was yet another pair of cold sharp eyes that could render others in shivers with a mere glance.

This family is a beautiful scene to behold, especially when the couple’s three tall, handsome, and dashing sons were added into the equation.

Some of the single ladies were on the verge of breaking down in screams like fanatic fans. Eyes stared unwavering, unblinking on the three eligible bachelors.

Mrs. Jier and Cheng Jianping have been busy greeting the guests from the moment they arrived. Those madames close to Mrs. Jier were quick to approach her, inquiring about the unique qipao she had on and where she had it made as praise and compliments flowed.  Mrs. Jier skirted around the matter, not giving out a direct answer as to who made the qipao.

Song Jiuyue’s gaze fell on the qipao Mrs. Jier wore. As a designer, she too felt this qipao was one of a kind and of great workmanship. The peony embroidery, in particular, made her sigh with appreciation. The qipao was beautiful, and it made Mrs. Jier appear even more gorgeous.

After appreciating Mrs. Jier’s qipao, Song Jiuyue’s eyes wandered off to the three sons.

Cheng Junguo was already taken by Mu Xin. Moreover, that flirtatious yet cynical expression that he makes reminded Song Jiyue of Mu Gu, not her type of man.

Onto the youngest son, Cheng Junshan. Chen Junguo was born in spring. A month later Mrs. Jier got pregnant again, giving birth to Cheng Junshan at the end of the year. These two brothers, one born early in the year and the other at the end of the same year – but Cheng Junshan exuded a coldness that kept people away. The indifferent look in his eyes towards everyone and everything gave others an unpleasant feeling.

The eldest son, Cheng Junhua, was someone who even the incumbent President relied upon—

After analysing all three possibilities, Song Jiuyue’s determined eyes finally fell on Cheng Junhua.  The man’s well-built physique, extraordinary aura, aloof nobleness, and masculinity were potent. A military genius, with decisive and cruel tactics. There’s an exclusive rumor in the grapevine that says after the current President steps down, Cheng Junhua will take over his office.

In short, Cheng Junhua was a presidential candidate.

How many women dreamed of climbing into his bed? How many women daydreamed about being the next First Lady? Then again, ‘they’ say Cheng Junhua does not indulgence in female company, making any attempts at seduction challenging.

A tiny frown appeared between Song Jiuyue’s brows. Regardless how good Cheng Junhua is, he doesn’t compare to Gu Yanhao in her heart.  Yet, in this time and situation, Cheng Junhua was her only option to save her mother, to save Song Group—


“So beautiful!”

“Heavens, a fairy descended.”

While Song Jiuyue was lost in her own thoughts, the venue broke out in surprised exclamations.  Regaining her senses, Song Jiuyue looked over to the entrance. What she saw instantly stunned her, her eyes wide in disbelief as she stared at the woman walking into the venue.

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