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Chapter 253: “Oh God, Is That Song Wuyou?”

Mu Xin! Dressed in a pastel apple green retro style dress, she entered the venue slowly as if she was walking on air. The edges of her skirt were lined with embroidered blue peonies floating in pillow clouds of silver thread. Everyone knew at a glance that the dress on Mu Xin was the piece that won this year’s fashion design competition!

Mu Xin’s hair was divided into two sections, the top sofly coiled up and secured in place with hairpin. With her hands softly clasped in front of her, she was the epitome of a beauty who could topple empires.

Her expression was natural, and her cheeks were slightly tinted with a natural blush. A beauty comparable to a fairy… The guests present unknowingly held their breath, bedazzled by the wonder of her.

What a sight to behold!

Even Cheng Junguo was dumbstruck and mesmerized by Mu Xin’s appearance. He was nursing a tall crystal glass when Mu Xin appeared, freezing all his actions. He never knew that Mu Xin could be so beautiful, that her beauty could steal everyone’s breath away. The flash of darkened pupils in his two brothers’ eyes as they looked at Mu Xin did not escape his notice.

“This dress is the one that won the fashion design competition this year?”

“On her, it absolutely looks like a fairy coming down, a peerless beauty. Was she the model on that day?”

“Look, that hairpin on her looks familiar? Aiyo, isn’t that the hairpin Young Master Gu bought at the last auction, ‘Bounding Passion’?”

“Yo, it’s really that hairpin! I hear that hairpin is from several thousand years ago! It once belonged to X Dynasty’s Imperial Consort Song.”

When everyone regained their senses, whispers sounded from all corners. Only those who attended Mu Xin’s birthday party the last time knew that dress was gifted to Mu Xin by that mysterious designer, while those who did not wondered how this dress ended up in Mu Xin’s hand? Moreover, how did the hairpin won at auction by Gu Yanhao end up in Mu Xin’s hair?

While these thoughts were swimming around the guests’ mind, another eye-catching scene appeared at the entrance: Gu Yanhao, clad in a tailored black Armani suit that accentuated his sinewy limbs and lithe build. With his handsome, chiseled features and his commanding noble temperament, regardless of the occasion, he stood out above everyone else.

His companion, Song Wuyou, was decked in a limited edition baby blue knee length Chanel dress which immediately lit a spark in everyone’s eyes.  Although the reaction was much weaker when compared to Mu Xin before her, Song Wuyou’s beauty lies in her simple elegance. Ebony hair fell to her waist like a waterfall, while her exposed skin glowed underneath the lighting, highlighting its moist suppleness.

The corner of her lips curved up slightly in a faint, poised smile. Nonchalant bright black pupils veiled a sharpness within. With one arm circled around Gu Yanhao’s arm, both slowly stepped in sync with each other’s rhythm.

Their arrival attracted everyone’s attention to the point that their presence caused the whole venue to quiet down for a long time. Much of their attention fell on Song Wuyou in surprise and disbelief. Whispers gradually filled the venue once again.

“Oh God, is that Song Wuyou?”

“Didn’t they say Gu Yanhao doesn’t dote on Song Wuyou? Also ah, I’ve seen Song Wuyou before, but she doesn’t look like this. Could it be that she did some surgery…?”

“Yes, she probably had some work done.”

“When I saw her before, she had thick heavy makeup on, but tonight it looks like she didn’t put on any makeup. Her skin is so fair, supple and tender.”

“Some say Young Master Gu is growing to dote on her. Obviously it’s true.”

Cheng Junhua’s piercing gaze was fixed on Song Wuyou the moment she appeared.  A glint flickered past those dark eyes. On the other side, Cheng Junguo walked up to Mu Xin, “Mu Xin, your hairpin…”

Mu Xin laughed, “Sister Wuyou gave it to me.”

Hearing this, Cheng Junguo secretly breathed in relief. Admittedly, it had crossed his mind that the hairpin might have come from Gu Yanhao.



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