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Chapter 254: Like A Blissful Little Woman

Anyone who took note of that auction was aware that hairpin was bought by Gu Yanhao. Now, seeing it pinned on Mu Xin’s head, wicked people will start wagging their tongues, mongering gossip…

“Does it look good?” Mu Xin fluttered her pretty lashes and sparkling eyes at Cheng Junguo, “Sister Wuyou said this dress goes very well with this hairpin.”

Looking at Mu Xin, there was nothing but amazement and awe, so nodding he agreed, “Very good.”

Mu Xin responded with a sweet smile, a tinge of red coloring her cheeks.

Song Wuyou analysed Cheng Junguo from a distance, and the first impression was: this man is really good-looking. The way he looked at Mu Xin was also very special. He probably does like Mu Xin very much.  In front of him, Mu Xin was exactly like a blissful little woman. As long as Mu Xin’s happy, all is good.

A slight tilt appeared at her lips.

Gu Yanhao coincidentally turned to look at her, seeing her smile while staring at Cheng Junguo, as if she’s in a very good mood.

An eyebrow rose slightly in dissatisfaction, and the tone of his voice was evidence of it: “Song Wuyou, staring at another woman’s man while smiling like a love-struck fool in front of me, do you think it’s proper?”

Song Wuyou turned to face him with a puzzled expression, “When did I stare at another woman’s man? Who’s a love-struck fool?”

Gu Yanhao’s dark face sank even further, “You were staring at Cheng Junguo.”

“I’m helping Mu Xin check her boyfriend.”

“You seem very concerned about Mu Xin’s matters.”

“Of course. Other than Xu Jing, she’s the only other female who likes me and calls me Sister Wuyou.”

Gu Yanhao’s eyes scanned the venue without being noticed, and his lips curved up in a complacent smirk, “You’ve successfully attracted everyone’s attention.”

Of course, other than her, Mu Xin also attracted a fair share of attention. The majority of them bore ill feelings, especially the gazes directed by Song Jiuyue. Anyone would believe she’s going to kill Song Wuyou judging by her expression.

As if sensing her venomous glare, Song Wuyou turned around, looking in Song Jiuyue’s direction. Meeting Song Wuyou’s gaze, the look in Song Jiuyue’s eyes turned even more frigid, biting on her lower lip as the fire of jealousy ate at her insides.

“Weren’t you all pestering me, wanting to know who made my qipao? Let me tell you now, it’s Mrs. Gu.” A poised smile hung on Mrs. Jier’s face as she looked dotingly at Song Wuyou.

Her voice wasn’t loud but it was clear. Many people heard it, including Song Jiuyue. She was shocked, half believing that she had misheard as her eyes widened, staring at Song Wuyou.  The qipao Mrs. Jier is wearing was made by Song Wuyou? How was that possible? Song Wuyou’s nothing but a straw bag, how can she have the skills to make such a beautiful qipao?

Many present had the same expression as Song Jiuyue. All of them knew Mrs. Gu to be someone who only knew how to act willful and arrogant, with no skills at all?

She actually knew how to make such a unique qipao?

Before the many disbelieving and shocked expressions, Mrs. Jier’s smiled widened. Pulling Mu Xin to her side, she said, “The dress Mu Xin’s wearing is also made by Mrs. Gu. Everything from design, tailoring, and even the embroidery on it was made by Mrs. Gu’s own hand.”

Song Wuyou responded humbly with a slight smile, highlighting the noble air around her.

Is Mrs. Jier helping her?

Song Jiuyue stiffened like a wood after hearing what Mrs. Jier said. Her brain humming incessantly, the wine glass in her hand fell to the floor. Fortunately, the floor was laid with excellent quality carpet. The wine glass remained intact despite the spilled red wine.

“This news is too shocking!” Someone exclaimed.

“I remembered! Last time, at Mu Xin’s birthday party, the person who gifted the dress to Mu Xin left a card signed ‘Wuyou wulu’. Wuyou is Mrs. Gu’s name!”



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  1. eksentrysyti says:

    Ayyyyyy, someone finally wiped the sh*t out of their eyes and can now see Mt. Tai! This is going to be fun seeing everyone’s attitudes change.

    *Isn’t it also amusing that Mrs. Jier is Song Wuyou’s mother and Mu Xin will be her sister-in-law? “Sister Wuyou” isn’t too far off the actual mark.

  2. Som says:

    All the people are as background to me when I read : “Fortunately, the floor was laid with excellent quality carpet. The wine glass remained intact despite the spilled red wine.” I cannot get the wine stain out of my mind. Who is going to clean that? Is it even going to come out? Who in the world uses excellent quality white carpet for a hotel ballroom or reception room?!

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