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Chapter 255: Song Wuyou, That Slut Is A Fake!

Guests continued to discuss her in undulating whispers. Even those who initially looked at Song Wuyou with hostility were observing her with a discerning gaze.

In that moment it was as if they all had an epiphany at the same time: This woman is not simple! From her poised manner and that faint smile always hanging on her lips it can be seen that she’s definitely not the recklessly arrogant and ignorant Song Wuyou of the circulating rumors.

See, if Song Wuyou was really as ugly in looks and demeanor as the rumors claimed, would Young Master Gu have married her?

Watching her as she stood beside Young Master Gu, they looked like nothing but two peas in a pod, a match made in heaven…

After Mrs. Jier pulled Song Wuyou away for small talk, Cheng Jianping came over to toast Gu Yanhao. Tonight was he and his wife’s anniversary party but it seemed the Gu couple looked more like the protagonists.  Cheng Jianping paid Song Wuyou a few perfunctory compliments in front of Gu Yanhao, claiming Gu Yanhao married a good wife.

When Song Jiuyue overheard this, she felt a bitter taste at the tip of her tongue. Cheng Jianping is a general, someone who has seen many things in this world. Someone like that would praise Song Wuyou?

Everyone flocked toward Mrs. Jier, Song Wuyou, and Mu Xin.  As a renowned and prominent designer, Song Jiuyue was reduced to feeling small and insignificant in this party. She knew all of this were due to the recent problems that befell the Song Family. All these people were just adding insult to injury.

Song Jiuyue half ran to the ladies’ powder room, locking herself in a cubicle to feel sorry for herself.

Young Master Gu…

She could no longer rely on Young Master Gu, and that Song Wuyou actually knew how to make dresses to the point that Song Wuyou’s designs were even better than her own. That soft persimmon… that straw bag pushover! Since when did she know how to design and embroider?

She knows how to play the zither, knows how to make dresses, and her embroidery was so real and delicate. Is she really the Song Wuyou she knows and despises?

The words Song Jiumei said to her in the past rang in her ears [Song Wuyou, that slut is a fake.]

Song Jiuyue’s body suddenly stiffened. Could Song Wuyou really be a fake? But her silhouette and face were exactly the same as the real Song Wuyou ah! If this Song Wuyou is really a fake, then where is the real Song Wuyou, the stupid Song Wuyou who doesn’t know anything? Did she die in the car accident? But if she died, how does this fake Song Wuyou know what happened between them in the past so clearly? Then again, if this Song Wuyou isn’t a fake, how could she turn so capable all of a sudden, so clever, and with that temperament?

While Song Jiuyue was immersed in a loop of unanswerable questions, the conversation between two women sounded in the powder room:

“Did you see the Cheng’s Eldest Master? He looks so much more handsome in person than on television.”

“Right, right, ah, so cool, comparable to Young Master Gu.”

“Yu can stop placing your hopes on Young Master Gu. Didn’t you see just now? The way he looks at his wife, it’s just so obvious he dotes on her.”

“I don’t dare take advantage of Young Master Gu. The one I want to take advantage of is Eldest Young Master Cheng.”

“How to do it?”

“I heard it’s his birthday in a couple of days, and his mother is planning to hold a birthday party for him. On the surface it’s a birthday party, but it’s actually a matchmaking feast for him.”

“Matchmaking feast?”

“Exactly ah, at that time Mrs. Jier will invite the upper class young single ladies to attend the party and Eldest Young Master Cheng will pick one amongst them as fiancee.”

“Will he really choose someone?”

“Young Master Cheng might not pick someone, but the President will definitely arrange his marriage. Whether he likes the other side or not, he must marry.”

“If it’s like this, then Young Master Cheng will choose someone to marry. Ah~ah~ah, how wonderful would it be if I’m chosen! It doesn’t matter if he likes me or not, military people cannot divorce, so I will be Mrs. Cheng, part of the Cheng family for life. If Young Master Cheng becomes the President, then… I’m the First Lady!!!”

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