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Chapter 26: Perfectly Enhances Her Beautiful Body

“Gu Yanhao, what are you doing!” seeing his action, Song Wuyou glared at him furiously.

Gu Yanhao scoffed with indifference, “You want to submit a kindergarten’s doodles as fashion design sketch?”

“So what if it looks like a kindergarten’s doodles? Did you forget you were once a kindergarten too.” Song Wuyou retorted despondently.

She was not angry about the sketch, but Gu Yanhao’s overbearing attitude that paid no regards to other people’s’ feelings, heartlessly stomping his foot on others’ hard work and effort.

“There’s nothing wrong with a kindergarten’s doodles. However, for a person at your age to be presenting such level of level of work is simply too embarrassing.” Gu Yanhao’s voice was filled with disdain.

“I have no reputation issues to worry about since it is already damaged, adding childish on top of it is insignificant in the least. Moreover, whether I am childish or wayward, is of none of your business.”

“Relying on this level of ability you wanted to work in Gu Group? Keep dreaming.”


To prove herself, Song Wuyou burned the midnight oil and finally succeeded on sketching out the dress she had been imagining.

She was extremely satisfied with the design sketch and initially wanted to show it to Gu Yanhao.

But when she recalled of last night’s exchange, Song Wuyou hesitated.

In his eyes, she was nothing. Even if she thought her design was good enough, but it was not necessarily so for him.

In the end, he might just rain her with a flurry of insults and sarcasm.

Since the competition’s regulations allowed individual entries without company backing, Song Wuyou was determined to participate individually!

Instead of proving herself in front of Gu Yanhao, proving herself before the public eye was a much better option. She was not as useless as everyone thought!

She stored the final design sketch safely inside the drawer. Song Wuyou then went to wash her face and changed into a dress she had bought the other day before going downstairs.

Normally, by this hour, Gu Yanhao would have left the villa already.

Today, why hasn’t he gone out yet?

Song Wuyou’s hand slid across the staircases’ handrail, coming down the stairs step by step. Her both eyes nonchalantly swept over the man sitting leisurely on the sofa.

That man’s long and slender leg dangled over his other thigh, reading a magazine in a lazy demeanor.

His personal bodyguard, Ah De, was standing right behind him circumspectly.

Even while sitting like this, that man still exuded the aura of a natural monarch.

Song Wuyou stared skeptically at the man below, could he be the reincarnation of that fickle man?

Otherwise, how could they look so alike?

As if detecting her gaze, Gu Yanhao raised his head.

When her gaze collided with his abysmal and sharp one, Song Wuyou was dumbstruck for a period of time before looking away swiftly.

Instead, Gu Yanhao looked at her unflinchingly. Those beautiful eyebrows of him rose up to his forehead.

The light blue dress she was wearing complimented her skin tone exquisitely.

The wide flare skirt seemed so soft and flowy like the gentle swaying willows dancing in the light breeze.

Nipped around her slender waist but did not appear too tight, perfectly enhancing all her curves.

Such a simple dress yet on her, it gave a distinctive flavor like nothing else.

A flicker of appreciation rippled in Gu Yanhao’s eyes that even he failed to realize.

His sharp gaze pierced Song Wuyou’s thighs like thorns.

The way she walked was elegant and refined.

Involuntarily, an image flashed in his mind:

She was wearing one of Song Jiuyue’s retro design dresses with a piece of golden hairpin in her hair, walking down the stage in elegant steps….

Seeing him to be lost in thought with his eyes fully on her, she rolled her eyes and headed straight towards the dining hall.

“Go bid down this ‘Bounding Passion’ hairpin.” Gu Yanhao came back to his senses, retracting his gaze, he passed the magazine in his hands to Ah De.

‘Bounding Passion?’

Hearing this name, Song Wuyou suddenly froze.

She turned around abruptly, staring at the magazine in Ah De’s hand. Seeing Ah De was about to keep it away, she anxiously said, “Can you let me have a look at it?”

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