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Chapter 260: I Can Hear Horses Galloping In My Ears

Other than spending time designing, Song Wuyou started training her body.

Today, as if some nerves struck Gu Yanhao, he insisted on teaching Song Wuyou how to drive. Song Wuyou too wanted to overcome the trauma left behind by the original host so she agreed to Gu Yanhao teaching her. Relying on the original host’s memories, she could recall the functions of each part. It’s just that she had not once tried to drive ever since she transmigrated.

Gu Yanhao sat on the passenger seat while she was in the driver’s seat. He was extremely patient in explaining the functions of the car, teaching her how to start it, positions, reversing, and such.

“Did you remember them?” Gu Yanhao looked at her.

Song Wuyou nodded, “Remembered.”

“Trying moving the car around a little.”


Song Wuyou started the car. It was an automatic car by the way, so she only needed to step on the gas pedal and it would move. She was a little nervous, driving for the first time.  Stepping a little too hard on the gas caused the car to lurch forward, scaring her so much that she quickly removed her foot from the pedal, causing the car to come to a sudden halt.  Their bodies were thrown backward and forward in matter of seconds.

Gu Yanhao was smiling at her helplessly, “Your trauma is so severe? To the point that you’re no different than a newbie?”

Song Wuyou felt slightly embarrassed. Why is driving this car harder than learning how to ride a horse?!  She shot a sideways glance at Gu Yanhao, saying “I’m a little afraid.”

Gu Yanhao’s arm reached out, his palm softly rubbing the back of her head, his usual cold voice was sultry and gentle, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

“En,” Such a simple sentence actually moved Song Wuyou.

With the previous experience, this time Song Wuyou wasn’t as tense. The engine came to life as she slowly steered the car out of the villa. She was still a little nervous at first, but adapted very quickly.

Gu Yanhao smiled widely as he watched her, “Drive to Third Ring Road, we’ll eat outside tonight.”

“En,” Song Wuyou hummed an answer, fully focusing on her driving. Driving is really much harder than riding a horse, but she cannot bring a horse everywhere she goes, right? >>> get a Ferrari!

It was a two hour drive from the villa to Third Ring Road. The area around the villa was filled with luxurious residential properties, therefore, there wasn’t much traffic on the road, but once they left the villa area the number of cars increased significantly.  Song Wuyou decreased the speed of the car. When she arrived at a junction, a bike suddenly sped out from her left. Startled, Song Wuyou quickly turned the steering wheel, veering the car away.

Bang! When she was steering away, she wanted to hit the brakes but accidentally stepped on the gas pedal instead. The car flew forward, crashing into a large tree at the side of the road.

Gu Yanhao had already taken off his safety belt the moment Song Wuyou was trying hard to steer away, leaning over to protect Song Wuyou, but when the car crashed into thei tree, the back of Gu Yanhao’s head knocked into the windshield.  The impact made Gu Yanhao groan from the pain, whereas Song Wuyou merely saw a blur before her eyes before colliding with the side of Gu Yanhao’s body. The pain was less than expected.

“Gu Yanhao?” Song Wuyou jittered as she watched Gu Yanhao slide back to the passenger side. His gunshot wound had yet to heal fully, so she was worried that the sudden crash might have affected the wound on his chest. The accident had a forceful impact even the windshield was shattered.

Feeling momentarily disoriented. Gu Yanhao placed a hand on the side of his head. Hearing Song Wuyou’s voice calling his name, he turned sideways to look at her but his vision was blurry, images overlapping in his vision.

A concussion?

Gu Yanhao grimaced. Since when did he become so weak That a mere bump could give him a concussion? If this was made known, Mu Gu would be laughing ‘til he bent over backwards.

“Are you alright?” Gu Yanhao asked as he closed his eyes, trying to steady himself. The concern in his voice towards Song Wuyou was unmistakable.

Song Wuyou shook her head, “I’m alright. What about you? Let me see.”

She leaned over, taking Gu Yanhao’s hands away from his head.

“My ears are buzzing,” Gu Yanhao said, “Like horses galloping in my ears.”

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