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Chapter 261: “Woman, you took the gas for brake!”

Song Wuyou was dumbstruck by Gu Yanhao’s words, but the police sirens interrupted her thoughts as they grew closer and louder, moving in her direction.

Song Wuyou corrected him, sounding a little helpless, “It’s police sirens, not horses.” She once again pushed his hands away so she could check his head. From the outside, it doesn’t seem like he’s hurt at all.

“Is it very painful? Do you want to go to the hospital?” Watching Gu Yanhao close his eyes with his eyebrows scrunched tightly together made her worried. If it wasn’t for him using his body to shield her, she’d have ended up flying into the windshield like he did.

Gu Yanhao opened his eyes. There seemed to be a layer green mist in the depths of his obsidian eyes as he stared at Song Wuyou, his brows locked even more tightly together, “Woman, you took the gas for brake!”

Why do people always make the most lethal mistakes when they panic?

Song Wuyou was really embarrassed this time, so she kept quiet.

“Are you alright?” Gu Yanhao asked.

Song Wuyou shook her head while answering, “I’m okay.”

The traffic police vehicle had already stopped at the roadside, and a uniformed traffic officer exited and walked towards them to check their situation.

“Get out of the car.” His head didn’t throb so badly anymore.

Only after she got out of the car did Song Wuyou notice a crowd of busybodies had gathered around to watch. Seeing the two of them coming out of the car, everybody sucked in a cold breath — a dashing man and a pretty girl, both so young!  Judging from their clean appearances, no blood stains and such, they probably weren’t hurt much.

Exiting the car, Gu Yanhao went to speak with the traffic police on one side while Song Wuyou stood in front of the wrecked car, watching them, watching him.

He stood tall and straight, talking to the traffic policeman with a small frown between his brows. With the sun rays shining down on him, she couldn’t help but feel he was really handsome—

When he was done with the traffic policeman, he walked back to Song Wuyou with one hand in his back pocket. “Let’s go.”

Song Wuyou was puzzled, “Where to?”

“Buy a car.”

“Then…” She looked over at the car she wrecked; the front part was dented in, the windshield half-shattered, feeling slightly guilty. She wrecked another one of his good cars.

“Ah De will come to tow the car away in a short while to the repairs.” Despite the word he used was repair, scrap might be more accurate. According to Gu Yanhao’s nature, wrecked cars are never repaired.

“It can be driven once repaired, do we really need to buy a new car?” The wealthy ones are really different. Moreover, there are a few more cars sitting inside the villa’s garage, worth several hundred thousands, millions even.

“Getting a manual car for you.” When panicked, manual cars reduce the risk of mistaking gas pedal for the brake.



Mu Xin was in a very good mood when she returned to the ranch, to the simple two-storey ranch house where she lives with Mu Gu.

“Brother—!” Not seeing Mu Gu in the living room when she walked in, she called out him.

Not hearing any reply, she grinned to herself, “Probably in his room.” She jumped and hopped cheerfully to Mu Gu’s bedroom.

Mu Gu’s hands laid over each other, pillowing his head, laying on the bed. Before Mu Xin even entered his room, just from the sounds of footsteps he knew who it was. Turning the angle of his head, he teased looking at the sunny Mu Xin, “No need to accompany your brother Junguo?”

“He needs to report back to his squad.” Mu Xin answered in a chirpy voice as she walked in, thrusting a delicate pink box at him.

Mu Gu raised an eyebrow at her, “A gift for me?”

“Sis Wuyou asked me to pass it to you.”

Hearing it was from Wuyou, Mu Gu swiftly sat up, almost snatching the box from Mu Xin’s hand.

Mu Xin blanked for a moment looking at her brother’s action, watching him with doubtful and suspicious expression; does he need to show such a big reaction?

Mu Gu’s fingers tore at the wrappings to reach the box, but what was inside made him disappointed. A handkerchief nestled quietly inside the box, the same one he gave her to wipe her tears when Gu Yanhao was in the operation room.



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The legendary tofu delivery car!!


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