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Chapter 262: Entangled By Dream

“Sis Wuyou gave you a handkerchief?” Mu Xin’s eyes swept over the box before she looked at Mu Gu in surprise.

Mu Gu shook his head, clarifying, “No, it’s mine.”

This answer baffled Mu Xin even more, “Yours? Then how did it end up with Sis Wuyou?”

Knowing Mu Xin literally idolized Song Wuyou at the moment, he tilted his head and flashed a smile at her, “When your Brother Ah Hao was injured and was sent to the hospital, Wuyou was crying tears and dripping snot in front of the operating room. I wiped her tears.”

“Oh,” Mu Xin breathed in relief, then smiled sweetly at her brother, “I was scared, I was thinking you and Sis Wuyou were having some underground movements.”

“Silly girl, is your brother that kind of person?”

“Of course not!” Mu Xin raised her hand, lightly mussing Mu Gu’s hair: “My brother’s a man of righteousness! I also trust Sis Wuyou!”

“Enough, there’s mutton jerky in the dining room.” Mu Gu brushed away Mu Xin’s hand. A big man-like man had his hair mussed by a little girl; no matter how you looked at it, it was funny.

Mu Xin’s cheerful giggle rang out, “Brother, you knew that I’ was coming back, that’s why you deliberately left them for me, right?”

Mu Gu wouldn’t admit it no matter what, urging his sister to go, “Go eat it quick, quickly.”


After Mu Xin left the room, Mu Gu took the handkerchief from the box. With his head down, he stared sullenly at the piece of cloth in his hand….

Heavy drops of rain were hitting the roof tonight. On the horizon, occasional flashes of lightning lit up the dark sky, followed by the loud rumbling of thunder. Rain continued to fall like a torrent, large droplets hitting the ground with an endless splat, sending arrows of tiny water droplets all around—da pa, da pa!

Howling wind struck against the window panes at times, trees swayed and leaves fell.


Outside the window, a flash of lightning streaked across the night sky; a loud boom sounded either from a fallen street lamp or a tree. The entire sky brightened from the lightning, extremely horrifying.

Inside a room, the figure lying on the king-sized bed suddenly bolted up to a sitting position. In the darkness of the night, the man’s eyes were piercingly sharp, like an eagle’s. When the thunder and lightning died down, one could hear the man gasping for air.


Another thunderbolt split across the sky. From the dim flash of the lightning, one could see the man was tensed, clenching his jaw as beads of sweat rolled down his face.

Those piercing eyes were filled with an inexplicable fear.

He had a nightmare – so real, so bloody, and so horrifying!. He, who wasn’t afraid of death, actually dreamed he died from thousands of arrows piercing through his body. Each arrow was like a savage leopard, leaping at him, penetrating his flesh with a muffled blast, coming out the other side of his heart, finally landing on the small hill behind him.

When he saw the face of the person who shot the arrow, he jerked awake, feeling like his head was about to explode, his chest stuffy.

Pa…! When the man finally calmed down, his hand extended to the side, switching on the night lamp. His head turned over, the place beside him was empty.

Gu Yanhao’s brows tightened as his gaze shifted toward the window, towards the endless lightning-lit sky.

Where’s Song Wuyou? Isn’t she supposed to be sleeping here beside him at this hour? He looked at the bathroom, the door was closed but the light was off too, so she can’t be inside there.

Gu Yanhao got off the bed to search for Song Wuyou.

At the same time, heaven was raining down on the ranch as well, thunder and lightning screamed at intervals, taking turns.

Mu Gu sat huddled on the sofa at the end of the bed, hugging his knees. His eyes were unfocused, yet a turbulent abyss spun in the depths of his eyes, like giant waves crashing. After waking up from his dream, bursts of sharp pain filled his chest and he could no longer return to sleep.  He switched on the lights, sitting on the sofa while listening to the sound of falling rain, the rumbling thunder…

Tonight, once again he was entangled by a dream. In tonight’s dream, her face was much clearer than previous times. She was dressed in all white, laughing with a flourish as she stood in front of him.


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13 thoughts on “ENH C262

      • Ritschichi12 says:

        SWY said that Mu Gu is exactly like her brother in the past and Mu Xin like her sister-in-law. Both were killed in the nine familiy execution. she was pregnant at that time

        • Kobold says:

          Mu xin was indeed her sister in law but My gu wasn’t. Mu gu was like the 2nd male lead in her past life.
          It was once told in a dream in the past chapter but only a short one so not yet really clear what had actually happened between them.
          But there was somehow an impression as if the emperor was extremely jealous of him and wanted to punish him harshly.

  1. WolfMoon says:

    Omg this is killing me!!! Which one is the emperor?! and the other person… Could he be another admirer of hers??? Did mu gu shoot out emperor gu yanhao?! Tell me!!!

    I’m dying…. !!! 😭😭😭

    • Kobold says:

      Mu gu is not yet clear, his identity is not yet revealed but GYH was the emperor. That’s why SWY was disgusted by him at first and directly agree with the divorce. Even now she is still a bit reluctant to sleep with him because his face just reminds her of the emperor.
      From the flashback up to now it seems as if Mu Gu was somehow a good friend of them who secretly in love with her and being suspected having an illicit relationship with SWY.
      But it’s still not so clear why the emperor punished her and implicated even the 9 Generation of the family. Normally such a punishment is only for a rebellion or an attempt to kill a royal family. So it’s rather strange anyhow.
      An affair by a concubine would normally being kept secret as it is shameful for the emperor. The concubine would normally be punished in the back palace and announced to be dead from illness.
      It’s weirder even more because SWY wasn’t even buried in the capital but in her hometown.all alone.

      • Paktra Lynch says:

        I think Mu Gu might be the Emperor and GYH might be the second male lead from the past. It wouldn’t be right for the man who betrayed SWY to be her husband in this lifetime too. And I could be wrong because there might be more to the story (in the past), but I believe SWY deserves more than the Emperor who betrayed her.

    • Memi says:

      I think that in the past he die at that time and someone else took his place so that’s why they have to kill her because she was the only one who can discover it… He love her so much that I don’t think he can do something like that to her and the dreams are rare too

  2. Som says:

    If Mu Gu was the emperor, then who was Gu Yanhao? If Gu Yanhao was the emperor, then who the heck shot him repeatedly, until he died from it? Or did he die?

  3. Novelana says:

    I can clearly says Gu Yanhao is the emperor. And according to my past knowledge when reading the previous chapters. Mu Gu’s identity was not yet revealed. And I believe there is a reason why the past Gu Yanhao killed her. Maybe he have no choice whatsoever but I can’t think of one because like duh! Emperor? Dragon amongst everyone like they say in acient china..

    Thank you!!!

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