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Chapter 263: Turn Into A Color Wolf and Eat You Up

It has been more than an hour since he woke up and had been sitting here, yet the face in his dream was still that vivid and clear in his mind…

Mu Gu suddenly rose to his feet and walked over to his work desk. His office and room were one and the same. In the spacious master bedroom was a large working table and chair.  Sitting down in front of the desk, he took out a book and a pencil. His hand began flying across the page, wanting to sketch out the ‘her’ from his dream…

At first, Gu Yanhao thought Song Wuyou must have felt hungry in the middle of the night and that she went to the kitchen looking for something to eat, but when he went downstairs there was no one around.

That woman definitely went to sleep in another room.

Gu Yanhao went back upstairs to the bedroom he used to sleep in, switching on the light. As expected, that woman dominated the 1.6m bed.  Under the light, her skin looked even fairer than during the day. He was unsure whether it was the thunder outside or if she was dreaming, but her sleeping face was slightly frowning.

Gu Yanhao stood at the side of the bed, observing her. Recalling the dream he had where she emotionlessly shot an arrow right at him, pain tugged at his heart. He had no idea why he’d have such a dream. He – who wasn’t afraid of anything, braver than a Spanish fighting bull – was actually awakened by such a dream.

Could it be because she’d aimed the arrow at him the last time they were at Mu Gu’s ranch? Was that why he was having this dream now?

Hehe… that was so long ago?

Stupid woman, it’s raining so heavily outside, but you’re not closing the windows? The wind was blowing nastily inside, but her blanket was kicked to the side. Is she planning to get sick? He bent down, pulling the blanket over her.

The instant the blanket covered over her, in fact, the moment the blanket grazed her body, her closed eyes snapped opened. In her eyes was wariness mingled with… a killing intent.

Though she immediately tried to conceal this particular emotion from her eyes the moment she saw Gu Yanhao’s face, he still caught it, very clearly.

Seeing the wariness in her eyes toward him, and that killing intent, Gu Yanhao’s thick brows locked together. His hands that were pulling the blanket over her hung in midair. A sudden pain shot to his heart, and once again the image of her shooting an arrow right through his heart appeared in his mind.

The look in her eyes was devoid of any emotions, cruel, and brutal.

One arrow penetrated accurately into his heart, coming out of his back, and landing on the small hill behind him—

How hard had she pulled at the strings, how sharp was the arrowhead, and how skilled was her archery to be able to penetrate the prey’s heart in a single shot?

“What are you trying to do?” Song Wuyou pulled the blanket over to wrap around herself while shirking away slightly.

“Covering you with a blanket.” Gu Yanhao retrieved his hands, straightening his body.

“………” Song Wuyou blinked her eyes a couple of times. Hearing him say that, she did feel a little cold.

“Song Wuyou, are you still a little kid?” Gu Yanhao’s condescending voice sounded as he continued to look at her with dissatisfaction.

“………..” What did I do?

“Not covering yourself properly, do you want to get a cold?”

“I didn’t feel cold when I laid down, so I didn’t use the blanket. Who knew I’d fall asleep just like that.”

“Weren’t you sleeping beside me? Why did you run over here?” This was the crux of Gu Yanhao’s grumpiness.

“I couldn’t sleep so I came out for a walk. Thinking that I might disturb you by going back, I decided to sleep here.” Song Wuyou ‘explained.’

“It seems I need to have all the doors locked.” Gu Yanhao spoke tersely still.

“……..” There’s still the sofa in the living room.

Gu Yanhao stared at Song Wuyou, feeling wronged, “Why was your reaction so big when I covered you with the blanket?”

Song Wuyou covered her awkwardness with a dry laugh, “I thought it was a color wolf.” [1]

Gu Yanhao gritted his teeth at her reply, “I really want to turn into a color wolf and eat you up.”

“Weren’t you sleeping? Why are you awake?” Song Wuyou quickly changed the topic.



[1] Color wolf (sèláng) – refers to a pervert.

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