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Chapter 264: I’ll Sleep Wherever I Want

“Frightened awake by a nightmare.” Gu Yanhao stated in a matter-of-fact tone.

Song Wuyou’s brows rose to her forehead at this, as she looked at Gu Yanhao a strange expression on her face. A big dignified man was unexpectedly frightened awake by nightmare? Even if you dream of ghosts and demons, it isn’t that frightening, right?

Her strange gaze poured oil on Gu Yanhao’s dissatisfaction. Climbing upon the bed, he laid down beside her.

“Wei, wei, wei, Gu Yanhao, what are you doing?” Seeing him lay down so naturally, Song Wuyou sat bolt upright on the bed by reflex.

His cold gaze swept over her face: “Sleeping.”

“Aren’t you going back to sleep?”

“Go back where? This entire villa is mine, I’ll sleep wherever I want.”


“Song Wuyou, lie down obediently.”

“…………” Song Wuyou looked at him devoid of any intention to move.

The man’s pupils darkened, “Do you want to hear what nightmare I had?”

“What kind of nightmare was it?” Well, Song Wuyou’s curiosity was piqued. What kind of dream could awaken him?

“Lie down, and I’ll tell you.”

Fine, lie down then lie down. She was his wife after all, it was perfectly justifiable that they share the same bed. Song Wuyou eventually laid down on the same bed and under the same covers. Her slightly cold body quickly warmed up. Her nose was filled with his scent, distracting and confusing her heart.

“I dreamed that I was killed.” Gu Yanhao stared at the crystal chandelier on the ceiling as he talked.

Song Wuyou was stunned. She had assumed it would be something related to ghosts or demons.  “Dreams are usually opposite of reality, seeing yourself get killed means your life will only get better.” Song Wuyou comforted.

“Killed by you.”

“……………” Whatever words were about to come out next were stuck in her throat as her body stiffened.

“You were clad in steel armor, aiming an arrow with the strings pulled back. Your eyes were clear and cold, with a cruel expression on your face, void of any emotions as you released the arrow that pierced right through my heart.”

“………!!!” Song Wuyou quivered slightly at his words, shock, bewilderment, a hurricane of mixed feelings rushing into her eyes.

“Before I died, people on both of our sides had already died, their bodies riddled with arrows.” Gu Yanhao added.

Song Wuyou’s brows locked tightly together, “Why did you have this kind of dream?”

Gu Yanhao answered with inexplicable helplessness: “I don’t know.”

Song Wuyou looked at him, “Just like this, you woke up?”

He fumed at her, “This is not scary enough?”

Song Wuyou laughed, “I thought you dreamt of some really scary ghosts.”

Gu Yanhao snorted, “I’m not afraid of ghosts and monsters.”

“I know, you’re not afraid of ghosts and all, but you’re afraid of death.”

“Who says I’m afraid of death?”

Song Wuyou looked at him funnily, “Waking in the middle of the night because you dream of me killing you, what’s that if not afraid of death?”

“Afraid of you.”

Song Wuyou dazed, “I’m scarier than ghosts?”

Gu Yanhao’s glared at the woman with a darkened expression, “Song Wuyou, are you pretending you don’t know or really don’t know?”

She blinked her pretty eyes at him. Underneath the light, her eyes bright eyes sparkled, “Know what?”

“Damn it!” Gu Yanhao swore as he turned on his sides, facing her, “If you dream of me killing you, what would you feel?”

Hearing this, her eyes darkened noticeably, “Nothing much.”

If he really was Dongfang Xuan’s reincarnation, then he really did kill her, so there’s no need to dream of it… She had already been killed in reality, so would a dream feel any worse?

“Nothing much”? Gu Yanhao gritted his teeth. Wasn’t she crazy in love with him? Weren’t you supposed to be heartbroken and dismayed if you dreamed that the man you love killed you?

She actually dared to say to him “nothing much”?

These three syllables were akin to that arrow in his dream, piercing through his heart. His expression became increasingly sullen, gloomy, and unhappy as he looked at Song Wuyou: “You’re becoming less concerned about me.”

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