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Chapter 265: Beneath My Body, You Have No Room For Resistance

“……….” Song Wuyou was flabbergasted, staring dumbly at him. In what way does he want her to be concerned about him?

“Didn’t I clean your wound every day, changing the dressing and ointment?” She retorted.

In a swift action, Gu Yanhao’s sinewy arm had hooked Song Wuyou into his embrace while eyes widened sternly, “Song Wuyou, what I want is your enthusiasm towards me like in the past!”

“…………” That cannot be done because her personality was totally different from the original host. Moreover, whether it was her past life or now, her so-called love life has only been miserable, was she going to dive into it like a moth to the flame?

Like a moth to flame… she felt this action was too foolish.

“It chills my heart every time I think of the way you aimed the arrow at me at the ranch!” Gu Yanhao fumed.

“I wasn’t aiming at you, I wanted to shoot….”

“The sheep behind me or the bird?” Gu Yanhao suddenly cut her words halfway.

“Bird…” Song Wuyou said, unconvincingly.

“This time you appeared in my dream, again wanting to shoot me with an arrow. Song Wuyou, how much do you really hate me?” A bitter smile crept up his face.

Song Wuyou reprimanded, “Haven’t you heard of a saying?”

“What saying?”

“How deep love was, hate goes as deep.”

Gu Yanhao felt his heart shudder at her cruel admission, “Meaning to say, how much you used to love me in the past, now you hate me just as deep?”

A light laughter sounded from her lips, “You can say it like that.”

With a flip, Gu Yanhao pinned Song Wuyou under him, eyes piercing as they stared into her, “Song Wuyou, have I ever did you wrong?”

Song Wuyou frowned, “You’re making me uncomfortable .”

“I feel comfortable!” Now, he was too lazy to even support his weight on his arms, putting his whole weight on Song Wuyou’s body.

“So heavy!” Song Wuyou can’t even push him away.

“This is your punishment.” Gu Yanhao looked at her, voice stern, “Song Wuyou, answer me. Have I ever did you wrong?”

Song Wuyou looked up, staring straight into his eyes with woe. The original host’s memories told her that other than that one time he hugged Song Jiuyue in front of her, brought up divorce, and gave her the cold shoulder treatment, he did nothing else that crossed the line. (TN: O-M-G, About to commit suicide here!)

But, wasn’t all this already too much? (There you go!) Still, compared to what she experienced in her past life, this was really nothing much. The original host’s personality and character were less than likeable. With that fashion sense of hers and that thick make-up day in day out, she was literally asking for it, digging her own grave.

Being disliked was given.

But, her past life…

“You did.” Song Wuyou’s eyes grew firm, answering Gu Yanhao with a direct gaze.

“You damn woman!” Gu Yanhao’s low roar sounded, “I’m going to show you now what it means to wrong you.”

“What is it?”

“Take you by force!”

With those words, he sealed any words from Song Wuyou’s mouth with his own. He was really using force, exerting real strength, causing her lips to throb from the pain.

“Errn…” She tried to divert his focus, “Gu Yanhao, is your wound healed?”

Gu Yanhao paused, hope glimmering in his eyes, “You’re worried about me?”


The man switched on his charm, “If my wounds heal, you’re gonna give it to me, right?”

“No!” An embarrassed flush colored her cheeks.

Charm became devilish, “Beneath me, you have no room for resistance.”

Song Wuyou: “……………………”

The next day morning, Song Wuyou arrived to work at Gu Group feeling sore all over. Gu Yanhao was truly a shameless villain cum beast. Even with that wound in his chest he was acting so ferocious.

Sitting in her room, the thoughts of what happened last night floated to her mind, causing her to go red. It felt as if there was a deer jumping around in her heart, but there was also a sweet feeling.

Abruptly she tilted her chin up with a frown on her forehead. Didn’t she already warn herself not to be moved by him? Why was she stirred when she was with him?

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  1. Dom says:

    What…has he forgotten how he treated her before and greeted her with divorce papers after she woke up from her accident? Has SHE forgotten that too? Why didn’t she bring it up in her argument???

    OMG these two just pisses me off

  2. Som says:

    The allowance? The public ridicule? Allowing her stupid younger sister to slap her around? The list goes on.
    His memory is riddled with holes.
    Her empathy for the past occupant is only soso – true she was utterly put down and disregarded by the man who married her, but then, she was an obnoxious idiot. Has she never asked why he married her?

    For that matter, the non-explanation we got ages ago as to why he ever married her does not jibe with the entire rest of her behavior and his reactions. It fees like a plot hole. Also, where has Grandfather gone? He’s the best relationship glue for people who didn’t think they had anything to do with each other (as when she awoke in this body).

  3. kobold says:

    I truly wonder why chinese authors so fond of such a forceful sex. Sex without consent even within a marriage still means a rape.

  4. Russ says:

    I’m so mad urrgghh!!! I want to beat GY to death for his shamelessness 😡

    Thank you for the chapter 😘

  5. Tayce says:

    he’s really got it easy. gets what he wants and like a bull, charging on forcefully without any gradual emotional build up.
    i think the facts were played out properly and shes to accepting of everything . wasnt she a fighter? i’m not seeing much of resisting

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