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Chapter 266: What Do I Do? My Back Hurts, Waist Sore, and Legs Are Cramping

Everytime she remembered his silhouette stepping in front of her, shielding her from danger, Song Wuyou lost control of her reason. She sat there lost in thought.  Sigh… it seems she’s already trapped in the maze of love.

Beep—! Beep—!

The mobile phone on the table rang. Song Wuyou glanced at it with disinterest from the corner of her eyes.

A WeChat message from Gu Yanhao. A voice recording.

This man can’t even focus during work.

Song Wuyou scolded a sentence in her heart as her finger lightly tapped on the screen surface. The message opened. Another light tap played the sound recording: “What do I do? My back hurts, my waist is sore, and my legs are cramping.” [TN:Usually signs of overexertion in strenuous activities]

Hearing this, Song Wuyou instantly broke out in laughter, sending back a reply, “What else can you do? It’s your monthlies, stick a tampon in it!”

This was what Xu Jing heard when she walked in, smiling sweetly she asked Song Wuyou, “Miss, are you talking to Mu Xin?”

“No, it’s Gu Yanhao.”

Xu Jing flashed her a sheepish smile, “Miss, are you acting spoiled with Young Master Gu?”

Song Wuyou was baffled, turning to Xu Jing, “What makes you say that?” Wasn’t it obvious he was the one acting spoiled?

Xu Jing’s expression became even more ambiguous, “You even told him about your period.”

“Listen yourself.” Song Wuyou replayed Gu Yanhao’s voice message to Xu Jing. When Xu Jing heard the voice message, two loud hahas rang out in Song Wuyou’s office.

“Miss, you actually said Young Master Gu is having a period? What if his face turns black as a pot after hearing that?” Xu Jing said as she laughed.

“Who cares about him?” Song Wuyou muttered without a care.

But… Gu Yanhao’s face wasn’t black as pot at all. In fact, his mood was better than ever. When Secretary Zhang walked in carrying a bunch of documents, she saw the President fiddling with his mobile with that snobbish complacent look; she even thought the way she opened the door was wrong.

During his meeting a faint smile hung consistently on Gu Yanhao’s face, causing other top management staff to suspect that their President might be … sick? At the end of the meeting, he proposed to promote Song Wuyou as the Chief Designer.

No one dared to object to this.

The design competition work was created by Song Wuyou, the qipao Mrs. Jier wore during her anniversary party was also created by Song Wuyou. This year’s voting for the Euro-American market has concluded, and it’s also Song Wuyou’s design.

Such a talented designer becoming the Chief Designer, who’d have any objection?

This piece of news spread to the design department at warp speed. When the design department employees discovered the winning design was Song Wuyou’s work, their impression of her did a hundred eighty degree change. Knowing she was due for a promotion, all of them rushed over to curry favor with her. Even Xu Jing’s status was instantly elevated. Every time she passed by a corridor, voices greeting  ‘Sister Jing’ can be heard.

Song Jiuyue went to work after dealing with Mrs. Song’s funeral matters. Barely a minute in and the news that Song Wuyou was the fashion design competition champion reached her ears. On top of that, Song Wuyou was promoted to Chief Designer. Every word was like a hammer slamming at Song Jiuyue’s heart. Colleagues that had a good relationship with her, those that used to flatter her, all ran in Song Wuyou’s direction.

The moment she stepped into the design department, everyone was looking at her in a weird way. She, who has always been proud of herself as a level above others, couldn’t accept these types of gazes. Gritting her teeth in secret, she stood in front of Song Wuyou’s office door raining curses in her heart.

“Wuyou, you’re really wonderful. Just a word from you and I can feel my inspiration flowing like a spring fountain. I’ll immediately go make the changes now and come show you again later,” a woman’s voice sounded from inside the office. Just from the tone of her voice, one could hear her admiration for Song Wuyou.  Moments later, the owner of the voice walked out holding a design sketch in her hand.

Bumping into Song Jiuyue at the door, the woman blanked for a moment, then without so much as a greeting she directly walked back to her workstation.

Song Jiuyue shot a frosty glance at the female worker before marching into Song Wuyou’s office. Inside, there was another female worker present, sitting beside Song Wuyou. She was focusing on the female worker’s sketch, discussing the weakness of the design.

Gu Group was planning to rejuvenate retro Chinese design for the female market, therefore Song Wuyou was quite confident. Moreover, in recent days, her sketches have been improved by looking at magazines and fashion shows, thereby gaining an understanding of the current trend of fashion.

Ignoring the fact Song Wuyou was working, Song Jiuyue walked up behind Song Wuyou, demanding, “Song Wuyou, I have a few words to say to you.”

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