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Chapter 267: Song Wuyou Slapped!

Song Wuyou raised her head after saying the last few sentences to her female colleague. A faint smile was on her face as she asked Song Jiuyue, “What is it?”

Pa——! Song Jiuyue didn’t even speak a word when her palm flew across Song Wuyou’s face with a crisp sound.

That female colleague reached the door at the same time that Xu Jing was walked in. Both women heard the loud crisp slap, turning their heads to look almost at the same time.  Xu Jing snapped back to her senses quickly, her feet running out of the office at the fastest speed toward the President’s office.

Song Jiuyue’s slap came too fast, too abruptly, too suddenly. Song Wuyou couldn’t have dodged, and she didn’t want to. Her face swerved to the side, even wobbling back slightly, yet still graceful and calm.

She raised her head slowly. Her cold gaze aimed straight at Song Jiuyue but there was a slightly mocking curve on her lips. Her fair cheek was imprinted with a glaring red handprint. Combined with her cold smile, it exuded an eerie charm.

Faced with her cold smile, Song Jiuyue suddenly felt a chill run down her spine. Her heart was suddenly filled with apprehension.

“Song Jiuyue, this is the thing you wanted to speak to me about?” Song Wuyou’s cold voice inquired.

“You’re feeling very proud now? My mother is dead and Song Group is one the verge of bankruptcy. Are you satisfied now?” Even her eyes were red from anger.

Song Wuyou was secretly stunned to learn that Yang Yuhui was dead. Why hadn’t she heard anything about this? But then she suddenly recalled the conversation with Gu Yanhao:

[If she becomes Mrs. Cheng, she will use Cheng Junhua’s connections to save Yang Yuhui.]

[Cheng Junhua will not have this chance.]

Cheng Junhua’s lost opportunity referred to this?  However, Gu Yanhao was but a businessman. Matters related to nation and law, could his hand can reach that far?

On the surface, Song Wuyou’s expression grew colder, “Excuse me, I don’t feel anything at all now.”

“The Song Family fell to this state is all because of you!” Song Jiuyue pointed a finger at Song Wuyou’s face, screaming, “You shouldn’t have born into this world! You’re just a bastard daughter, what rights do you have to step into my Song Family?! Jiumei was just fine but now she’s dead, my mother’s death, and even the Song Group is going down. Pa said if Song Group is lost, he also doesn’t want to live anymore. Song Wuyou, until when do you want to harm our family?”

Song Jiuyue’s words sounded funny in Song Wuyou’s ears.

Her head tilted higher as her expression grew increasingly colder, “So what if I’m an illegitimate daughter? If anyone can choose how they are born, I too would choose to become Song Family’s eldest daughter instead of being the bastard daughter outside.”

“If Song Nan cannot accommodate an illegitimate daughter, then he shouldn’t have affairs outside with other women. If he cannot accommodate an illegitimate daughter, he could have choked me to death when I was born! It is because all of you see me as an illegitimate daughter that you bully me, harm me, can’t wait for me to die.”

“There’s nothing wrong with being an illegitimate daughter. If there’s any wrong, it lies with Song Nan! I have never harmed any of you, never once! The Song Family falling to this state right now is even less my fault. It’s your fault, and it is your mother’s fault.”

“Enough!” Song Jiuyue suddenly let out a shrill scream, “Is there any point pushing all the blame on us at this point? Can it bring back my mother and sister?”

“Reaping what you sow, can’t blame others!” Suddenly, a stern cold voice came from the doorway.

Hearing this voice, Song Wuyou glanced toward the door and then sat down. Her gaze was still as clear and icy, whereas Song Jiuyue’s face paled instantly as she watched the man stride into the room.

The man exuded a chilling cold from his entire body, akin to an Asura.

“Young Master Gu….” Song Jiuyue felt an immense pressure, making it hard to breathe as she looked timidly at Gu Yanhao.


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