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Chapter 269: Whose Vinegar Would I Eat?

Truly a scene that made others envious, jealous, and hateful. Even Xu Jing couldn’t stand this public display of affection, so she left work early.

“Yang Yuhui’s death is related to you?” Song Wuyou asked Gu Yanhao in a voice that could only be heard by the two of them.

“You’rE not feeling sad right?” Gu Yanhao replied with a question instead.

“Of course I won’t.”

“She was given a death penalty, dying was only a matter of time.”

Song Wuyou’s eyes glimmered as she looked at Gu Yanhao silently.

Gu Yanhao only stopped rolling the hard-boiled eggs over her face when its heat dissipated.

“The swelling has reduced.” Gu Yanhao’s brow furrowed a little as he solemnly checked her face.

“It’ll be good tomorrow or the day after.” Song Wuyou said simply.

“Song Wuyou, why do so many people like to bully you?” He placed a hand over her shoulder, gently applying pressure.

Song Wuyou’s eyes dimmed, “Because my mother is Yang Xiaolan.”

“Because you are cowardly.”

Song Wuyou froze.

Gu Yanhao looked at her seriously, “Cowards are always bullied.”

Song Wuyou sneered at him in her heart; she’s not cowardly, only physically weak.

“I want to go to the ranch.” Song Wuyou suddenly said.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes darkened, “Mu Gu’s ranch?”

Song Wuyou nodded, “I want to ride a horse, and shoot some arrows.”

Since he mentioned his dream about the arrows last night, her itchy hands were triggered.

“Mu Gu’s ranch is too far, pick another ranch.” Gu Yanhao said with finality to his voice.

“I promised Mu Xin that I will go there and stay a few days.” She tilted her face at him, “It has been quite a long time since you’ve seen Mu Gu as well.”

“What’s nice about playing on a ranch? There are sheep feces everywhere, a foul stench everywhere.” Gu Yanhao pulled a long face.

Song Wuyou looked at him curiously. Something’s wrong ah…. Looking at his face, listening to his tone, why does it look so similar to sulking child?

Song Wuyou went on, “If you feel it’s  smelly there, I can go with Xu Jing.”

“I’ll go with you.” Then as an afterthought, he added, “Bring Xu Jing as well.”

Mu Gu can just fall in love with Xu Jing now..

On the next day, Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou departed early in the morning.

Song Wuyou’s purpose was to go horse riding, to exercise, thus what she wore was casual sportswear and sneakers. So did Xu Jing. But Xu Jing was taller than Song Wuyou – and curvier – which made her look like a little country bumpkin with her ponytail and casual attire, unlike Song Wuyou.

Watching as Xu Jing appeared from her room with an overnight bag, Gu Yanhao frowned. “Don’t you have other clothes?”

A fog of questions marks appeared above Xu Jing’s head as she looked at Song Wuyou for clarification, and then towards Ah De who stood behind Gu Yanhao.

Is Young Master Gu asking her?

Song Wuyou took a look at Xu Jing, baffled, as she asked Gu Yanhao, “Xu Jing’s attire doesn’t suit?”

Gu Yanhao turned to instruct Ah De, “Bring her to Gu Group’s retail chain to buy some nice clothes and shoes. Might as well change her hairstyle. Make her beautiful. if she isn’t beautiful, don’t bring her to the ranch.”

With that said, he abandoned the confused Ah De and Xu Jing, pulling Song Wuyou’s hand cooly as he walked out of the living room.

Ah De snuck a side-eyed at Xu Jing. What’s Young Master hatching? Why is there a need to make Xu Jing beautiful?

In the car, Song Wuyou watched Gu Yanhao with a funny expression as she drawled,“Gu Yanhao, you reek of vinegar.”.

Being seen through, the tip of his ears turned red, but as someone who’s cold on the outside, of course he wouldn’t admit to it so easily. Putting on an act of ignorance, he swept his cold eyes over Song Wuyou, “Whose vinegar would I eat?”[1]

Meaning- Why would I be jealous of anyone (because of you)


Editor:  Ocelot

Note: “Eat vinegar” is literally to eat bitterness. The slang term “eat vinegar” means to be bitter and jealous towards a love rival. Gu Yanhao is eating Mu Gu’s vinegar.

Note: A “country bumpkin” is an unsophisticated, extremely casually dressed person from the rural area of a particular country.



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