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Chapter 27: Once Belonged to Imperial Consort Song of X Dynasty

Ah De’s eyes glanced in Gu Yanhao’s direction, silently seeking permission.

Gu Yanhao waved his hand lightly, “Let her have a look.”

In fact, that was not a magazine but an auction catalog for an auction even that would be held next week at the Century Edifice.

Gu Yanhao as the M City’s youngest wealthy man, the organizers had made a point to hand-deliver the auction catalog for Gu Yanhao’s perusal, in case there were some items within the antiques that caught Gu Yanhao’s interested in bidding.

It was stated that fifty percent of the bid price would be donated to charities, such as orphanages and unprivileged families.

In other words, this event was a charity auction.

The auction items were all of certified to be exceptional antiques by experts.

It did not matter if Song Wuyou looked at the catalogue, with her pig brain, she certainly has no genetics for art appreciation.

Worse of all, even if she knew how to appreciate fine things, she has no money to bid for anything.

Getting Gu Yanhao’s permission, Ah De handed over the auction catalogue to Song Wuyou.

Song Wuyou’s actions were swift. Looking at that page, her entire being blanked instantly!

Her eyes were glued to a particular picture of an auction item —— a hairpin. A hairpin that she was so familiar with!

This was her ‘Bounding Passion’ hairpin−−the very first adornment that heartless man had given to her was this hairpin.

After an elapsed of a thousand years, it revealed itself again in this century, becoming some antique in an auction?

Storm raged in Song Wuyou’s jarred eyes.

She had died with this hairpin nestled in her hair, now that she was reborn, it seems like fate had brought them together…..

Seeing something that originally belonged to her from that era being auctioned, Song Wuyou could hardly suppress the excitement in her heart.

The hands holding the catalogue trembled slightly, but she still was reluctant to let it go, instead she just held onto it with great force, creasing the pages in the process.

Her soft pinkish hand turned white due to the strength she exerted.

Coincidentally, Gu Yanhao looked up at this very moment. From his angle, he easily noticed the emotions brewing in her eyes and face. His eyebrow rose in doubt; why is she so excited to see this hairpin?

Waves of various mixed emotions were swirling in those eyes of her.

Her lips pressed tightly into a thin line, as if she was controlling herself……

“Have you seen enough?” Gu Yanhao’s thin lips moved, the tone of voice was cold as ever.

His cold remark cuts like a sharp-edged sword, slashing across Song Wuyou’s heart.

Her heart ached. Composing herself, Song Wuyou turned around to face Gu Yanhao, “You want to bid this down?”

The starting bid price printed was on it stated three million…..

“You like it?” Gu Yanhao teased with a trace of indignity.

Seeing the scorn on his face, even without asking, Song Wuyou already knew the workings of his mind.

“Is there any other pictures?” Song Wuyou answered his query with a question of her own.

This picture showed a hairpin that looked similar to her ‘Bounding Passion’ but Song Wuyou could not be sure that this was hers.

After all, technology had bloomed like mushroom and advanced just as fast in this century. It was not hard to produce an imitation nowadays.

This hairpin had fine workmanship, and was very delicate, even if it was not an antique it was still worth of the three million price tag.

“If you want to see the real thing, just pay a visit to the auction venue next week.” Gu Yanhao’s long arm stretched out and snatched the catalogue back from her hands.

He gave a cursory glance at the picture of the hairpin. A faint smile emerged on his face, “This hairpin is very exquisite, but you are not qualified to own it.”


Gu Yanhao raised his head, looking at Song Wuyou under his nose, he asked, “Do you know its origin?”

Song Wuyou’s body quivered a little hearing this, wistfully looked at Gu Yanhao: “You know?”

“It was left behind by Imperial Consort Song of X Dynasty.”

“………..” Song Wuyou felt like her heart was being stabbed mercilessly by a sharp object.

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