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Chapter 272: This Important Task Shall Be Left To Ah De To Complete

When Ah De heard the question, he was stupefied. His ears turned red in an instant even as he incessantly shook his head: “No!”  Being stared at by so many intent pairs of eyes made Xu JIng uncomfortable, and a little shy.

“Very nice.” Song Wuyou praised after taking a full look at Xu Jing, “Dress like this from now on.”

Gu Yanhao raised the kumis[1] to his mouth. After taking a sip, he commented lightly: “Not pretty enough.” Although it was already a great improvement from the previous Xu Jing,  it hardly reach the point of inspiring awe in a person at first glance.

Hearing this, Ah De showed a helpless bitter expression: “Young Master, I’ve tried my best.”

The person’s face is born like that, how could it be turned into mesmerizing others in one look?

Gu Yanhao raised his eyelids, looking at Mu Gu. Exactly at that point, Mu Gu was just removing his gaze away from Song Wuyou. Though Mu Gu reacted fast, the action still fell in Gu Yanhao’s eyes.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes were brooding and dark as he deliberately asked Mu Gu, “Mu Gu. what do you think?”

Mu Gu looked over at Xu Jing. In the past, he had never paid any attention, but today, the Xu Jing that was standing in front of them was indeed pretty. He nodded, “Looks nice.”

Xu Jing frowned slightly, her wronged gaze intermingled with doubt was cast in Song Wuyou’s direction as if asking, What the heck is happening? What was Young Master Gu’s purpose making her dress like this to come to the ranch?

She chanced a quick glance at Mu Xin. Even the ranch’s precious young miss was simply attired, so why did Young Master Gu force her into the Gu Group’s latest designs? Advertising for Gu Group?

Listening in on the conversation between Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu. the corner of Song Wuyou’s lips arched up a little. Gu Yanhao, this guy, was really eating dry vinegar.

Mu Gu treats him like his best buddy, so he as a brother shouldn’t be so petty, right?

“Xu Jing, come sit here.” Song Wuyou waved her hand at Xu Jing.

Xu jing obediently walked over, taking a seat beside Song Wuyou.

“Are you Sister Wuyou’s friend?” Mu Xin smiled mysteriously at Xu Jing.

Xu jing shook her head, “I’m…”

“My assistant.” Song Wuyou suddenly cut in, blocking off the rest of Xu Jing’s words.

Both Gu Yanhao and Mu Gu looked at Song Wuyou at the same time, whereas Xu Jing was stunned. A hint of gratitude flickered in her eyes. She looked at Song Wuyou with a faint smile. She had wanted to reply to Mu Xin that she was a servant, yet, Song Wuyou’s answer lifted her status in front of these people.

“Sister Wuyou is so capable. As her assistant, you must also be very capable.” Mu Xin passed Xu Jing some pastries, smiling sweetly, “I’m Mu Xin, Mu Gu’s sister. I made this pastry myself, try it.”

Xu Jing felt flattered: “Thank you.” Her hand reached out and lifted a piece of pastry to her mouth.

After everyone was fed and watered with food and gossip, Song Wuyou and Gu Yanhao went to rest in the guest room. Two hours later, they joined the activities outside.  The ranch was very big. Those who knew how to ride had already chosen a mount for themselves.

Gu Yanhao still went with his favorite, Blackie. Song Wuyou and Mu Xin both chose  gentle white horses, whereas Mu Gu has his own horse while Ah De chose a handsome brown horse, leaving only Xu Jing standing beside the fence while looking at them expectantly.

“Miss, you also know how to ride a horse?!”, the astonished  Xu Jing asked Song Wuyou.

“Song Wuyou nodded, “I learned it before.”

“I don’t know how…” Xu Jing pulled a face like a bitter gourd as she looked pitifully at Song Wuyou.

“Mu Gu will teach you.” Gu Yanhao answered nonchalantly.

Mu Gu, who had just saddled up onto his horse, immediately contradicted: “I don’t know how to teach.” Then he looked at Xu Jing, “You’re wearing a skirt, how are you going to ride?”

“There are some riding clothes in the stable.” Mu Xin chimed in.

Hearing her words, Mu Gu’s dissatisfied gaze swept over her: nosy. Then, he looked at Ah De, “This important task shall be left to Ah De to complete. Jia⚊”


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  1. Mae says:

    Ahh.. Mu Gu… You must remember the code of honour of brotherhood! Wuyou is your best buddy’s wife! Thanks for the chapter! Yay…weekend 😆😆

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