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Chapter 273: That Sullen Look, Displeasure

Mu Gu galloped off on his mount after throwing that sentence down. Ah De was once again dumbstruck.

Song Wuyou laughed mysteriously in Gu Yanhao’s direction as she watched Mu Gu gallop off. “Your plan slipped down the drain.”

Xu Jing and Mu Xin were full of question marks. What was Young Master Gu planning?

Gu Yanhao harrumphed twice. His tall stature took a leap, and settle down on the horseback.

For a moment there, Xu Jing’s soul flew away: Wah, Young Master Gu is so cool!

“Follow me!” After he mounted, Gu Yanhao’s aloof voice sounded as if giving an order.

Song Wuyou pursed her lips into a thin line. Would I follow just ‘cause you said so? I’m not that obedient.

Song Wuyou also mounted. Her actions were equally handsome and cool, making Xu Jing lose her mind once again.

All of them were just too cool for words!

“Jia——!” Gu Yanhao rode off first.

“Jia——!” Song Wuyou followed from behind. (TN: Hahaha, what’s this?)

“Ah De, we’ll leave Xu jing to you.” Seeing everyone has gone off, Mu Xin quickly mounted and left, but not before grinning mischievously at Ah De, “Remember to bring Xu Jing to change into pants first.”

Ah De and Xu Jing: “……………….”

Song Wuyou suddenly changed her direction, no longer following Gu Yanhao. He immediately noticed this.

“Song Wuyou!” he shouted angrily, chasing her in return.

“Jia——!” Song Wuyou held the reins tight, galloping at high speed. The hooves of her horse kicked up a trail of dried grass and dust.  Following from behind, Gu Yanhao saw her going increasingly faster and started to increase his speed as well. It didn’t take long for Gu Yanhao to pull closer to her.  At this point, Song Wuyou reduced her speed and Gu Yanhao caught up, moving parallel beside her.

“Song Wuyou, watch out will you? Don’t get thrown off like last time.” Gu Yanhao was really worried about her.

Song Wuyou smiled at him, “I won’t.” She had her hair up in a high ponytail, her bangs pinned to the back. Though the wind messed up her hair, it did not obscure her sight. Her eyes slightly opened, and it showed that she was in high spirits.  Looking at her, a sudden familiar feeling of riding with her rose in him. This unexpected feeling slammed his heart so hard that it nearly stopped breathing.

Why is this?

Knowing her for so long, this was his first time galloping on horses with her——.

Suddenly the mood hit her, the laughter in her eyes even more brilliant. Looking at Gu Yanhao, “Gu Yanhao, let’s race?”

“What if you lose?” He asked with an evil grin.

“Not necessarily.”

“If you lose, you must listen to me.”

“No problem, if you lose, then you have to listen to me in everything.”

“Fine, how do you want to compete?”

“Do you see up ahead?”

Gu Yanhao raised his gaze. Up ahead, isn’t that Mu Gu?  Gu Yanhao’s mood sunk even lower., The reason she suddenly changed direction was so that she can be with Mu Gu?!

“Whoever reaches Mu Gu first, wins.” Song Wuyou laughed.

Gu Yanhao gritted his teeth in answer: “Fine.’



Both of them galloped ahead at horrifying speeds. The further they crossed, the more Gu Yanhao felt this feeling was so familiar as if he’d done this many times in the past with Song Wuyou. It was hard to define, fleeting, weaving in and out, sometimes near, sometimes far.

Why was this?

Mu Gu already noticed them some time back. He stayed where he was on the horse, facing them, looking at them. Watching both of them racing each other toward his direction, the corner of his lips tilted up.

His line of sight fell on Song Wuyou’s body, the depths deepening.  There seemed to be a similar scene in the past——

The moment Gu Yanhao lost his focus, his speed slowed, resulting in Song Wuyou reaching Mu Gu first.

“Xu——” Song Wuyou reined in her horse, bringing it to a stand. Her face was flushed red, a victorious smile on her face as she looked at Gu Yanhao. He arrived just as she stopped her horse. Gu Yanhao swept a chilly, cold look at her. That sullen look spoke volumes of his displeasure.

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