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Chapter 275: The Woman In The Painting (1)

Gu Yanhao was able to quickly deflect Mu Gu’s punches but everyone could clearly see that as the two men fought, closer to the end, Gu Yanhao’s expression grew frighteningly scary. The two men looked like they were in a life and death battle,  not a friendly competition.

Mu Gu was forced to defend himself against Gu Yanhao’s ruthless attacks, and that meant retaliating with equal ferocity. Mu Gu suddenly took a heavy hit on the face, causing him to lose his balance and stagger back a few steps. Before he could regain his balance, Gu Yanhao’s fist swung again.

Smart as Mu Gu was, he knew Gu Yanhao was venting his dissatisfaction. From the moment when Song Wuyou asked why he’d decided to demolish the Leaping Over the Dragon Gate, he’d already felt hostility from Gu Yanhao.

Seeing Gu Yanhao’s fist almost reached him, Mu Gu agilely shifted his body to the side, deliberately making a show of falling to the ground with both hands raised high up in surrender: “I lost, I lost, Ah Hao, I lost.”

“You’ll still get hit even if you lose!” Gu Yanhao’s eyes were fierce and ruthless.

“I already surrendered!” Mu Gu emphasized anxiously.

“Still must hit!”

“Ah Hao, you cannot bully people like this; I block, aiyo wey, I dodge!”

Even as he spoke, Gu Yanhao’s fist swung out as fast as the wind, while Mu Gu was rolling on the ground to dodge his attacks. “Ah Hao, I surrendered”, Mu Gu shouted loudly as he continued to dodge. ”You still want to hit me? Why are you like this? You really want my life ah?”

Gu Yanhao ignored Mu Gu’s shouts and pleas, each punch coming more ruthless than the one before, coupled with that cold look in his eyes.

“Gu Yanhao, Mu Gu has already lost – and surrendered! Does continuing this on your own have any meaning?” Song Wuyou glared with disdain at Gu Yanhao who was acting as if he’d gone mad.

Hearing her words, all of Gu Yanhao’s actions stopped. He turned around, and his eyes seemed to penetrate through Song Wuyou. This woman, is she trying to help Mu Gu?

Meeting his eyes that looked like he wanted to swallow a person whole, Song Wuyou frowned slightly. Has this man gone mad?

“Brother Ah Hao, my brother already surrendered. You won.” Mu Xin showed a thumbs up gesture at Gu Yanhao, but Gu Yanhao looked as if he didn’t see her expression, merely staring daggers at Song Wuyou for a good few seconds before turning around and leaving coolly.

Everyone: “………….” What happened?

Other than Mu Gu, everyone’s eyes fell on Song Wuyou.

She shrugged her shoulders, looking confused herself as she answered: “Probably menopause.”

Mu Xin and Xu Jing burst into laughter after hearing this.

“Young Madam, Young Master is still very young.” Ah De reminded.

“He’s abnormal today.” Song Wuyou retorted.

Ah De: “…………..” Honestly, Young Master was acting strange today. His actions baffled everyone, leaving them unable to make heads or tails out of it.

“All of you continue playing”, Mu Gu said to Song Wuyou and the rest. Seeing Gu Yanhao had already gone quite far, he said “I’ll go accompany Ah Hao,” before he jogged after Gu Yanhao.

“Sister Wuyou, I’m hungry, let’s go back and eat something, okay?” Mu Xin looked at Song Wuyou, inquiring.

“Okay.” Song Wuyou was feeling a little tired.

“Miss, I think Young Master Gu is angry. You’re not going to accompany him?” Xu Jing asked.

Song Wuyou got to her feet, “No, I’m tired so I’m going back to rest. We’ll shoot some arrows later.” This body is really useless, two small laps on the horse and it’s already tired.

Back in the Western style bungalow, Song Wuyou went back to their room to rest after eating some fruits.

Mu Gu had arranged her and Gu Yanhao’s room on the first floor west side. When she passed by Mu Gu’s room, a melodious sound entered her ear. Song Wuyou stopped, peering into Mu Gu’s room. The door was ajar. She thought Mu Gu was back but there was no one in the room, and the phone kept ringing.

Pursing her lips, Song Wuyou walked in, wondering if the caller had something urgent to say since it won’t stop ringing. At least bringing the phone downstairs to Mu Xin was better than letting it ring like this.

She walked straight towards the source of the noise and did not look around the room. The mobile phone was right on top of the table, and she turned to leave right after picking up. Just as she turned around, a gust of wind blew in through the window. The several A4 papers that were initially kept in place by the mobile phone’s weight were lifted up by the breeze before falling to the floor.

Seeing this, Song Wuyou bent down to pick them. When she saw what was on the papers, however, she stiffened in place as if she had been struck by lightning. The mobile phone in her hand slipped and fell to the floor.

Both of her hands were shaking as her eyes widened in shock while she stared at the woman in the drawing. Her mind went blank without any clear thoughts.


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