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Chapter 278: Gu Yanhao, Do You Believe People Have Past Lives?

“The entire journey wasn’t even three hours,” Gu Yanhao pointed out in a low but firm voice.

“En,” Song Wuyou responded absent-mindedly. Her gaze was fixed on Gu Yanhao, her chin supported by the pillow she was hugging close to her chest. There was a shadow of fatigue hanging on her pallid-looking face, yet when looking at Gu Yanhao, there was a trace of complex emotions within her eyes.

Those complex emotions were like ten thousand words she’d like to say to Gu Yanhao, but she was at a loss as to where to start.

Gu Yanhao’s ink-black eyes were suffused with gentleness as he looked back at her, his sultry voice asking, “Is it that you have things to say to me?”

“Do you believe people have past lives?” Song Wuyou asked, exuding an air of melancholy.

“No, I don’t.” The gaze in his eyes deepened.

“Why don’t you?”

“No one can remember what took place in their past life.”

“People used to say if you’ve always dreamed of the same dream, seeing the same faces and events in the dream, it is something from your past.”

“Silly girl, I only know your dream of what your hearts misses during the day,” Gu Yanhao’s lips raised in a charming smile.

“There are things that will appear in one’s dream despite not thinking about it every day,” Song Wuyou blinked her eyes at Gu Yanhao.

He looked at her, “Song Wuyou, do you always dream of weird things and strange faces?”

Song Wuyou nodded. Ever since she woke up, almost every night she’d dreamt of things related to Dynasty X. He doesn’t believe people have past lives, but she does.

Gu Yanhao looked directly into her eyes, “Perhaps, people really do have past lives.”

“…………” No response came from Song Wuyou. She merely stared at him.

“There is also the possibility that ghosts and monsters exist in this world, but they have nothing to do with us. We only need to live this life well, that is enough.” His hand reached out to hold hers. His eyes were like the stars in the dark velvet sky, bright and mesmerizing.

He looked fondly at Song Wuyou, his tone earnest: “Song Wuyou, don’t you see it on TV? After a person dies, they must go through forty-nine days of adversities based on the seven realms of sin before they can reincarnate. Why must they go through forty-nine adversities? To wash away their grievances and emotions of their past life so that our three immortal souls and seven mortal forms[1] soul can begin anew in another life. Even if we do have a past life, any emotion or memories would have been erased through reincarnation. Being able to meet in this life, we must cherish what’s in front of us. In the future, I’d only treat one woman well, and that’s you. I will only cherish and love you so that there are no regrets in this life.”

Honestly, Song Wuyou was moved by these words. Her eyes lowered as if lost in thought, staring at his strong, nice looking big hand over her petite ones. A warm feeling spread from her hand all the way to her heart.

Earlier, when she was in the bathroom, the same thoughts had occurred to her. That Mu Gu could draw how she looked like during X Dynasty was perhaps because he was like her; he died in the X Dynasty, and his soul directly transmigrated into Mu Gu’s body – or perhaps he skipped drinking Old Woman Meng’s soup, thus had his past life memories intact. But regardless of who he was, whether he was Dongfang Xuan, or a family member, her husband in this life was Gu Yanhao, therefore she’d pretend she’d never seen those paintings of Mu Gu’s. Now, after hearing similar words coming from Gu Yanhao, she was even more resolved in her decision.

Gu Yanhao merely had Dongfang Xuan’s exact same face. Maybe that was all there is to it, just a face. Why does she need to mind and compare everything? Just because she died by Dongfang Xuan’s hand, must she doubt everything about Gu Yanhao’s actions toward her?

She looked at Gu Yanhao, “Gu Yanhao, thank you for saying these words to me.”

His hand reached up, lightly caressing her face with a doting smile on his face, “The silly girl is really stupid. We’re husband and wife, why so polite?”



[1] In short, it is said a complete human soul is divided into 3 parts soul(hun) and seven parts mortal form(po), lacking any one part renders a living being incomplete in one form or another, for instance: being a little slow, or having more bad luck than other people, etc. <This is just norm examples, without the intention of offending anyone

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  1. fan63 says:

    Wuyou may be trying to move forward but Mu Gu is having a tough time and so is Yan Hao. They are all having similar dreams.What if Mu Xin is having dreams too? I suspect chaos is going to break out soon if they don’t talk about this phenomenon.


  2. Som says:

    Hmm. Perhaps the former Song Wuyou was a reincarnation missing crucial parts of her hun or po? It sounds sort of like that is the direction the author is going. She was an incompetent because of the flaw in her reincarnation, or something on that line, and it needed that last bit of soul to start again as a whole being? Just musing, here.

  3. Novelana says:

    So if Gu Yanhao isn’t the Emperor then there really is a twist at play here… Hmmmm.. Now I too doubt Mu Gu now.. So that’s what they are talking about… Really author-sama a very explendid thrill!!!

    Thanks for the chapter author-sama and translator-sama!!!

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