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Chapter 279: I’ll Brush Your Hair

“My head’s aching,” Song Wuyou stated, a minuscule frown appearing on her forehead.

“Lie down and quickly rest.” Gu Yanhao stood up, shrugging off his jacket with a grin, “After that bout of sparring with Mu Gu, I’m also a little tired.”

Being reminded of Mu Gu, Song Wuyou’s heart grew a little heavy. For a second, the despondence showed in her eyes.

After she had lain down, Gu Yanhao asked attentively, “Do you want to covers?”

Song Wuyou nodded, “En.”

Gu Yanhao pinched her cheek playfully, teasing, “Such a hot day and you still want to use the covers.”

“Covering is better, in case I catch a cold.”

“No, you won’t catch a cold.” Gu Yanhao laid beside her on the bed, pulling her into his embrace while flashing a devilish grin. “With me holding you, there’s no way you can catch a cold.”

“Hugging me like this makes me feel stuffy,” Song Wuyou wriggled her body.

“Don’t move,” Gu Yanhao warned sternly. “Don’t you know that the more a woman struggles while in a man’s embrace, the faster the flames of desire light up?”

Hearing this, Song Wuyou’s actions halted. She behaved with the utmost obedience, really too afraid move.

Gu Yanhao flung the covers to the floor with a casual wave, “You won’t feel hot now.”

“…….” Says who? Your body heat is higher than a hot toaster.

Forced to stick with Gu Yanhao, Song Wuyou didn’t really rest. Having taken a nap in the afternoon, she wasn’t tired at all, but because she had too many things on her mind, other than lying on the bed, she doesn’t know what else to do. Her messy thoughts also prevented her from falling asleep. On that top that, with Gu Yanhao hugging her, she can’t even try falling asleep. Then again, with Gu Yanhao lying just beside her, she cannot have her eyes opened the whole time. Thus, she closed her eyes.  However, she wasn’t that sleepy. The things on her mind became more prominent with her eyes closed. The two paintings she saw earlier today swirled back and forth in her mind.

In the end, her head felt so swollen from all these thoughts that she left Gu Yanhao’s embrace barely half an hour after lying down and sat up on the bed.  Feeling her movements, Gu Yanhao opened his eyes, red veins obvious in the white of his eyes as he looked at her, his voice hoarse and drowsy, “Not sleeping anymore?”

“Not sleeping anymore, otherwise I won’t be able to sleep tonight,” Song Wuyou said as an excuse.

Gu Yanhao also got up, “Go refresh yourself, we’ll head downstairs.”

“En,” Song Wuyou nodded and got off the bed, preparing to brush her hair in front of the vanity table.

In swift actions, Gu Yanhao got off the bed and approached her from behind, taking the brush from her hand.

Song Wuyou turned over to him with a puzzled face, “What are you doing?”

He looked at her with a small chuckle, “Brushing hair.”

Song Wuyou’s eyes roamed over his head, “Your hair’s not messy, it doesn’t matter whether you brush your hair or not.”

The corner of Gu Yanhao’s lips curved up at her words, shaking his head coolly, “I’m handsome, aren’t I?”

Song Wuyou’s mouth twitched at his narcissism, “What if I say no?”

“Saying I’m not handsome? I really don’t know where your eyeballs are.”


“This is self-confidence.” Gu Yanhao lifted a hand, fiddling with her hair saying, “I’ll brush your hair.”

Song Wuyou was surprised, “Do you even know how?” He, the Gu Family’s Young Master, was brushing hair for a woman?

“Who doesn’t know how to brush hair?” Gu Yanhao’s hands begin to move.

One palm cradle the strands fine as silk while the other hand held a brush, brushing downward gently. His actions were light and gentle as if afraid he would hurt her accidentally, but it was obvious it was a little clumsy and awkward.

Song Wuyou was prim and proper as she sat there, allowing him to ‘toss around’ as he liked. Sitting quietly, she watched Gu Yanhao’s reflection in the mirror when a fleeting sadness crossed her eyes.

That time by the riverside, with blooming wildflowers of reds, pink, whites, and yellow; it was a sea of colorful wildflowers with butterflies skipping from blossom to blossom, drinking nectars.

At the riverside was a cobblestone used for washing that had been worn smooth through many years of use.

Song Wuyou was garbed in proper, orthodox male clothing, her long hair framing her face. Feet stepping on the cobblestone as she moved closer to the riverside, squatting down as she slightly tilted her neck, combing her hair with a wooden comb.

At this time, familiar footsteps sounded behind her. Even without turning around she knew who it was. Smiling sweetly, she looked at the reflection on the water, that stalwart figure coming closer.

He squatted down behind her, his deep voice full of confidence, “I’ll wash your hair.”

“My hair’s all tangled up, it’s a little bit hard to comb it.” Her face was red.

“I’ll comb it neatly for you.”


He took the wooden comb from her hand, skillful and familiar as he helped her wash her hair and tied it up. His movements were elegant and fluid. It was an art compared to the current Gu Yanhao…


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  1. Mae says:

    Can’t wait to read how the story unfolds. It seems that Dongfang is Mu Gu.
    Thanks for the chapter. It’s one of my fave stories 😘

  2. Som says:

    The comparisons, how long with the comparisons? Either insist on knowing who is the reincarnation of whom, or accept that this life is this life, and the previous is no concern here.
    Emotional waffling drives me gonzo, even though it is entirely realistic, and totally callous of me to want it gone.

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