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Chapter 28: We Slept Together and I even Carried Your Child

Gu Yanhao’s mouth curved up. His eyes unhurriedly observed Song Wuyou.

“Tell me, do you think you deserve to own something that once belonged to an Imperial Consort?”

‘It’s mine in the first place!’

Song Wuyou clenched her fists. Looking at mocking smile on Gu Yanhao’s face, she had a strong impulse to swing a punch across that smug face till he flies off.

Swallowing her indignant anger, Song Wuyou changed her tone, “If as your wife I’m not worthy of owning this, then please enlighten me, in the entire M City, whose identity is more distinguished than mine, and is more deserving of wearing this hairpin?”

“Your identity’s in name only.”

“Says who? We had slept together and I even carried your child before.”

Originally, Gu Yanhao was in a good mood, but the moment Song Wuyou brought this specific matter up, his face evidently became gloomy like a brewing thunderstorm.

“You are the most despicable and shameless woman I’ve ever met!” patience snapped.

“A woman slept with her own husband, and got pregnant with her husband’s child is called despicable and shameless? You know what? Women who target men that already has a wife and children, leeching onto them are what’s called shameless and despicable.”

Song Wuyou stared sharply back at Gu Yanhao, “Gu Yanhao, you wanted to bid down this hairpin as a gift for Song Jiuyue. A married man thinking of the outside woman, what makes you think you are better than me.”

Finished saying this, Song Wuyou turned around and left in the direction of the dining hall.

Out of Gu Yanhao’s field of vision, Song Wuyou’s eyes dulled involuntarily.

‘Get over it! It is just a hairpin that heartless man had given her. It did not matter whether she had it or not.’

Gu Yanhao’s body slanted a little to the side, watching Song Wuyou left with a pensive expression as if contemplating something……


Today, a charity auction was being held in the ground floor of the Century Edifice.

The organizing parties, honored guests, owners, and the auctioneers had already arrived.

Although Song Wuyou was infamous in M City, as Mrs. Gu, she was still amongst the invited guests for the night.

Holding a bidder in her hand, Song Wuyou and Xu Jing sat quietly in their respective seats.

Sitting in front of them were Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei.

“Dajie, you say, what is this Song Wuyou slut doing here?” Song Jiumei’s lips moved close to Song Jiuyue’s ear and whispered softly.

“Of course she is here to bid for something she likes.” Song Jiuyue looked like an exalted Queen with a faint magnanimous smile hanging on her lips.

“What gave her the guts to come and bid for something here today?” Song Jiumei face was filled with disdain and contempt, “Does she have any money?”

She had refused to sign the divorce papers, had neither assets nor job or compensation. In short, she was no different than the beggars scattered around on the street.

“This isn’t something we need to worry about.” Song Jiuyue maintained her demure and elegant smile.

Song Jiumei pursed her lips. Her eyes looked around the venue and saw Gu Yanhao as he occupied a seat at the VIP section like a male God.

Song Jiumei lightly nudged Song Jiuyue with her shoulders, “Jie[1], why didn’t you sit together with Young Master Gu?”

Song Jiuyue stole a quick look in Gu Yanhao’s direction, “He is a guest of honor today.”

Song Jiumei laughed and commented, “I heard there is a hairpin being auctioned and also a beautiful bracelet. I wonder if Young Master Gu would bid down either one of these items as a present for you?”

Eavesdropping on their conversation, Song Wuyou’s face gradually sank. Her eyes swept across Song Jiuyue’s face lightly.

She was fully aware; today, Gu Yanhao was going to bid for that Bounding Passion hairpin…..

Soon enough, the auction event finally started.

Every item was auctioned off very quickly and at high prices. Towards other items, Song Wuyou held zero interest.

Even if there was something she favored, she had no money anyway.

Her goal today was solely to see the ‘Bounding Passion’ hairpin at the auction, to determine whether it was hers…

Finally, the auction for ‘Bounding Passion’ hairpin arrived!



[1] Jie — short for jiejie.

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