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Chapter 282: Antidote

Song Wuyou shook her head: “No discomfort.”

Gu Yanhao asked again, “What about blood vessels? Do you feel any of your blood vessels swelling or causing difficulty in breathing?”

Song Wuyou shot him a helpless stare, shaking her head, “No.”

Gu Yanhao pressed her body down, anxiously cautioning, “We’re still not sure if all the venom has been sucked out. Sit here and don’t move.”

Song Wuyou looked over at Mu Gu, nodding her head, “En,”

Gu Yanhao followed her gaze, turning around to look at Mu Gu. Mu Gu sat there quietly, lips tightly pursed and brows scrunched together, not looking very good.

Gu Yanhao’s brows were locked together as his heart sank. His gaze impatiently turned toward the western villa. Why hasn’t Mu Xin returned with the first aid kit? When he retrieved his gaze, he finally noticed Song Wuyou’s hand was still gripping the snake’s head. Something complex flickered in his dark eyes.

“Give it to me.” He reached out, taking the snake from Song Wuyou’s hand. The snake already lost its life from her herculean grip. Even the head was deformed, so how could it not die?

Song Wuyou shot a look at him, forcing down the pain in her chest.

Gu Yanhao tossed the dead snake to Ah De, commanding: “Burn it.”

Catching it, Ah De complied: “Yes, Young Master.”

Gu Yanhao raised his eyes, looking deeply at Song Wuyou. In the past, she would jump and scream at the sight of a cockroach, but now, facing such a large cobra, there wasn’t the slightest fear, even pinching it to death——

Even after getting bitten by a poisonous snake, she didn’t raise a clamor. She didn’t cry loudly, or doggedly ask him if she would die——

“Xu——” Mu Xin finally returned, jumping off the horse’s back. Carrying the first aid kit, she ran to Mu Gu’s side, quickly flipping it open as she called out: “Brother.”

Mu Gu’s reaction and speech were slow, “Take out the red vial. Inside is the antidote for a hundred kinds of snake poison.”

With quick movements, Mu Xin removed the red vial from the first aid kit. When she removed the stopper and poured out the contents, only a single tablet rolled out.

“Brother.” Mu Xin moved her petite hands right in front of him.

After taking a glance in Song Wuyou’s direction, he softly coddled Mu Xin, “Give it to your Sis Wuyou first.”

Mu Xin was torn as she looked at her brother’s colorless pale face…. “Brother…” She saw it was because of Gu Yanhao pushing him all of a sudden that he accidentally swallowed some snake venom.

At a time like this, please don’t blame her for being selfish. She’d chose her only family in this world over anyone else, her dearest brother.

Mu Gu’s face sank at her hesitation: “Give it to Wuyou!”

Hearing these words, Song Wuyou felt discomfited, whereas Gu Yanhao’s eyes turned brooding.

“But you…” Mu Xin’s eyes turned red.

“Mu Gu, you take it.” Song Wuyou spoke, then she turned to Gu Yanhao, “Send me to the hospital.”

“The cobra’s venom is extremely toxic. Before we make sure that we’ve cleared out all the venom from your body, you’d better not move unnecessarily lest it quicken the speed of poison. I only swallowed a small amount of poison, but you were bitten by the snake. The venom entered straight into your bloodstream, so it’s many times more dangerous.” Mu Gu gave Mu Xin a slight nudge, “Quickly give the antidote to Wuyou.”

Mu Xin struggled internally, but under Mu Gu’s stern gaze she had no choice but to give the tablet to Song Wuyou.

Gu Yanhao raised his head in Ah De’s direction. Ah De concisely understood his meaning, walking over to Mu Gu and helping him up. “Young Master Mu Gu, I’ll send you to the hospital.”

Mu Gu smiled wryly, insisting, “I can walk, no need to hold me.”

There was a difference between being poisoned by a bite and swallowing it. If one swallowed poison,  a person wouldn’t die immediately. Even if the poison acted up, there was still a certain amount of buffer time.

Xu Jing brought a bottle of mineral water over so Song Wuyou could take the tablet, but she did not immediately take it. Instead, her attention was on Mu Gu.

Noticing this, Gu Yanhao’s gaze turned even gloomier.

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    • Ungrateful Camper says:

      Bugger off mate… they’re talking too much. Only one dose of antidote available? just divide it and go to hospital less both of u died (eventhough that’s very unlikely)
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  1. Kobold says:

    In such a critical moment and GYH still couldn’t control his jealously.. He is totally selfish man. He didnt even remember how he treated WY before or what? If he is a nice man, he would not force SWY anymore and juts set her free..let her happy.. Even if it’s with another man.
    I don’t like his personality at all

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