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Chapter 285: Like An Eunuch

Mu Gu let out an audible sigh, “If he really misunderstood, it shows that he doesn’t trust me and my character. He was talking on the phone at that time. If I’d  waited for him to react, the venom would have entered far into Song Wuyou’s bloodstream that by that time, sucking out the venom would have been useless.”

Mu Xin stared solemnly at Mu Gu, “Brother, you really don’t like Sis Wuyou in that way?”

Mu Gu made a show of grimacing angrily: “You think your brother is an idiot? There are so many blooming flowers around, why would I pick a married woman? Moreover, Ah Hao’s woman? Do you think I’m seeking death? Don’t forget that your brother, me, is a tall, handsome-looking robust young man,  much better looking than Ah Hao. If I’m going to get married, my wife is going to be more beautiful than Ah Hao’s wife. Song Wuyou’s reputation is too rotten.”

Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou, who were standing at the door, shot each other a meaningful glance. After listening to these words… Gu Yanhao seemed more at ease, but Song Wuyou’s heartfelt even heavier than before.

She walked into the room with a slight frown.

Noticing Gu Yanhao and Song Wuyou coming in, a light glimmered in Mu Gu’s eyes. Fortunately, he said what he said.

“Any appetite to eat something?” Gu Yanhao asked as he approached the bedside.

“Yup,” Mu Gu flaunted his rascally behavior.

“Then have some porridge. We made it for you, and even added some baking soda. Eat with ease.” Gu Yanhao said. [TN: I’ve never tasted nor heard of adding soda to porridge…]

Mu Gu gave Gu Yanhao a strange look after hearing that, “You made it?”

“Xu Jing made it,” Gu Yanhao returned Mu Gu’s look with a cold one.

Mu Gu was extremely disappointed by the answer, “Ai, I thought putting myself at risk to save your wife would have moved you to make porridge for me once in this lifetime.”

Gu Yanhao snorted, “What is this ‘moved’ stuff?”

“Ai…” Mu Gu repeatedly sighed dramatically a few times before turning to Song Wuyou. “Wuyou, does your wound still hurt?”  

Song Wuyou shook her head, “It’s good now.”

“When I get out, I must reprimand the housekeeper severely.” Mu Gu fumed.

“For what?” Song Wuyou was baffled.

“Because he was lazy. He did not scatter sulfur around the ranch on schedule, allowing some snakes to run into my territory.”

Song Wuyou: “…………” Okay, she agreed this housekeeper was too lazy. Indeed, he should be reprimanded severely.

“When will you be discharged?” Gu Yanhao asked as he poured a bowl of porridge and carried it over.

“I’m greatly weakened, so probably half a month.”  Song Wuyou was taken aback at this. Half a month?! So long?

“Don’t pretend, get up and eat porridge.” Gu Yanhao ordered.

Mu Gu shook his shoulders from left to right, acting spoiled: “No, I want you to feed me.” That tone of voice was strange no matter how one hears it. Song Wuyou and Mu Xin both had goosebumps running down their skin hearing it.

Mu Xin was giving her brother a rare contemptuous look, “Brother, you, you acting like this, looks like… like… a palace eunuch.” Mu Xin scoured her brain for a long time before finally thought of this description.

When Song Wuyou heard this, her heart went ‘thud.’

Eunuch? Her gaze shifted toward Mu Gu. He… wouldn’t be one of the many eunuchs’ reincarnations. right? Otherwise, how could he have known what she looked like in the past? Then again, if Mu Gu was an eunuch, he couldn’t have known about the scars on her arm. It would be even more impossible for him to draw the scene of her riding a horse during the war.

Song Wuyou pursed her lips, looking at Mu Gu. His looks were top grade; it was really difficult for Song Wuyou to link Mu Gu to those sissy eunuchs.

Mu Gu shot Mu Xin a stern stare, “You look like a eunuch!”

“But you really looked like one just now.” Mu Xin pouted.

“I was acting spoiled with Ah Hao.”

Gu Yanhao placed the bowl of porridge on the bedside table, “What’s a big man doing acting spoiled? Sit up and eat yourself, or have Mu Xin feed you.”

Mu Xin picked up the bowl of porridge saying, “Let me.”

Mu Gu adjusted his posture, “I’ll eat it myself.”

“I’m going back tomorrow.” Gu Yanhao informed him.

Mu Gu who had his head down paused slightly, concealing the trace of disappointment that flitted across his eyes. When he looked up again, his peach blossom eyes had resumed their usual brightness, looking exaggeratedly at Gu Yanhao, “Ah Hao, how could you be so cruel? I’m still in the hospital!”

“It’s busy at the office.” Gu Yanhao simply answered.

“Sis Wuyou, are you leaving too?” Mu Xin was reluctant to part with Song Wuyou.

“Me and Xu Jing will go back a few days later.” Song Wuyou said.

Mu Gu’s appetite was seemingly better after hearing that. Inexplicably, his mood didn’t feel as glum.

Mu Xin laughed happily hearing this, “That’s so great, the ranch will be so lively.”



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