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Chapter 286: Confession

Gu Yanhao looked deeply at Song Wuyou, his thin lips moved but no sound came despite the thousand words on the tip of his tongue. In the end, he sat in a corner, silently watching her and Mu Gu exchanging a few words.

After staying for half an hour in Mu Gu’s private room, he and Song Wuyou returned to the ranch. Getting into the car, Gu Yanhao did not immediately start the engine. His left hand extended to the back of the seat in a lazy manner as he faced her.  With a faint smile that didn’t reach his eyes, he asked, “Why are you not going back with me?”

“I came to the ranch to train my body.”

“In the end, you got bitten by a snake.”

Embarrassment flashed past Song Wuyou’s face, “Who knew there would be snakes on the ranch?”

“You’re saying that you cannot train at the villa or the gym?” Gu Yanhao’s eyes narrowed.

Song Wuyou looked at him, frankly stating, “Those places have no horses and no arrows.”

His obsidian black eyes observed her, “You like horses and arrows very much?”

Song Wuyou pursed her lips, answering, “I think they’re fun.”

He leaned slightly forward, into her, fingers holding her chin in place. Song Wuyou shifted back, frowning as she looked back at him with questions in her eyes, wondering ‘what’ does this fella want to do now?’

It crossed her mind that he might act shameless like he usually did, but he merely looked at her, saying, “Song Wuyou, some things might be better if you would be frank with me. It might make your life easier that way.”

Song Wuyou’s heart tightened, surprise and shock ripples in her clear eyes. Does he know something? Caught off guard, Song Wuyou avoided his eyes even as she answered, “I’m hiding nothing in my heart. You’re overthinking things.”

His gaze deepened, “Hopefully it is me that’s overthinking things.”


The morning after, Gu Yanhao returned to M City, leaving Ah De behind.

Carrying the porridge Xu Jing made, Song Wuyou walked into Mu Gu’s room.

Mu Gu, who was lying on the bed playing on his phone, immediately brightened up after seeing her, a gentle smile flitting across his face.

“Mu Xin didn’t come?” Mu Gu asked as he peered over at Song Wuyou.

Setting the container down, Song Wuyou took a seat next to the bed,. “Next week is Cheng Junhua’s birthday. She got roped in by Mrs. Jier to help pick a gift.”

“Oh.” Mu Gu’s heart raced as he asked, “Ah Hao went back?”

“En, there’s a very important project that he needed to personally oversee.”

Mu Gu put down his mobile, “I’ll eat the porridge.”

“Mu Gu,” Song Wuyou looked at him, not knowing where to begin.

Mu Gu’s stopped in the midst of taking the porridge container. His heart flexed and tightened as if knowing what she wanted to ask. He turned towards her, full of his sunny vibrant smile, “Ah??”

A dim light flickered in Song Wuyou’s eyes. Watching Mu Gu fixedly, she asked: “Who are you?”

This question has been swirling around in her head the entire night. At first, she wanted to pretend that she had never seen those paintings, but…she couldn’t resist.  Perhaps what Gu Yanhao said was right, saying what’s in her heart would make her life easier.

“I’m Mu Gu ah, Mu Family’s eldest son, Ah Hao’s best buddy.” Mu Gu answered in a lackadaisical manner.

“You’re Dongfang Xuan, or Song Jiaxi (her brother)?” Song Wuyou pursued.

Hearing these names, Mu Gu’s shuddered inwardly. A hand seemed to clench his heart, squeezing tightly, sending pain throughout.

“I’m Mu Gu ah.” Mu Gu raised his head, a funny expression on his face as he looked at Song Wuyou, “Don’t tell me you don’t recognize me?”

Seeing that Mu Gu was adamant about keeping things a secret, Song Wuyou’s mood grew heavy. She had thought that if she took the initiative to ask, Mu Gu would confess….


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  1. Md says:

    To me he is df and the one who killed her in the cold palace. Probably there is two df from two lifelines(possibly like back to the future?) Oh well, just me guessing! But it will be good if he is the older brother 😁
    Thank you always for the chapter translator – sama

  2. Tayce says:

    i think he was just an admirer??like a brother soldier.
    he was the one who kept her grave clean and offered offerings.
    i like to stick to DFX being the bastard

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