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Chapter 287: Confession (2)

“The paintings on your desk…” Song Wuyou’s voice sounded slightly choked uttering even this much. How she hoped to hear Mu Gu says he’s someone from the Song Family. How she wished her younger brother could be just like her; though harmed by Dongfang Xuan, his soul somehow ended up in Mu Gu’s body. She tried asking Mu Xin if Mu Gu was ever seriously injured or the like.

According to Mu Xin, once Mu Gu was riding on Blackie when he suddenly went crazy and threw him off his back. Although he was injured quite heavily, it wasn’t to the point of being admitted into the hospital, nor did he lapse into a coma.

Song Wuyou couldn’t be sure if that was the time when  ‘Mu Gu’ ceased to be Mu Gu, but she was sure that his ability to draw the scenes and her face as in the paintings was proof that he was definitely someone extremely close to her.

Mu Gu was suppressing the emotions that threatened to spill out as he maintained a calm face in front of Song Wuyou: “Those paintings…. I just drew them casually.”

“Till this point, you still refuse to speak the truth with me,” Song Wuyou smiled a bitter smile.

Noticing the pinkish red rim around her eyes, Mu Gu felt like his heart was being stabbed with a knife. A hint of sadness flickered across his obsidian peach blossom eyes as he said: “The woman in the paintings always appears in my dreams.” He always dreams of galloping in the vast grassland with her and cutting through the battlefield.

Mu Gu did not say the latter part. After all, he was someone who looked heavily on friendship. He was frequently entangled by this kind of dream. Sometimes he’d even feel sadness or anger due to them. Many times after he had awakened, he’d ask himself When will she appear beside me and not in a dream?

The last time, when she was about to faint, the words that fell from her mouth: “Dongfang Xuan, I beg you, don’t punish my nine familial connections.” sent a pain through his heart.

The three words, Dongfang Xuan, were like drum strikes on his heart. Though her face was different, hearing this name, he knew she is here.  Then again, what use was that? Her current identity was Mrs. Gu——

His simple reply raised tumultuous emotions in Song Wuyou’s heart.

“You drew them… based on the woman in your dreams?” Even her voice was shaking.

Could… Could it be, he really was Dongfang Xuan’s reincarnation? If that is so, what about Gu Yanhao? In her mind she had always assumed Gu Yanhao was the one….

Mu Gu nodded, lowering his gaze to his own legs thus avoiding having to face Song Wuyou’s eyes directly.

Song Wuyou asked again, “Then, in your dream, who were you? Dongfang Xuan or Song Jiaxi?”

Mu Gu raised his head, a complicated look in his eyes as he shook his head. Seeing this, Song Wuyou was extremely disappointed inside. It wasn’t hard to see the sadness on her beautiful face.

Another burst of pain pricked at Mu Gu’s heart seeing this expression on her face. Looking at her, his voice was low and solemn, “You must always remember that you are Mrs. Gu, Song Wuyou, and I am the Mu Family’s eldest son, Mu Gu.”

Song Wuyou trembled at his words. When their eyes met, she seemed to see a familiar pair of mirthful eyes.  Heartache pinched her. She suddenly stood up, “Have some porridge, I’ll go call the doctor to come to change the medication.”

Watching her leaving the room in panic, Mu Gu’s eyes grew dim, with even some moist mistiness in them.


The sun was setting on the horizon. Its last remnants of ember rays dyed the vast grass plains in sanguine hues. The lambs were nibbling on grass, wild horses galloping, and proud eagles soaring in the sky. Trees in the distant hills were swaying their leaves in the wind.

Song Wuyou held a painting in her hand, standing at the edge of the building, wearing a white dress that goes all the way down to her ankles. Her waist length long hair fluttered in the wind like her dress, like a mysterious goddess.


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