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Chapter 288: Goddess of Ancient Era

The red and ember hues of the sunset sprinkled onto her, giving her the appearance of an ancient goddess.

She looked at the vast grass plains before her and suddenly an inexplicable feeling hit her, that this world was full of confusion. Her fingers were gripping Mu Gu’s two paintings tightly, even as her eyes looked far into the distant mountains. From afar, these mountains looked like they were connected to the sky.

If standing here allows her to look straight into another world, how wonderful would that be. This way, she’d be able to see Dongfang Xuan’s situation after her death.

She had thought that after he bestowed her with three feet white silk, nothing but hate remained. However, when she heard what Mu Gu said, towards Mu Gu, she did not feel any hate.

No more hate… and she no longer wanted to feel hatred. Insisting on dragging the karma of a past life onto Mu Gu, it was too cruel for him. Regardless, whether he was Dongfang Xuan’s reincarnation – or her brother – those were things of her past life.

He was right. In this life, she’s Gu Yanhao’s wife. Mrs. Gu.

When Mu Gu was discharged from the hospital, the housekeeper came to pick him.

The car stopped in front of the little western-styled villa. The moment Mu Gu got out from the car, he saw Song Wuyou standing on the roof. With the sunset rays on her, long hair fluttering lightly in the breeze, as did her long white dress, stirrings of pain stabbed at Mu Gu’s heart.

He stood there, watching her as if there were a thousand years of time in that single glance.

Song Wuyou gradually retrieved her gaze, lowering her eyes to look at Mu Gu below. When their gazes met, Song Wuyou frowned slightly though her mind was calm. It was Mu Gu who felt an urge to cry. Complex emotions swirled in his eyes. At this very moment it felt as if he was the Cowherd and she was the Weaver Girl. They can never be together.

A short while later, the corner of his lips stretched into a gentle smile for Song Wuyou, and Song Wuyou returned him an alluring smile.

The housekeeper standing behind Mu Gu dazed for a second as if seeing a descended goddess.

Song Wuyou turned around, heading down.

Mu Gu lifted his foot, stepping in.

Both of them met in the living room.

“These two paintings are really beautiful, can you give them to me?” Song Wuyou stood in front of Mu Gu with a soft smile on her face, looking at him.

Mu Gu nodded, “For you, as a souvenir.”

“Thank you. Oh, right. I’d like to go back tomorrow.”

Despite the forlornness in his heart, Mu Gu nodded with a smile on his face, “It’s good, lest Ah Hao worries too much.” Then he turned to the housekeeper, “Go prepare an urn of kumis for Wuyou to bring back for Ah Hao.”

“Yes, Young Master Mu Gu.”

Song Wuyou wore a faint smile on her face. Seeing Mu Gu being so considerate towards Gu Yanhao, she was happy for him.

“Miss, Young Master Mu Gu, the meal is ready,” Xu Jing announced as she walked out from the kitchen.

Mu Gu smiled, “Let’s eat, then have an early rest. You can return earlier tomorrow.”

After the meal,Song Wuyou went riding, taking a lap around the ranch, whereas Mu Gu locked himself inside his room, drawing. It was a painting of a woman in a long white dress standing proudly on a peak, her long hair and dress fluttering in the wind, holding a long flute in her hand.

At a closer look, the woman in the picture resembled Song Wuyou as she stood on the second floor, right down to her temperament. Only, the woman in the painting wore a veil covering her face, leaving only a pair of bright clear eyes with sadness and melancholy in them, staring into the horizon, missing her beloved…

Suddenly, a knock sounded on the door.

“Come in.” Thinking it was Song Wuyou, Mu Gu quickly hid the drawing in his hands.

The door opened and the housekeeper walked in.

“Young Master, both wine and dried lamb jerky are prepared in the living room.” The housekeeper said.

“En.” Mu Gu simply grunted. A slight pause later, he ordered: “Get in touch with the company that made the Fish leaping Over Dragon Gate sculpture.”

The housekeeper dazed for a second, “Young Master, you want to remake the Fish Leaping Over Dragon Gate?”

“No,” Mu Gu looked down at the painting between his hands, “A different sculpture.”

“Okay, I will contact them now.”

M City.

Gu Yanhao was in meetings until 9 o’clock at night, and had yet to eat dinner. After the meetings ended he went to a western restaurant near the Gu Building and ordered a steak and a glass of milk.

When the steak was served, he cut it with a dark gloomy expression on his face as his eyes repeatedly glanced at the silent mobile.

It has been two days, yet Song Wuyou didn’t even call him once or even send him a text!”

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  1. Kobold says:

    Strange that when she thought DFX was GYH she hated him to the core but when she now suspects that My gu was DFX, she has no hate and feels cruel to despise him for the mistake of the past.
    That’s somehow bias.

    • NoiZe says:

      Well… GYH has the face that gave her traumas and he was cruel to the previous SWY. Mu Gu was nothing but nice to her in this life. He even risked his own life for hers. I’m just glad she’s finally able to let go and hope she’ll live for herself.

      • Confessions of a Dreamer says:

        Well, the situations are rather different. The memories she has of the previous SWY, GYH resembling DFX and the fact that she met him so soon after her death pushed her to despise GYH, and rightly so. MDG, on the other hand, she has no negative memories of, he just saved her life and a significant amount of time passed by since her death.

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