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Chapter 289: Young Master Gu, That Song Wuyou Is A Fake!

This woman doesn’t have one romantic cell. Doesn’t she know that he… misses her terribly? As his wife, shouldn’t she call to check on him? After all, she knew he had to rush back because there was something important to tend to in the office. That woman doesn’t even call him, inquiring how things went with him, busy or not, if he had meals on time…

Song Wuyou’s tepid temperament towards him caused his mood for the last two days to plummet to abyssal depths. During meetings, when all the top management saw Gu Yanhao’s terrible mood, all their reports were done with extreme caution.

Forget it, he already knew that woman is cold and aloof towards him nowadays. If she doesn’t call him, wasn’t it fine if he called her? In front of her, he really couldn’t muster up the effort to act cold and indifferent.

Stopping his actions of cutting up the steak on his plate, he picked up the silent mobile, but before he could press the call button, someone slid into the chair in front of him.  A sharp light flickered in Gu Yanhao’s eyes as he raised his head, coming face to face with a Song Jiuyue who emitted an overpowering perfume fragrance. Song Jiuyue placed her handbag on the table, her hands clasped in front of her. Her nervous twiddling thumbs betrayed her calm demeanor.

Her eyes sparkled looking at Gu Yanhao, “Young Master Gu, I have something to tell you!”

Gu Yanhao’s face showed a great lack of interest: “Not interested.”

“Song Wuyou, it’s related to Song Wuyou!” Song Jiuyue emphasized anxiously.

Gu Yanhao raised an eyebrow, looking coldly at Song Jiuyue.

Song Jiuyue revealed a bitter smile, “As expected, you’re only interested in topics related to Song Wuyou.”

“Whether you want to speak or fart, make it quick!”

Song Jiuyue’s expression stiffened. Never did she imagine that the noble him would loathe her so much as to use a crass word like ‘fart’ in front of her.

“Song Wuyou is a fake!” Song Jiuyue blurted out. Regardless whether he hates her or not, this was the main reason she came looking for him today.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes narrowed, his sharp and penetrating gaze staring at Song Jiuyue: “What do you mean?”

Song Jiuyue quickly removed the DNA report she had just gotten earlier today, pushing it across the table toward Gu Yanhao, exposing with excitement: “This is Song Wuyou and my father’s DNA report, they are not blood-related! Young Master Gu, that Song Wuyou is a fake! She is not the same as that silly Song Wuyou that was bullied by everyone in the past…”

“Bullied by everyone?” Gu Yanhao cut off her words, a ridiculing sneer on his face, “If I remember correctly, the arrogant Song Wuyou is the one that bullies others, other than you three mother and daughters.”

Having her past deeds exposed, Song Jiuyue had the decency to show embarrassment, but this was nothing. She reiterated to Gu Yanhao: “The point is, she is not the same Song Wuyou!”

“Then, the old Song Wuyou?” Gu Yanhao leaned back into his chair, looking interestedly at Song Jiuyue, yet his gaze beneath his long lashes was colder than ice. But it was exactly this appearance of his that exuded an irresistible charm that made the women obsessed.

Song Jiuyue swallowed hard saying, “The old Song Wuyou died in the car crash.”

“How can you be sure she died in the car crash?”

“Otherwise, where would she go?”

“That’s right, where would she have gone? If she died, should the hospital inform your Song Family or me to confirm her corpse?”

Song Jiuyue was speechless, unable to think of a comeback for that.

“You have nothing to say? Then please scram!”

“Young Master Gu, this Song Wuyou is not my sister, she’s a fake!” Song Jiuyue looked eagerly at Gu Yanhao. What must she do so that he’d believe her? The DNA report was already in front of him, why he wasn’t willing to take a look?

Gu Yanhao casually glanced at the report in front of him, cold indifference in his voice, “She indeed is not your sister.”

Song Jiuyue trembled with excitement, “ You believe me?”


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