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Chapter 290: Song Wuyou Is A Bastard!

“She has never been Yang Xiaolan and Song Nan’s biological daughter!”

Song Jiuyue’s mind failed to make the connection at the abrupt statement. She looked blankly at Gu Yanhao, “What do you mean?”

“Song Wuyou is not Song Nan’s daughter,” Gu Yanhao stated, cold and blunt.

Song Jiuyue’s back stiffened as she stared at Gu Yanhao in disbelief, “You already knew?”

Gu Yanhao’s sharp gaze pierced Song Jiuyue in order to extinguish any vindictive ideas in her head. He continued coldly, “Song Wuyou is Yang Xiaolong’s daughter with another person when she was still working as a singer.”

Gu Yanhao sneered with disdain, “You think I wouldn’t check the background of the woman I’m marrying?”

Song Jiuyue was agitated, “Why? Why would you rather marry a bastard and not me? I’m Song Family’s eldest daughter!”

“My good steak has turned foul.” Gu Yanhao put down his cutlery, a flash of disgust gleaming in his phoenix eyes. He then raised his hand, summoning the waiter to bring his bill.

Watching his actions, Song Jiuyue was embittered, “Young Master Gu, let me go back to Gu Group, okay? I need money now, really.” Knowing that Song Wuyou was just a bastard, Song Jiuyue was convinced that as long as she is in the Group and able to maintain a link with Gu Yanhao, there would be a chance for her to make Gu Yanhao divorce Song Wuyou.

“With your reputation, it won’t be difficult for you to look for a new job. Entering Song Group to help Song Nan run his company is also a good option.” Gu Yanhao picked up his mobile and stood up to leave.

Song Jiuyue turned around in her chair, watching the tall silhouette going further away. She unconsciously gritted her teeth as her hatred toward Song Wuyou penetrated bone deep. In the past, thinking she was her sister, she chose to bury this hate in her heart, but now she knew that Song Wuyou was not her real sister, that her Song Family had raised someone else’s daughter in vain for so many years, even sending her to Gu Yanhao’s side.

An intense repugnance took root in her heart.

Yang Xiaolan, that damned cabaret singer! Who could say which wildman’s seed she gave birth to? What right does their bastard has to compete for the man she loves? The more she thought about it, the more Song Jiuyue felt she was wronged, shortchanged, and victimized. If Song Wuyou didn’t exist, she, Song Jiuyue, would have been Mrs. Gu!

Now, not only had she failed to become Mrs. Gu, Gu Yanhao even refused to allow her return to the Gu Group. She felt so wronged that tears started flowing down her face. That damn Cheng Junhua, after sleeping with her, she couldn’t even get him on the phone, much less hoping that he’d take out a billion to save Song Group. The current Song Group was no different than a critically ill patient, hovering at the edge of death.

Banks refused to loan money, Cheng Junhua wouldn’t lend a hand, what should she do now? Moreover, who said Cheng Junhua doesn’t touch women? She merely got close to him a little and managed to get into his bed.

That damn irresponsible man, she cursed him!

Song Jiuyue cursed Cheng Junhua and Song Wuyou in her heart while crying silently on the surface, when suddenly a nice looking hand holding a tissue appeared in front of her eyes.

Song Jiuyue thought Gu Yanhao felt guilty and returned. Overjoyed, she quickly raised her head, but when she saw the person’s face, disappointment flickered in the depth of her eyes.

“How come it’s you?” Song Jiuyue asked, puzzled.

Clad in full white western suit, An Zhanggong elegantly pulled out a chair, taking a seat in front of Song Jiuyue.

He smiled a gentle smile, “I’m sincerely inviting you to our Anmei Group to take the position of Chief Designer. The salary will be double what you earned in the Gu Group.”

Song Jiuyue was desperately in need of money; even so, she wanted to work in the Gu Group.

With her red-rimmed eyes, she looked at An Zhanggong: “I will think about it.”

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