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Chapter 291: She Won, Won His Heart

Back at the villa, Gu Yanhao went straight to his room.

“Young Master Gu, are you not eating dinner?” Hearing noises outside, Sister Song hurried out from her room.

“What time is it now? Still eating?!” Gu Yanhao snapped, smelling of gunpowder. [1]

Sister Song was stunned;.Aiyah, weren’t you the one that said no matter how late it is, you’ll eat dinner at home? Telling her to prepare all meals accordingly…

Sister Song pursed her lips. These two days when Mrs. Gu not around, this Young Master Gu’s temper was exceptionally bad, coming home with a face black as a pan’s bottom.

Inside his bedroom, Gu Yanhao threw himself onto the big bed, pulling at his tie in an irritated manner. His other hand held his mobile, familiarly punching Song Wuyou’s number. The ringing tone sounded immediately.

However, Song Wuyou was in the shower, leaving the mobile ringing for a long time on the bed until it automatically disconnected.

Gu Yanhao’s gloomy eyes darkened further. What was that woman doing? Actually not picking up his call? Gu Yanhao felt a strong impulse to swear, flinging his mobile on the bed. That woman, doesn’t she know how much he’s missed her these two days? He missed her, very much. Without her by his side, he couldn’t sleep well. Then again, he was asking for it. Obviously he misses her, yet he refuses to be the first one to call her. Hence, he has been waiting, wondering why she wasn’t calling?  Finally, two days passed and he could no longer stand it, but who knew that when he called, she was not picking up!

Truly maddening, to the point his neck veins were bulging up! He refused to believe she would be able to ignore all his call. What could she be so busy doing on the ranch?

Unresigned, he made another call.

Hehe, just like the call earlier, no one picked up.

“SONG WUYOU!” Gu Yanhao gritted his teeth, cursing: “You damn woman! Fine, you win!”

Yes, she won. Won his heart, was she satisfied now?

Song Wuyou who had just walked out of the bathroom and sneezed. The flickering screen on the bed caught her attention. She walked over to the bed while drying her hair with one hand, and picking up the mobile with the other.

“Hello, I just came out of the shower,” she said.

Lying on the bed, Gu Yanhao’s mood was at its worst, but when he heard the other end say she had just come out of the shower, his mood inexplicably lightened.

His nice voice sounded, “When are you coming back? I miss you so much that I’m about to go crazy.”

Song Wuyou’s heart tightened, answering: “Tomorrow. I’m returning tomorrow.”

Gu Yanhao went from lying on the bed to sitting up straight in less than a second. Joy spread to every fiber in his chest: “I’ll come pick you up.”

“No need – you’re busy, there’s Ah De.”

“Okay, come back first thing in the morning.”


“I really miss you.”

Song Wuyou’s heart raced like there was a deer bumping against her heart. A soft red blush colored her cheeks, “Since when have you become such a sweet talker?”

Gu Yanhao answered very seriously, “I don’t know. Anyway, I miss you.”


“Do you miss me?”

“……..” Song Wuyou blinked her eyes a couple of times. Did she miss him? She doesn’t know how she should answer this question. Her mood has been extremely heavy for the past two days. The subject that weighed on her mind the most wasn’t Gu Yanhao, nor was it herself. It was Dongfang Xuan——

Therefore, she didn’t think that it could be considered as missing him…

Failing to get an answer from her side after a long pause, Gu Yanhao’s chest felt stuffy and uncomfortable. He already knew that she didn’t miss him like he missed her.

“Rest early.” His voice was low and heavy.

“En, I’ll see you.” She disconnected the line, her hair was still wet.

Gu Yanhao sneered mockingly at himself; she hung up just like that? He brought the mobile right to his face, staring at the bright screen showing the disconnected call.

Song Wuyou, what should I do so that you’ll treat me with the same passion you used to?


Smelling of gunpowder- in a bad mood; lashing out in anger.

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  1. fan63 says:

    She should take the job. But, I hope she doesn’t become bed partners with him.I respected him.Perhaps this is just a business deal. Or is this a way to get info to put a wedge between WuYou and Yan Hao ? Or a way to take down the Gu Group so his company can surpass the Gu Group?

  2. lin says:

    Thanks for the chapter!!

    My heart is crying for Gu Yanhao.. he’s too awkward in expressing his love to the original Song Wuyou 😭 regret always comes late dude

  3. devil_cyborg says:

    Whatever it is but I don’t feel like shipping SWY and GYH . Seriously ,when she loved him though I know she had unruly , arrogant and shrewish nature but boi you neglected her, didn’t even give her a wedding ring which I think is most important for a girl ,you didn’t provide her sense of security in a relationship,you hugged and spent time with other girl Infront of her and when she was in a car accident leading to miscarriage and her “death” ,you were nowhere to be seen but just came in at the right moment to hand over the divorce paper. Dude ,if this is how you love a person leaving them vulnerable in there most critical moment and don’t giving a fuck and then has the audacity to ask about what was the wrong thing you did , then you have opened my eyes on a whole different level about what love actually is.
    Sorry but I was in need to rant my feelings after reading this
    P.S. I am kind off disappointed in you SWY though I know both (original and ancient one) of you are different person all together but your resistance towards GYH sounds too fake to be true. You should have separated from him and should have started your life anew.😩

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