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Chapter 292: Dream

Barely drying her hair, Song Wuyou fell asleep on the bed. With all the messy thoughts occupying her mind the last two days, everything was in chaos. Even her sleep was not peaceful, dreaming of nonsensical things.

Tonight, she dreamed again.

Once again, she was back in her and Dongfang Xuan’s hometown.

Her tomb was looked after with great care, cleaned and tidy, not a speck of dust. Colored papers, offerings, fresh flowers, everything was changed daily.

She stood in front of her own grave for a very very long time. Who was it that cleaned her tomb every day?

She saw some villagers passing by, so she approached them to ask but not one villager was able to see her, no matter how loud or anxious she was. Not one living person could see or hear her—

She could only wait, from when the sun was still in the sky until it set on the horizon. From moonrise until night gave way to daylight once more.

Finally, at the Mao hour (morning, 6 am), through a veil of misty morning fog, she saw on the path leading out from the nearby village, a gray silhouette appear. As the silhouette grew closer, she felt a sense of familiarity.

The fog was too thick, preventing her from seeing the person’s face clearly, but, from the silhouette, it seemed to be Dongfang Xuan!

Song Wuyou was shocked by her own guess. How could it be him?


Her view was clear at this range; it was really him! Wasn’t he the Emperor? Why was he wearing coarse commoner’s clothes, appearing at this place?

He was much thinner but more mature, and tougher.

“Dongfang Xuan!” Song Wuyou walked up, grabbing his shoulder – but no matter how she tried to touch Dongfang Xuan’s shoulder, her hand just slipped right past, grabbing at empty air.

Song Wuyou became more anxious.

She spun around, standing in front of him, waving both her hands before his eyes. However, his deep sad eyes saw right through her, his gaze falling on the tomb behind her. His expression spoke of sorrow and melancholy.

Dongfang Xuan’s expression made Song Wuyou feel a tinge of pain as she stood there dazedly looking at him.

There were tears in his eyes? Why? Why would he come to clean her tomb everyday? Why would he be standing in front of her tomb, crying?

“Ahh—!” Suddenly loud screams rang in the air, coming from all around.

Song Wuyou was alarmed by the sudden screams. Her head jerked up, surveying her surroundings to see that soldiers swinging long swords were rushing out from all directions.

These soldiers all showed savage and ferocious expressions, emitting a strong killing intent.

Song Wuyou’s face turned ashen—not good!

She turned to Dongfang Xuan, noticing that he was still staring at her tomb, his eyes never leaving her tombstone.

“Dongfang Xuan, quickly run ah! They’re here to kill you!” Her eyes were red with the force of screaming at Dongfang Xuan!

She watched as those savage soldiers were about to reach Dongfang Xuan, one of them even leaping into the air, slashing the big sword in his hand at Dongfang Xuan’s back.

Song Wuyou was wide-eyed petrified, able to do nothing but watch that big sword swing down. She wanted to scream out loud, but her voice wouldn’t come.

“Miss? Miss?! Miss, wake up, it’s already 8 in the morning.”

Song Wuyou’s eyes snapped open, staring at Xu Jing with a frightened look in her eyes.

Xu Jing was startled by the fear in Song Wuyou’s eyes, she called out hesitantly, “M-Miss?”

“Xu Jing?” Song Wuyou stared at Xu Jing: “What did you do?” Why did you wake me up? She won’t know if that big sword actually struck Dongfang Xuan or not? Did Dongfang Xuan die?

This Xu Jing, why does she have to wake her up at this moment?

Xu Jing was baffled by Song Wuyou’s annoyed stare. She looked at Song Wuyou innocently, “Didn’t you say we’ll be going back to M City at 7:30 am? It’s already 8 now.”


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  1. fan63 says:

    Is this karma? In their lifetime he killed heran yet he is here memorializing her everyday.Why did he kill her?. Now he will lose his life.
    Yan Hao is about to lose his mind. He thinks she’s involved with Mu Gu. Or just not into him to the degree that he would like her to be.
    Wu You should tell him of her dreams ans her past life. He would believe her.

    Thank you for these chapters.

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