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Chapter 293: Were You Dreaming That You And Young Master Gu Were *Wink Wink* You Know…

“Ahh ahhhh ahhhhh…”

Song Wuyou pulled at her hair irritatedly, “We’re already late, couldn’t you have waited a few more minutes before waking me up? You interrupted my dream! Arrggh~!”

After she finished screaming, Song Wuyou kicked off the blanket, feeling extremely uncomfortable.

“…………..” Xu Jing felt wronged. Who knows that you’re dreaming——?

“Go wait for me outside, I’ll be down after washing up,” Song Wuyou was half-snapping at Xu Jing.

Xu Jing quickly nodded, “Oh…”

After Xu Jing left the room, Song Wuyou did not immediately get up to wash up, but sat dazedly on the bed.

Was there a usurpation after she died? Those people wouldn’t let him go even after he was reduced to a commoner? Recalling the sorrow in his eyes looking at her tomb, pain spread in her heart.

During the journey back, Song Wuyou was silent sitting on the back seat, looking dazed and lost, gazing out the window. Until now, she had yet to retract herself from the dream.

That dream must be fake!

It wasn’t easy for Dongfang Xuan to conquer all those lands, so how could he have allowed others to encroach his territory? His pride and arrogance, and those loyal soldiers that fought with him, who’d rebel? Although she spent the last of her years within the walls of the Cold Palace, she still knew that ever since Dongfang Xuan became the Emperor,  the country was peaceful and the people lived well.

Corrupt officials, thieves and bandits were rare.

The people sang his praises, his wisdom, and his love for the people… except for her.

That’s right, he only didn’t care for her. He elected someone else as his Empress and bestowed her with three feet white silk, so how could someone like that be taking care of her tomb? Would he give up his throne for a dead woman like her, returning to their remote hometown? And why didn’t he retaliate when facing those rebelling soldiers? That wasn’t like him at all.

False. The dream wasn’t true at all.

Every time she thought of him, her chest would feel heavy.

“Miss, would you like some water?” Xu Jing, who was sitting beside her in the car, passed her a bottle of mineral water.

Song Wuyou turned over, looking at Xu Jing. That look, it was obvious she still blames Xu Jing for interrupting her dream this morning. She really wanted to know the continuation of the dream. She wanted to see if that Dongfang Xuan would suddenly break out superhuman powers, killing off all those rebelling soldiers.

Xu Jing’s heart shuddered at Song Wuyou’s sharp gaze, asking cautiously, “Miss, are you still blaming me?”

Song Wuyou had an ‘If something happened to him, I’ll definitely not spare you’ expression on her face as she stared at Xu Jing.

Xu Jing truly felt she was wronged, “Miss, how would I know that you were dreaming ah?” On the other hand, she was really curious about what kind of dream Miss had.

As if not afraid of death, Xu Jing asked, “Miss, did you dream you and Young Master Gu…?” wink wink, “you know…”

Song Wuyou raised an eyebrow, “What is…” wink wink“ you know?”

Xu Jing’s face blushed red, “Rolling between the sheets ah.”

“Roll your head.” Song Wuyou took the bottle of water from her, “I just dreamed of my enemy.”

Xu Jing was confused, “Who ah?”

Song Wuyou rolled her eyes at Xu Jing, “Why should I tell you? Whatever good dream was broken by you.”

Hehe, was that considered a good dream? Xu Jing secretly pursed her lips, “Fine, I won’t ever give you a wake up call in the future.” Xu Jing even had a pitiful expression on her face.

Sigh, for a mere dream, she was bothered until now. Was it worth it?

Carrying the final draft contract, Secretary Zhang walked into the President’s office to meet with Gu Yanhao for his review.

After placing the contract on the table, Secretary Zhang was about to leave when Gu Yanhao suddenly looked up from a pile of documents asking, “Zhang Qian, do you have a boyfriend?”

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