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Chapter 294: One Must Use Various Ways To Coax A Woman

Being asked this kind of question by the company President, Secretary Zhang was unable to react for a moment. A few seconds later, she nodded, “Yes.”

“How are things between you two?” Gu Yanhao asked as he fiddled with the pen in his hand.

Secretary Zhang answered, “Very good. We plan to marry at the end of the year.”

“Do you argue occasionally?”

“Sometimes.” President, why are you asking these questions?

“When he upsets you, what would he do to coax you?”

This question made Secretary Zhang blush, “He’s a little aggressive.”

Hearing this, Gu Yanhao’s expression darkened, “He’s violent towards you?”

Secretary Zhang’s face turned even redder, “No.” She braced herself, asking, “President, you’re asking these questions. Did you argue with Mrs. President?”

Gu Yanhao’s face became sullen, “En, lately she’s been very lukewarm towards me.”

Secretary Zhang made a couple of dry coughs to clear her throat before saying, “When I’m angry, my boyfriend would send me flowers, bring me out for dinner, watch a movie, using all kinds of methods to coax me. President, if all these fail, you can try making various moves on Mrs. President…”

Confusion flickered in Gu Yanhao’s usually intelligent eyes, “What do you mean by ‘various moves’?”

The corner of Secretary Zhang’s lips twitched. President, don’t tell me you don’t even know what “various moves” means?

“Bed move, wall move, sofa move, kitchen move, car move…”

Gu Yanhao’e eyebrow raised upon hearing these words, musing about their meaning.

Seeing the pensive expression on his face, Secretary Zhang looked deeply at him, “President, do you understand now?”

“Use force?”

At his words, Secretary Zhang nearly spat a mouthful of blood. Forcing out a smile, she corrected: “Between husband and wife, there’s no such thing as forcing.”

Gu Yanhao looked solemn, “I understand.”

“Then I shall return to my work.”

Secretary Zhang had just taken two steps before she was halted by Gu Yanhao’s call. She turned around, looking puzzled: President, is there anything else you want to ask?

Gu Yanhao’s eyes narrowed, looking at her for a good couple of seconds before asking, “What do you need?”

“Ah?” A cloud of questions marks appeared in Secretary Zhang’s mind.

“Between a house and a car, choose one. This is the boss’ wedding gift to the employee,” Gu Yanhao said coolly.

Secretary Zhang’s eyes widened, looking at Gu Yanhao with disbelief, “President, are you for real?”

His face darkened slightly, seemingly unhappy being doubted, “Would I joke with you?”

She shook her head, “No, no, no!” Then, she smiled shyly, “Can I choose a house? We’re currently troubled by this…”

“En.” Gu Yanhao grunted a reply.

Secretary Zhang was a diligent person, moreover, she’s also his Chief Secretary. She has been with him ever since the Gu Group was established. As her employer, gifting her with a house when she’s getting married was a given.

Getting a positive reply, Secretary Zhang skipped happily back to her work, vowing to herself that she’d work even harder to repay the President’s care toward her.

After finishing with his work, Gu Yanhao left early. When he drove past a flower shop on his way back, he stopped to get a bouquet of ninety-nine red roses.

When he reached the villa, Sister Song was attending to four middle-aged men. Noticing Gu Yanhao had returned, all four men rose from the sofa.

“Sit, be at ease,” Gu Yanhao said as he carried in the large bouquet of red roses.

Four adult men felt the corners of their eyes twitch as they looked at Gu Yanhao carrying in a rose ‘tree’. Wasn’t this Young Master Gu being to loving to his wife?

“Young Master Gu, I have thought it over. I’ll transfer the deed to the house and land according to the price you offered,” one of the four men spoke.   As soon as he spoke, the other three men also nodded their heads in agreement.

Gu Yanhao smiled faintly, “Good, I’ll add another five hundred thousand on top of the agreed price.”


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