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Chapter 295: Nervous Like A Youth In Love

When the four men heard Gu Yanhao’s words, their faces revealed an expression of pleasant surprise.

“I already had the contracts prepared; we can proceed with the sale and purchase agreement immediately.”

Gu Yanhao was in a good mood, “Bring the contracts to Gu Group office later in the afternoon, my lawyers will attend to you. After the signing is completed, the payment will be transferred into your accounts immediately.”



Gu Yanhao waved his hand at them, “Since everyone is one the same page, then go back. Quick as you can, pack your things and move to the South Garden Villa.”

The four men were slightly dazed when they heard that. One of them asked, “Why move to the South Garden Villa?”

“I went ahead and bought several houses for each of you so that when you move out, at least you will have a place to settle down.”

The four men looked at each other in silence.

Gu Yanhao then added, “Just show your identity card to the sales department. They will handle the deeds and certification for you all, no need to pay a cent.”

“Young Master Gu is too kind!”

“Young Master Gu really works fast! No wonder so many companies wreck their brains thinking of ways to cooperate with the Gu Group.”

“To be able to cooperate with Young Master Gu is our blessed fortune ah.”

“That it is, that it is.”

The four men heaped endless flatteries on Gu Yanhao.

“Enough, enough. Return to your homes quickly, my wife is about to arrive. I haven’t seen my wife for three days already.” Gu Yanhao waved them out as he carried the large bouquet of red roses upstairs.

Hearing this, all four men smiled ambiguously, “Yesyesyes, we’ll leave now, right now.”

“Old people used to say, only men who listen to their wives will get rich.”

“Men with money treat their wives like the center of their universe. From the looks of things, we should learn from Young Master Gu, go home and love our wives better.”

“Don’t say ‘no money’ any more. After going back, one must treat that tiger-wife better.” [TN: fierce, authoritative wife]

“How about we go and buy a vase of roses?”    The four men left Gu Yanhao’s villa while talking amongst themselves.  Each of these four men was Go Yanhao’s neighbors. These villa owners bought land and built their homes from the ground up, therefore, these people have the right to sell to their houses and land without seeking approval from anyone else.

Gu Yanhao offered a very lucrative price to buy these four men’s villas and land. He even specifically readied high-end houses for them.

Such a good thing, they literally step on dog shit luck ah.

When Gu Yanhao stepped into the bedroom, he placed the bouquet of roses on the bed then walked out to the balcony, looking out to the villa’s main entrance.

Ah De said they would be arriving soon.

Why was he like this?

Merely three days of not seeing her and now thinking that she was about to appear through the doors at any time, why does the thought make his heart beat so fast?

Gu Yanhao leaned against the balcony rails, his posture devilishly lazy.

He took out cigar, nipped the end off and lit it, slowly drawing the smoke in.

Curling smoke wafted out from his thin lips, rising to the air, veiling a portion of his face behind the hazy smoke that added a touch of mystery.  The anxiousness in his eyes belied his calm appearance as they fixed on the large gates in the distance. Just like a nervous youth in love for the first time, even his heart was beating at an irregular pace.

Ah De subsequently opened the villa gates, driving in.  Gu Yanhao’s heart tightened seeing this, and he quickly straightened his body.

She’s back!

A trace of nervousness can be seen in the depth of his dark obsidian eyes.

He snubbed the embers on his cigar, turned around and hurried down.  Just as he had one foot out of the room, Gu Yanhao stopped, retreating back into the room. Standing in front of the vanity table, he ran his fingers through his hair, slightly tidying his appearance.  When he felt he was sufficiently good looking, his lips turned up in a charming smile and went out. Then, as if remembering something, he returned to the room once more, grabbing the bouquet from the bed.

When he reached the living room, Gu Yanhao hid the roses behind his back while waiting for the person to enter.  Standing there, he was nervous yet excited while waiting for that woman.

Ta, ta, ta— He could her faint footsteps. Moments later, she entered his line of sight.


AN: Young Master Gu, enough you!


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