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Chapter 297: Quarrel (2)

Startled, she looked down, feeling pity that such beautiful flowers were trampled on by her. To her, It was an unintentional accident, but it looked entirely different in Gu Yanhao’s eyes.

“Song Wuyou!”

From above her head, Gu Yanhao’s angry voice thundered.

Song Wuyou raised her head, her gaze colliding with his frighteningly cold glare. A shiver ran down her back. Before she could figure out why Gu Yanhao was so furious, his chilling voice sounded again: “You hate me so much?”

Clouds of confusion filled her. What was he playing at? Her hand reached out, wanting to take the painting from his hand. Impatience seeped into her voice: “Give the painting to me!”

Brimming with anger, Gu Yanhao crushed the painting in his hand into a ball of paper, throwing it onto the balcony.

“You—!” Song Wuyou’s face tightened, her own anger rising as she glared at him. “You’ve gone crazy?” Not waiting for an answer, she rushed over to the balcony, wanting to retrieve the painting.

“Not allowed!!” Gu Yanhao suddenly grabbed Song Wuyou’s hand, forcefully pulling her back. With a slight toss, Song Wuyou lost her balance and fell sitting on the bed.

“GU YANHAO!” Song Wuyou wasn’t a soft persimmon lacking temper. She jumped to her feet, glaring fiercely at Gu Yanhao: “Scram far away if you want to act crazy!”

Gu Yanhao’s tall figure blocked her path to the balcony. “Must you pick that painting up?” His voice was cold.

Song Wuyou sneered, “You won’t even give me this much freedom?”

“You’re so concerned about the painting Mu Gu gave you, yet you throw and step on the flowers I gave you?” His gaze was piercing. He was already trying his best to suppress his boiling anger.

“It was not intentional,” Song Wuyou coldly answered.

“If you didn’t throw them to the floor, would you even get a chance to step on them unintentionally?”

“Aren’t they just flowers? Aren’t there a lot of roses like this in the shops?” Song Wuyou directly bypassed him to move towards the balcony.

“When I say not allowed, I mean not allowed!” Gu Yanhao wanted to push her back, but Song Wuyou lost her balance and fell onto the bed.  Before she could sit up, Gu Yanhao’s body loomed over her, pressing down. Under his weight, she couldn’t move an inch. His eyes were scarlet red as if they were spewing magma.

“Song Wuyou, you’ve become increasingly disobedient!” His hands locked hers down, not allowing her to struggle free.

“Gu Yanhao, get off me!” Song Wuyou could barely breathe while being pressed down by him.

“Speak! Why are you so concerned about that painting?” Gu Yanhao barked, staring fiercely at her.

“That painting is very important to me!” That was what she looked like in the past.

“So the real reason why you wouldn’t come back with me, wanting to stay at the ranch, is not because you wanted to train yourself, but because you wanted to spend time with Mu Gu!”

“What did you say?” Song Wuyou’s heart tightened.

A sarcastic sneer flitted past Gu Yanhao’s face, “Still don’t want to admit it? That painting was painted by Mu Gu!”

Song Wuyou’s eyes narrowed, astounded, as she looked at Gu Yanhao, “You suspect that I like Mu Gu?”

Gu Yanhao harrumphed, “Isn’t that so?” The two days she was at the ranch, did she even call him once?

Laughter gurgled out from Song Wuyou’s throat, “I can do nothing if you want to suspect.” Marriage without trust won’t last long.

“You damn woman!” Gu Yanhao became even more infuriated. Lowering his head, he bit and sucked her lips like a madman.  A strong cigar taste invaded her mouth. His violent action hurt her lips.


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  1. Vv228 says:

    This novel is getting boring… always bickering, arguing and misunderstandings.. there is not a day that this two are not arguing.. just let them separate for god sake.. there’s nothing new anymore and there’s no excitement to it at all…

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