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Chapter 298: Proof of Loving Me

Song Wuyou struggled ferociously to break free but her struggles seemed to anger Gu Yanhao more, making his kiss even rougher, almost akin to a wild wolf tearing flesh off its prey. At one point, Song Wuyou tasted blood in her mouth. Despair made her heart sink into an abyss. She ceased to struggle, letting Gu Yanhao do as he liked, lying there like a wooden puppet.

In the absence of her struggles, Gu Yanhao grew frenzied. His kisses traveled down all the way to her collarbone, to her shoulder.… Song Wuyou thought he’d bite her neck, just like the beast he was acting like – but Gu Yanhao stopped at this moment. His gaze was unfathomable when he raised his head to look at Song Wuyou.

Seeing her wide-eyed with a faraway gaze, something slammed into Gu Yanhao’s heart. Lying on top of her, he finally asked the very question he was afraid to know the answer to: “Song Wuyou, do you like Mu Gu?”

At this question, her dark ink eyelashes slightly moved, but her heart felt like someone was stabbing needles into it. Her gaze moved down, looking at him with clear cold eyes. Was she the kind of indecisive woman that goes back and forth? His impression of her was horrible to this extent? Was it impossible for her to have a friend of the opposite gender? This person most likely doesn’t know the meaning of a confidante.

“If I say I don’t, would you believe me?” Song Wuyou stared directly at the man’s eyes.

“I’ll believe. Tear the painting with your hands, and I will believe.”

“I cannot do that!”

Gu Yanhao looked at her with a dangerous gaze, “You’re adamant to go against me?”

“The one going against me is you!”

“The flowers I gave you, you threw it to the floor like trash, but you treat the painting Mu Gu gave you like a precious treasure?”

Song Wuyou smiled coldly, “Those paintings are indeed precious treasures to me.”

“Damn!” Provoked, Gu Yanhao’s fist punched down right next to Song Wuyou’s ear.

Song Wuyou felt a sharp force blow past her ear, then the whole bed slightly shook. This proved how heavy this punch was.

Song Wuyou calmly looked at him without any fear.

Irritated, Gu Yanhao removed himself from the bed, shooting Song Wuyou a stern glare before leaving the room in large strides. Still lying in the same position on the bed, Song Wuyou heaved a heavy sigh. His temper was exactly like that heartless man—

From the time he was enthroned as the Emperor, his temper grew worse every day, just like the current Gu Yanhao, flying into anger for no reason, unpredictable.

Song Wuyou swallowed her saliva, then slowly rose to a sitting position, not caring about her messy hair as she hastened to the balcony to pick up the painting.

Wrinkled, thoroughly wrinkled.

Squatting there, Song Wuyou lowered her head, staring at the wrinkled painting.

Looking at the scene of the painting, looking at herself riding on a horse in the battlefield, the memories of that time flooded into her mind. In that period of time, she and he were a pair.

She cared about him, but when she was on the battlefield with him, she never feared her own death. One time, in an intense battle, both of them were injured. At that time, he said they would live and die as one. Her calf was slashed open to the bones and he carried her on his back all the way back to their camp, personally cleaning and wrapping her wound.

She remembered asking him, “I have so many scars on my arms and legs, does it make you dislike me?”

He raised his head, seriously looking back at her, “No! In my heart these are not scars.”

His words made her laughed, “Then, what are they?”

Tenderness shone in his, “Proof of loving me.”

If she doesn’t love him, she wouldn’t join the army with him, suffering so much.

Hearing his words, she smiled shyly. At that time, she thought to herself, as long as she could be at his side, it doesn’t matter if she was to have more scars on her body.


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