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Chapter 30: The Story about Her and that Heartless Man

The story being narrated was about her and that heartless man. Although the contents had been twisted, flipped over, and deviated greatly, it still sounded very touching.

The hairpin was also a craftsmanship of her era but it was not the one that had belonged to her.

Song Wuyou thought, what little jewelry she had had must have been taken away by the palace maids that had served her.

Those maids that had been freed from the Palace most likely had the hairpin design imitated and reproduced outside.

Through the passage of times, a similar hairpin had once again appear in the world.

“Ten million!”

“Ten million going once!”

“Thirteen million!”


Song Wuyou was abruptly pulled back to reality by the incessant enthusiastic cries of bidding.

She blinked her eyes a couple of times, eyelids trembled slightly as she blinked away a layer of sparkling moist that blurred her sight. She looked up towards the auction podium.

The bidding price became increasingly higher, much to the organisers’ excitement.

However, Song Wuyou’s detachedness seemed out of place from the fervent atmosphere in the hall.

After all, the hairpin was an antique. Even the starting bid price was set at three million.

Unfortunately, it was not the same one that had belonged to her, thus in Song Wuyou’s eyes, it doesn’t worth anything….

“Twenty million!” Song Jiuyue raised her bidding card accompanied by her clear tinkling voice.

Song Jiuyue liked the hairpin very much. She had hoped for Gu Yanhao to bid it down as a present for her. But the price had already been raised numerous times, yet there was no signs of movement from Gu Yanhao.

How could she allow something she liked to fall into someone else’s hand?

“Twenty million going once!”

“Twenty million going twice!”

“Twenty-one million!” Song Wuyou suddenly lifted her bidding card.

Sitting next to her, Xu Jing was instantly stupefied by her action.


‘Oh God ah, twenty-one million, since when did her Miss has so much money?’

Sitting beside Xu Jing, Song Wuyou turned and blinked cutely at Xu Jing, flashing her a ‘don’t-worry’ smile.

“Young Master Gu is going to give me thirty million as compensation. I like this hairpin very much, so I must bid it down.” Song Wuyou said to Xu Jing in a soft but clear voice.

It was soft and clear enough for Song Jiuyue and Song Jiumei sitting right in front of them to catch it loud and clear.

The corner of Song Jiuyue’s lips curved up in a smug smile, she deliberately would not allow Song Wuyou to have it!

Raising her bidding card up, she cried out, “Twenty-five million!”

“Twenty-six million!” Song Wuyou pursued right behind Song Jiuyue and raised her bidding card.

“…….” Xu Jing was sweating profusely. Miss still had not signed the divorce papers, how would she have any compensation money?

Xu Jing was truly anxious. Miss bid so much money, what if she could not pay? At that time, wouldn’t people laugh at her till their teeth falls out?

‘Miss, ah, you want to show off but is this really the way a~~ah~~~~ah~~~~~’

Gu Yanhao watched with interest. Since he heard Song Wuyou’s voice calling out the first time, a touch of surprise graced his eyes.

‘This woman calls a bid at twenty-six million! Does she have that much money?’

“Thirty million!” Song Jiuyue gritted her teeth while raising another four million.

When she was raising her bidding card, Song Jiuyue turned around and sneered at Song Wuyou. Without anyone noticing, Song Wuyou returned a challenging and arrogant smile at Song Jiuyue.

Wanted to snatch things from her? No way in hell!!

Didn’t she say she only has thirty million?

Let’s see if she still has the guts to raise the offer again!

At the back, when Song Wuyou sensed Song Jiuyue turning around, she quickly put on an angry facade.

Even went as far as to add a look that said ‘can’t you relent this time and just give it to me?’.

“Thirty million going once!”

“Thirty million going twice!”

“Thirty million…..”

“I add one thousand dollars!” Song Wuyou suddenly jumped off her seat and shouted. Her hasty movement indicating that by hook or by crook, she must get the hairpin.

Gu Yanhao’s eyes darkened.

“Hehe….” Song Jiumei snickered sarcastically: no more money, right?

“Thirty-one million!” Song Jiuyue added.

The entire audience bore witness to two sisters fighting over a hairpin.



Gu Yanhao: Miss Song, you dare to secretly hide away some ‘sifang qian’ (personal money)?

Miss Song: What the heck is ‘sifang qian’ (personal money)? I only know ‘sifang chai’ (private kitchen dishes).”

Gu Yanhao: If you had not save up money secretly, how could you have so much money to bid for a hairpin?

Miss Song flipped her hair elegantly, and flashed a million dollar smile: “I was just bluffing, not that I really wanted it.”


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